Wednesday September 20, 2017


The Drive-Thru Flu Shot Drills Consent for Flu Clinics – Flu Shot Schedule 2017are happening next week: Tuesday September 26 (11am to 1pm) in Downieville behind the Community Hall entering off Maiden Lane and then Saturday September 30 (10am – Noon) and in Loyalton the High School Parking Lot entering off 4th street

I’ll take a breathe of air from thinking about #ONE Trump (reminder – #ONE stands for “our national embarrassment” ) which is becoming more worrisome on a daily basis as he continues to pound drums and rattle sabers instead of just letting the grownups do their jobs to enable us to continue living in a relativeiy safe world.

So, here is something I have noticed that has become bothersome, the new vehicles are being advertised, the 2018 models, the ones that are safer, smarter, like they know how to stop and not hit an old RV that has stopped on a curve to let a deer cross.  The new vehicles are all being driven in a reckless, illegal manner, breaking speed limits, passing cars on safely, having a party in the car and apparently unaware of any responsibility to abiding with rules of the road. It makes me not want to purchase any vehicle that advertises that kind of careless, reckless, insensitive behavior in the drivers seat. So what is going on… why are we getting so dumb about everything? Ok, end of that rant for now. By the way, if the RV was not there, which I imagine stopped in the old fashioned way, an alert driver, driving at a safe speed on a winding country road who knew to step on his brakes…. the deer would be toast, the new brainy car would not have been able to brake in time for a deer jumping in front of it and….. the car would be toast or at the least need it’s first body shop visit.

So we have Be Encouraged, Carrie’s Corner, Board of Supes has to be listened too, good news is we will try to help the homeless and we will hire a Tobacco Coordinator paid for by the cigarette tax. Less people smoking will be a good thing.  Don Russell is still missing from the Mountain Messenger, Freddy is looking for him…  maybe… but Patrick Hiller, Lawrence Wittner, Mel Gurtov, Kevin Martin and Robert Koehler write illuminating copy this week, food for our thought, we mustn’t go to sleep.

The photo this week was taken by Mark Fisher of Eureka Lake in walking distance from the Lost Sierra Hoedown this weekend in Johnsville, if you haven’t been before don’t miss out, good music, great people, make friends and enjoy life in a great family atmosphere. Dress warm in layers.

Carrie’s Pumpkin Corner 9/20/17


by: Carrie A. Blakley

Ah yes, Autumn is arriving at the end of this week. Oh what a shock it is to see pumpkin spice everything suddenly hitting every possible shoppe around the nation. Social media is getting slammed with images of Autumn, pumpkin spice items and horror movies. While Autumn is my favorite season, I need to speak up about this sudden seasonal obsession with pumpkin spice everything. For those who are ‘not in the know’ about pumpkin spice, it does not mean that everything labeled ‘pumpkin spice’ is going to end up tasting like a pumpkin. Pumpkin Spice is actually a combination of other spices, that are blended together when you make a pumpkin pie. You can literally buy a jar of McGormick Pumpkin Spice in your local markets. Pro Tip: It’s available all year long. Not just during the Autumn season. Even more of a pro tip: You can make it yourself, and it usually tastes better this way.

Fine, but, how does someone go about making ‘pumpkins spice’? Get a small bowl. OK, let me rephrase that. Get whatever sized bowl you want to use, and stir the following ingredients together, in said whatever sized bowl you want to use: 3 Tbls. ground Cinnamon, 2 tsp. ground Ginger, 2 tsp. ground Nutmeg, 1 1/2 tsp. ground Allspice and 1 1/2 tsp. ground Cloves. Stir together. Really, that’s what’s in pumpkin spice. That being said, I see things that are labeled as being ‘pumpkin spice’, that are about as appetizing to me as intestinal flu. The biggest example of this is ‘Pumpkin Spice Latte’. Latte, is made with Espresso and steamed milk. Think about the ingredients in Pumpkin Spice, and ask yourself this question: Is there anyone on this planet that actually looks at their spice rack, and thinks, Gee, maybe I’ll add some Allspice and Ginger to my coffee today? Because that is exactly how you would go about making a Pumpkin Spice Latte. You’d add Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Ginger, Allspice and Cloves….to your extremely concentrated coffee, with steamed milk stirred in.

