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It’s not too late, but this has been a very long week and I am leaving for a trip to visit a grandson at the University in Boulder, Colorado in the morning so this weeks comments are very short. Be sure to fill out your Ballots and put them in the mail, don’t leave them lying around and forgotten or lost, this election is most critical in more ways than two.

“SUNDAY”October 23, 2016 is the annual AppleFest in Forest City. The general membership meeting will be from 9- 11am. Activities include, cider pressing, stamp mill firings ECV), raffle, music by the “String-A-Longs”(sponsored by Sierra County Arts Council), potluck lunch at 1pm, apple dessert contest with hand churned ice-cream, raffle and more. Adam, of the Felix Gillet Institute, will be on hand with a display of local fruits (see related article). The weather will be gorgeous (bring a jacket, anyway).
Forest City is a wonderland of fall beauty. For info call Cheryl at 530-287-3133 or Birdsong 530-288-1007.

There is the Board of Supervisors, local news, Carrie’s Corner, Mountain Messenger, a growing local employer, the Weekly Warrior, reviews of the local talent at the Yuba Theatre productions and commentary from our guest columnists Tom Hastings talks about a man in love… Mel Gurtov and Gordon Fellman write on issues regarding our future, your future, the world in general and things we already know but need to be reminded of and don’t forget the Cats and Others .

The photo this week is by Mary Davey As The Yuba Flows, it still is Fall, despite the snow last week and look at these wonderful Fall colors up in the Lakes Basin area.

Board of Supervisors 10/18/16


The Sierra County Board of Supervisors met in regular session on October 18, 2016 in Loyalton, CA. This meeting was recorded and posted on the Board of Supervisors’ website at

Heather Foster, Clerk of the Board may be reached at 530-289-3295 or at the following addresses:

The Board of Supervisors may hold a Closed Session as the agenda schedule permits.


Call to Order by Chair Adams
Pledge of Allegiance-led by Supervisor Roen
Roll Call Supervisors Adams, Beard, Huebner, Schlefstein present
Approval of Consent Agenda, Regular Agenda and Correspondence to be addressed by the Board Item 12C moved to 6B approved 5/0

Supervisors Adams and Huebner met with Sierra Frontier Medical Resources, Inc. regarding reinstating emergency care in western Sierra County. Supervisor Paul Roen talked about Solid Waste Committee met to start discussions.

RCRC September 30, 2016 Board meeting highlights. (CHAIR ADAMS)

BoardMeeting Highlights 09-30-16.pdf
Director Tim Beals talked about Solid Waste Committee, many discussions and recommendations will be presented to the Board on November 1st.
FOREST SERVICE UPDATE – USFS Sierraville District Ranger Quentin Youngblood reported on Timber Sale with one bid which was too high. Thinking of making it into two smaller sales, the market is just not there. Campground season is winding down. D3 hunting season, hunters will be able to use no fee campgrounds but water will be off.


Authorization to recruit and fill a Social Worker I-III position. H&HS Director Darden Bynum appeared to answer any questions. This is a new position to assist with growing number of Adult services. Supervisor Huebner asked how many cases there are seven. Supervisor Schlefstein requested number of cases for IHSS, Bynum expects the numbers to grow. This conversation with Director Bynum between he, the supervisors and Auditor resulted in the item being tabled to bring back after other open positions have been filled.

Social Worker I-III.pdf
Agreement for professional services between Sierra County Child Abuse Council and the County of Sierra. Supervisor Schlefstein said it was good and it was approved 5/0


6.C =12.B.
Request for convening of Health and Social Services Committee meeting regarding Social Services and Facilities Management. (HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES) Director Bynum talked about opportunity to build place for combined services and premise at the Loyalton Landfill or possibly at the CoGen Plant to consolidate rents and have solar energy etc. Supervisor Beard moved to approve request, however during discussion it was decided to put together an AdHoc Committee  of Supervisors Huebner and Schlefstein.

Health and Social Services.pdf


Rescission of Resolution # 2016-025 and adoption of replacement resolution to reflect amended expenditures for the Fiscal Year 2015 Homeland Security Grant. Cleanup resolution to adjust final accounting. Approved 5/0

SHSG 15 Amended Expenditures.pdf

Resolution approving proposed budget for the CalRecycle City/County Payment Program for Fiscal Year (FY) 2016/2017 and adopt the attached budget.Approved 5/0
REC AWD 16-17 Packet.pdf

Discussion/direction regarding response from Sierraville District Ranger Quentin Youngblood pertaining to county costs incurred for drug enforcement activities on national forest system lands. (CHAIR ADAMS) No way to provide meaningful reimbursement for costs of marijuana eradication. Don’t think the problem is going away. Quentin is committed to Sierra County working on this issue. The pollution and hazardous waste left by illegal marijuana grows should be addressed by the USFS on federal land. Have not heard from Congressman LaMalfa in terms of this issue. Supervisor Beard suggests seizing control of federal lands. Sheriff Tim Standley mentioned the costs of deputies doing the job are well over what the Grant funding allows.. Supervisor Huebner says send the bill of what it costs. Treasurer Tax Collector/Auditor/Risk Manager and Ruler of All Things Left Unassigned believes the problem will eventually be solved through the political process, if we’re going to send a bill have it as a greater plan. A lot more was said by the Supervisors and Depts and you can listen to the record of the meeting to hear the long discussion… A vote

Marijuana costs.pdf
Approval of letter of support for Western Sierra Health Clinic’s Section 330(e) Service Area Competition Application (HRSA-17-054). (CHAIR ADAMS) Approved 5/0

Western Sierra Health Clinic.pdf
Appointment to the Mental Health Advisory Board. (CLERK OF THE BOARD) Jason Purvis of Loyalton was appointed 5/0

Mental Health Advisory Board Appointment.pdf

Continued appeal of Notice to Abate Unlawful Marijuana Cultivation filed by Sarah J. Lang (Grew) and Tristan Grew, Property Owners and Jennifer L. Lahm and Ryan J. Romero, Property Occupants, APN 006-130-027-00. Motion to deny the appeal was approved 5/0
Abate hearing Grew.pdf

Closed Session pursuant to Government Code Section 54957 – performance review regarding Director of Health and Human Services. Direction to Staff

Closed Session performance.pdf
Closed Session pursuant to Government Code Section 54957 to consider employee discipline/dismissal/release. Direction to Staff

Closed Session.pdf
Items placed on the Consent Agenda are of a routine and non-controversial nature and are approved by a blanket roll call vote. At the time the Consent Agenda is considered, items may be deleted from the Consent Agenda by any Board member or Department Manager and added to the Regular Agenda directed by the Chairman.
Resolution authorizing the Auditor to make certain changes to the 2015/2016 final budget for the Sheriff’s fixed asset purchase. (SHERIFF)

Sheriffs budget adjustment.pdf

Rescission of Agreement 2016-103 due to name changes in the agreement and approval of agreement for professional services between Crestwood Behavioral Health, Inc. and County of Sierra. (BEHAVIORAL HEALTH)

Agreement for Indemnification and Reimbursement for Extraordinary Costs for Heather and Matt Fraser, Applicants and Landowners: Consideration of a Conditional Use Permit to allow the occupancy of a travel trailer during building of a single family residence. The project site, identified as APN 013-110-145 is located at Parcel 2 of the Frank Amodei Subdivision, Sierraville, CA. (PLANNING)

Fraser_Indemnification Agreement.pdf
Agreement for Indemnification and Reimbursement for Extraordinary Costs for Tristan and Sarah Grew, Applicants and Landowners: Consideration of a Conditional Use Permit to allow the occupancy of a travel trailer during the building of a single family residence. The project site, identified as APN 006-130-027, is located at 21 Ranch Court, Pike, CA. (PLANNING)

Grew_Indemnification Agreement.pdf
Approval of Conflict of Interest Code for the Sierra County Office of Education. (CLERK OF THE BOARD)

Conflict of Interest Code Office of Education.pdf
Response from the Sierra County Board of Supervisors to the 2015/2016 Grand Jury Report.