The aroma of pumpkin spice is fantastic. It’s what gives a pumpkin pie it’s distinct scent, and flavor. It’s great in potpourri, sachets and even as a type of herbal air freshener. Even the color of the spice blend is pleasing to the eye. Basically, what I’m saying is: Before you go all nuts happy about pumpkin spice everything hitting the stores, make yourself a small batch of home made pumpkin spice, and use that to compare it with everything hitting the stores. Furthermore, keep in mind that if you want to drink something with a pumpkin spice flavor, tea would be the better choice. That is, unless you are rather fond of having a ginger/nutmeg/cinnamon blend after taste when you drink your espresso. Have a great week, and an amazing start to the 2017 Autumn season!

Be Encouraged by Angela 9/20/17


Be Encouraged!

This past Spring and Summer I focused on music, writing about twenty songs for the ukulele. Having spent a lifetime writing piano tunes, the concert uk is far more convenient, and is great for all ages; an easy four string instrument that guarantees loads of fun. I can sing, play and write while following my kiddos around keeping them out of trouble. Not to mention, it’s the perfect small size for traveling in the car or on a plane. When my husband asked if I had read the sign on our street someone taped to a pole, mourning the loss of their pet squirrel, at the time of writing this jingle, I had not. Purely coincidental. My son wanted more silly Summer mountain songs and next on the agenda is one about big, fat, stinky bears. May I encourage you this week to try to learn or study a different skill: an instrument, art, craft, sport, language, trade, etc. God created wonderful things in advance for you to do. Figure out what they are, get busy, enjoy life and give back! God is good! Always!

Hey crazy squirrel, I’m trying hard not to hit you
Make up your mind, for the world, which way you’ll go
You’re sitting there, looking dumb on the highway
I know it’s hard, to decide which way to go

Run faster crazy squirrel, if you don’t want to be roadkill
The cars are coming fast, you have to get on out of here

Hey crazy squirrel, I know my dogs would love to chase you
I know some folks, who’d snatch you up for their stew
But rest assured, oh crazy squirrel, I’d never eat you
Despite my roots, my Southern blood, you’ll never do

Run faster crazy squirrel, if you don’t want to be roadkill
The cars are coming fast, you have to get on out of here

Hey crazy squirrel, like half the world, you are nuts
Caught up in grand, grand delusions, please wake up
Hey crazy squirrel, the good Lord made you from the dust
You must have some redeeming qualities I trust

Calpine Water News 9/20/17



​SIERRA COUNTY WATER DISTRICT #1, CALPINE,​ is proceeding with a construction project that will install new service boxes and water meters for all Calpine water customers.

Construction activities​ start immediately and​ will take place ​over​ the next few months.
Efforts will be made to minimize ​any ​impact​​ to​ Calpine Water Users and Calpine​ residents.

However, periodic water outages will be required. Outages will typically be less than a few hours and ​those customers who will be impacted,​ will receive door notifications 24 hours prior to the anticipated outage.

DVL Lions Club 9/20/17


Downieville Lion’s Club welcomed new Zone Chair Mike Hill to their meeting on September 18th at the Masonic Hall in Downieville. Downieville Fire Dispatch Supervisor Joyce White gave a talk to the Lions about the Helpline System for western Sierra County for Senior and those with medical issues who may need immediate response during an emergency. Joyce also discussed recreating the emergency transportation volunteers through the Lions Club for those who may need help returning from a hospital visit.   Lion Liz Fisher receives a “special” award, from Lions Club International for sponsoring a new member during the Lions Club Centennial Year. Liz has sponsored a lot of members since joining Downieville Lions in 1989. Past President Jim Johnston  received an award for serving as President during the Centennial year.