Boards response to GJ report.pdf
E-mail correspondence regarding interdistrict attendance agreements affecting Verdi, California children.

e-mail correspondence verdi children.pdf

No Complaints 10/19/16

The two night appearances of local celebrity actors was a hit according to theatre goers.. fun was had and apparently there was a famous Broadway director in the audience scouting for hidden talent.

Living Heirloom In Forest City 10/19/16

The Living Heirloom Treasures of Forest City

Did you ever wonder where all the old apple and pear treesin Forest City came from?

While some may have sprouted from seed, there isa good chance that many were purchased from the Barren Hill Nursery in Nevada City, owned and operated by Felix Gillet, beginning in 1871. This was the second nursery in the state of California and served the hungry miners and homesteaders in the Sierra Nevada.

Felix Gillet was a Frenchman who came to Nevada City to “strike it rich” but soon discovered that the only money tobe made was in supplying the miners, ranchers and homesteaders. He became a barber and set up shop on Pine Street,in downtown Nevada City. There, he shaved enough chins and saved enough money to purchase the “barren hill” east of town. The land had been stripped of treesfor use in the mines,and because people knew where the barren hill was,the name of his nursery easily became The Barren Hill Nursery. Gillet soon went back to France where he purchased the best plant materials of many different species he could find and brought them home to propagate.

For the restof his life,he imported the highest quality fruit and nuts from all over the world, propagated and sold what would become the agricultural cornerstonesof California and the Pacific Northwest. These included, not only apples and pears, but strawberries,walnuts, filberts,almonds, chestnuts,ap1icots, figs, table and wine grapes,prunes,plums,peaches, beechnuts, hickory nuts,pecans,
roses, and many other edible and ornamental plants. Some call him the father of Pacific Coast perennial agriculture.

The Felix Gillet Institute,started by Amigo Bob Cantisano, Adam Nuber and Jenifer Bliss,is dedicated to finding these old trees. They evaluate the health of the trees, identify the varietiesand propagating the best of them for our modern appreciation and use. Each tree is an heirloom treasure unto itself, surviving over ahundred years,often without human care. The twisted,broken apple and pear treesof Forest City are just as precious as the rusty monitors and creaky floorsof the Saloon. perhaps even more so becausethey are still alive, for now.

You may see Adam, Jenifer or Amigo Bob in town,checking up on the “grandmother trees,”as they areaffectionately known. Some of the old time apple varieties they have identified are: the Winesap, Stayman Winesap, Winter Banana, Bramley’s Seedling, Calville Blanc, Autumn Strawberry, Scarlet Stayman, Stripped Gilleflower,Wahington Strawberry, Yellow Newtown Pippin, Yellow Belleflower, Monarch and Dutch Mignon ne.The pear tree.just outside the front door of the Saloon is a Beurre d’Anjou. Of course, there are many more.

These precious old varietiesare the best of the best that our European ancestorsworked generations to propagate and protect. It is one of the goals of the Felix Gillet Institute to honor their hard work and diligence by propagating the fruit of their efforts,and propagating them for the next generations.

To learn more about the Felix Gillet Institute go to: contact them,send an email to: ;Phone: (530) 292-3619;or write:The Felix Gillet Institute, P.O. Box 942, N. San J uan, CA 95960.

Murder at the Yuba Theatre 10/19/16

from left Michelle Anderson, Bette Jo Lang, Frank Lang, Allison Baca, Dee Wallace Tina Floyd, Bryan Davey, Hillary Lozano

from left Michelle Anderson, Bette Jo Lang, Frank Lang, Allison Baca, Dee Wallace Tina Floyd, Bryan Davey, Hillary Lozano

The pouring rain did not dampen the spirit of the audience who booed and cheered and bid on their favorite pies as local thespians took to the stage of the Yuba Theatre last weekend. The Complaint Department and Lemonade along with Murder at the Pie Auction, both Pioneer Drama Service melodramas, were presented by The Sierra Turnpike Players and received a warm welcome from the enthusiastic crowd.

The plot was simple, embellished with local color, crazy characters and costumes.
The Sierra Turnpike Players have been presenting local community theater in Sierra County, since 1994. The groups’ first play, Strange Tales of the Sierra Turnpike Players, was performed in the one room, Goodyear’s Bar Schoolhouse, four miles downriver from Downieville. Beginning in 1996, the Arts Council was instrumental in helping to renovate the theater and transform it into a performing arts venue where the Sierra Turnpike Players have performed ever since.

Last weekend the tradition was carried on by an enthusiastic group of actors and through the benefit of professional direction by Artist in Residence, Scott Ewing from Quest Theatre Works in Nevada County. This performance was the culmination of our Artist in Residence program which included workshops and performances for youth and adults last summer, introducing a new generation of performers to the stage of the Yuba Theatre. This event was sponsored by the Sierra County Arts Council, State-Local Partner with the California Arts Council and through the Artists Activating Communities grant from the California Arts Council. Special thank you to Lou Foxworthy form making pies, Bette Jo Lang local theatrical coordinator, and Darcy White who helped with the sets and props. Thank you also to all the actors and volunteers who made this production possible.

Downieville Veterans Day Event 10/19/16

Veterans Day 2016

Veterans of Sierra County will assemble at the Bell Tower on Main Street Downieville on Friday, November 11th. At 12 noon there will be the Flag Salute and Taps for remembrance of Veterans who have passed.

At 12:20 p.m. the Veterans will march to the Downieville Community Hall for a Hamburger (beef or chicken) Potato Salad, Beans, a drink and Dessert. A program highlighting local Veteran Services.

Weekly Warrior by Niles Bosworth 10/19/16

Hello everyone, Halloween, announcements, fun activities, reviews, and more!
On October 1st Sierra Schools Foundation hosted its Annual Golf Tourney with proceeds benefiting Sierra County students through mini-grants awarded to teachers during two different application periods each year.

The following Downieville merchants and community members donated money, prizes and services which helped make the tournament a success: Allen Wright, Steve and Lynn Fillo, Sierra County Prospect, Indian Valley Outpost Resort, 49 Wines, La Cocina de Oro, Mtn Star Quilters, Riverside Inn, SCAC (Katie O’Hara Kelly and BJ Jordan), St Charles Place and Two Rivers Café. Thank you for your generous support of our schools! In addition, thank you to Maire McDermid for contacting the merchants and gathering the donations from the “West Side” as well as to our three golfers who represented Downieville in the Tourney–Allen Wright, Dillon Herrmann and Tom Potter! We all truly appreciate the dedicated support from our community!

October 6th was the BMX Trick show. The BMX Bikers did a lot of crazy stunts, including jumping over several students and teachers. Rosendo Marquez (11th grade), Ramon Nevarez (12th grade), Shaylon Williams (5th grade) and Head Teacher, math and science teacher, Robin Bolle, got to participate and be jumped over. The riders had a full half pipe, and did a lot of crazy insane stunts on them, including flips, spins, and more. Some of the students were able to get pictures with the bikers and were able to find the BMX Riders on social media. You can find Jack Fahey (@jacbmx) on Instagram. Go follow them; they were amazing! Their message was to follow your dreams and stay away from drugs.

October 8th was Sierra City’s Oktoberfest and the 7/8/11th graders manned a successful German dessert booth. They sold a lot, and had a lot of fun. Kaylon Hall, Rosendo Marquez, Arroyo and Eliane Campbell. Gabriela Abreu and Esmeralda Nevarez all went to help out and have fun. The students also had a lot of fun baking the very savory and sweet German desserts. All in all, a total success.

There was a bake sale October 14 and 15 in connection with theater performances at the Yuba Theatre. Thank you to Eliane Campbell, Lou Foxworthy, and Katrina Bosworth, who assisted the junior class fundraiser. It was a great success and the students had a lot of fun. Juniors Arroyo Campbell, Niles Bosworth, Gabriella Abreu, and Rosendo Marquez helped run it and made a lot of money for their class.