Andi Barone Arrives 9/20/


Superior Court of California, County of Sierra

Andi Barone, newly appointed Court Executive Officer for Sierra County State of CA Superior Court

The Superior Court of California, County of Sierra, is pleased to announce the appointment of Ms. Andi Barone, as the Court’s next Court Executive Officer. Ms. Barone is taking over for Lee Kirby who is retiring in November after 24 years of exemplary service to the Court.
Ms. Barone comes to Sierra from the Lassen County Superior Court where she has served since 1998 in increasingly responsible positions including as the Court Executive Officer for the past five years. She holds the Certified Court Manager designation from the National Center for State Courts. Presiding Judge Charles Ervin noted that, “Lee Kirby has served the Sierra Court admirably and is a tough act to follow. I am so pleased a candidate of Ms. Barone’s expertise will be joining us to lead Court administrative and operational functions. She is highly qualified and will be able to make a seamless transition into this role.”
During her tenure at Lassen, some of Ms. Barone’s accomplishments included working with the Presiding Judge and with state and local agencies and internal management to implement new legislation, automated systems, and policies and procedures to improve efficiencies, to meet mandates and to serve the public during an era of severe budgetary constraints. She also developed and implemented financial policies and complex financial reporting standards.
Mr. Barone noted of her appointment, “I’m excited and grateful to the Presiding and Assistant Presiding Judges for providing me with the opportunity to lead the Sierra Superior Court. I’m looking forward to serving the residents and working with the team of committed, talented and hard-working employees.”

Important Thoughts 9/20/17


I watched Mark Bowden speak his Opinon on CBS Sunday Morning and was moved at how clearly he outlined our mistakes in the pass and the continued march down the wrong way on a one way street. His new book “Hue 1968” is a must read but the following said on CBS Sunday Morning is something we need to remember and think and be pro-active.

“From the perspective of half a century, the Vietnam War seems a tragic and meaningless waste. So much heroism and slaughter for a cause that now seems dated and nearly irrelevant.

There are those who still believe the U.S. was right to enter the war, and that it could have been won if not for press coverage, draft-resisters, and weak-kneed politicians. But time and a deeper understanding have not strengthened those views.

Instead, we now see a war that was misguided from the beginning. It was based on false assumptions about Vietnam, and on projecting domestic political priorities that had little to do with the realities of Southeast Asia.

The war was waged in the name of freedom, to stop the supposed monolithic threat of Communism from spreading across the globe like a dark stain.

But Vietnam was never a good fit. There was no real democracy in South Vietnam to defend. The regimes of Ngo Dinh Diem and the generals who followed him — including the last, Nguyen Van Thieu — were deeply corrupt, trampled opponents, and terrorized their own citizenry.

Diem’s regime was so bad that the U.S. acquiesced in his CIA-backed assassination.

Nor was Hanoi the creature of either Bejing or Moscow, although it enjoyed support from both. They were Communists, but they were fighting to free their country from foreign domination, something that we Americans — of all people — ought to have understood.

So the logic that drove us to war, where it was not plain wrong, was a gross simplification.

We had dumbed ourselves down. There were people in the 1950s and ’60s who knew better — those who knew the region’s history, who spoke the language, who had lived there, who had advised against entangling us in a distant civil war. They were ignored and systematically banished from the halls of power, replaced by ideologues who were convinced they knew best.

The same kind of simplistic thinking was behind efforts in more recent years to export democracy to Iraq and Afghanistan. We find ourselves today enmeshed in both places with no clear end in sight.

Democracy is not something that can be imposed or gifted. It arises where there are values and customs to nurture it. Vietnam teaches us to beware of men with theories that explain everything, and to trust those who approach the world with cautious insight and humility.

There are limits to what even the most powerful nation on Earth can do.”