There will be three minimum days in October, on Wednesday the 26th, Thursday the 27th, and Friday the 28th. Parent conferences will be held during the afternoons of the three minimum days, so be sure to call the school at 289-3473 to schedule an appointment with your child’s teacher (s). The Halloween Carnival will be that Friday night, October 28th. Bring your friends. There will be lots of fun games, and raffles for baked goods. It is always fun for the whole family!

On Thursday, November 10th there will be a Drama Dinner and Theater event in the school cafeteria. There will be skits and plays performed after an enchilada dinner. Bring your friends! These skits are always greatly performed, and they are always a great amount of fun. Dinner starts at 5pm and the dinner/show cost is $14 for adults.

Hardness, Coldness and 10/19/16

Gordon Fellman

Gordon Fellman

Making America Great Again?  – by Gordon Fellman

It is interesting that the main word in “Make America Great Again”—and it is the crucial word—remains not only murky but completely undefined. Does “great” suggest reinstituting slavery? Renewing colonialism? Returning to the least comprehensive and most inadequate health care system in the entire industrial world that preceded the Affordable Health Care Act? Going back before the New Deal to no Social Security, no government attention to economy-induced suffering?

Many people assume that defining that word does not matter because it is widely understood to simply be code for “white,” as in, “Make American White Again.” Following the 2008 election, the Republican Party clearly imploded when faced with the first Black U.S. president. As that reality was pathetically dealt with as intolerable and to be ignored, defined, reviled, and undermined at all costs, and as demographics make it clear that whites will be outnumbered by nonwhites in this country within a generation or two, the race interpretation makes enormous sense, abetted of course by Donald Trump’s bizarre and childish birther obsession.

Changes in this country since the Civil Rights, Antiwar, Women’s, and LGBTQ movements have understandably rattled people who were bypassed by those vast changes in our society. Too little attention has been paid to what it must feel like to have one’s confidence in the assumed superiority of whiteness, war, men, and straight sexuality attacked head-on by forces not easy to understand if you are not part of them. Those guiding the victories of those movements ignored where that left those who felt no benefit from them. Of course anger was part of the reaction. It is puzzling only to people who wish not to face the emotional realities of losses of assumptions and positions that social change necessarily brings to lots of people.

We see all those striking movements of the last 60 years as bound together by their massive rejection of normative, or traditional, masculinity. It is, after all, men who have been in charge of racism, sexism, patriarchy, war, and heterosexism. The movements in question all threaten the masculinity that had been taken for granted among men for millennia.

What Trump is doing is reasserting normative masculinity—the frontier, business tycoon, prizefighter, football memes of masculinity. Trump walks with a certain swagger that characterizes normative masculinity. His unrelieved rudeness, sarcasm, and bullying fit the playground, football, and college fraternity forms of normative masculinity. Consider the trophy wife (this one with cold, hard eyes that remain locked in that place and cover nothing other than an utterly clichéd celebration of Trump, America, and family). Trump’s scorn for the rich (of whom he is an integral part), women, the Pope, immigrants, Mexicans, disabled people, et al. is a style associated with calculating, cruel, cold hard men from time immemorial. What I see in Melania’s eyes is what I feel from Trump’s swagger and heart: hardness, coldness, and emptiness.

Beneath all the bluster and boasting in that kind of man – and his women accomplices – has got to be unfaced, unrecognized, undealt with pain. That pain surely matches that barely beneath the surface in his wildly supportive audiences.

As Trump skims over all policy and other political issues, what is left is style. It is the style of a man who pathetically wants to be recognized as a man’s man and to welcome every man and woman aboard who will share in that aspiration and fantasy. The people so frantically trying to assert this join in denying that it is on life support at best and will give way eventually to empathy and compassion for all and for our planet which must triumph over sad, overblown toughness and bullying if we are to survive. The old masculinity is Trump’s. The new masculinity rejoices in preserving dignity, humility, life, and the integrity of our fragile planet.

Gordon Fellman, syndicated by PeaceVoice, is a Professor of Sociology and Chair of the Peace, Conflict and Coexistence Studies program, Brandeis University in Waltham, Massachusetts.

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