Board of Supervisors 9/20/17


You have to listen to the recording it was up to late for me before publishing.  The Sierra County Board of Supervisors met in regular session on September 19, 2017 at the Loyalton Social Hall, Loyalton, CA. This meeting was recorded for posting on the Board of Supervisors’ website at Clerk of the Board may be reached at 530-289-3295 or at the following address:
Heather Foster

The Board of Supervisors may hold a Closed Session as the agenda schedule permits.



  • Call to Order
  • Pledge of Allegiance
  • Roll Call
  • Approval of Consent Agenda, Regular Agenda and Correspondence to be addressed by the Board


Update by District Ranger on items that may affect the County of Sierra.


Professional services agreement between Sierra County Child Abuse Council and Sierra County Social Services.


  1. SCCAC Agm.pdf

Consideration and approval of a new position in the Public Health 2017-2018 budget for the Tobacco Program.




Resolution authorizing application for, and receipt of, No Place Like Home Program Technical Assistance grant funds.

Documents: NPLH Board.pdf




Resolution updating the Sierra County Information Technology (IT) Policy.


Resolution adopting Sierra County Public Records Act Policy for private devices and accounts.




Resolution appointing the County Planning Director as the authorized designee to ensure land uses conform to County regulatory requirements.




Discussion/direction regarding letter from Scott McFarland, Western Sierra Medical Clinic explaining Community Health Centers potenial cut in federal funding for low-income residents. (SUPERVISOR ADAMS)



Board of Supervisors to convene as Board of Directors for County Service Area (CSA) 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 4A5A (Sierra Brooks Water) and to hold joint meetings as both the County Board of Supervisors and the CSA Board of Directors.

Resolution adopting appropriation limits for the 2017-2018 fiscal year for the County Service Areas, 2, 3 and Sierra Brooks 4A5A.


Resolution adopting appropriation limits for the 2017-2018 fiscal year for the County of Sierra.


Resolution adopting the 2017-2018 Final Budget for the County Service Areas 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 4A5A.

Documents:  CSA Final Budget.pdf


Resolution adopting the 2017-2018 Final Budget for the County of Sierra.




Closed session pursuant to Government Code Section 54956.9 (c) – initiation of litigation – 1 case.


Closed session pursuant to Government Code Section 54956.9 (d)(2) – conference with legal counsel – anticipated litigation – 2 cases.





Continued discussion/direction regarding the 2017/2018 Fiscal Year Statement of State Watermaster Services for Plumas and Sierra Counties for the Middle Fork Feather River service area.  (SUPERVISOR ROEN)


Items placed on the Consent Agenda are of a routine and non-controversial nature and are approved by a blanket roll call vote. At the time the Consent Agenda is considered, items may be deleted from the Consent Agenda by any Board member or Department Manager and added to the Regular Agenda directed by the Chairman.

Resolution approving amendment to Agreement No. 2012-072 between Nevada County and Sierra County for the housing of Sierra County inmates and authorizing the Sheriff to sign the amendment. (SHERIFF)


Resolution approving Modification of Grant/Agreement No. 17-LE-11051360-020, the 2017 Cooperative Law Enforcement Annual Drug Operations Plan and Financial Plan between the Sierra County Sheriff’s Office and the USDA, Forest Service Tahoe and Plumas National Forests. (SHERIFF)


Resolution approving Boating Safety and Waterways Financial Aid Program Agreement for 2017-2018 between Sierra County and California State Parks Boating and Waterways. (SHERIFF)


Amendment to Memorandum of Agreement 2015-038 between the Sacramento County Department of Human Assistance and the Sierra County Department of Social Services in regards to the Cash Assistance Program for Immigrants (CAPI) and adoption of resolution authorizing the Director of Social Services to sign the Amended Memorandum of Agreement. (SOCIAL SERVICES)


  1. CAPI Board.pdf

Professional services agreement between Rennie Smith, LMFT, and Sierra County for behavioral health services. (BEHAVIORAL HEALTH)


Minutes from the regular meeting held on September 5, 2017. (CLERK-RECORDER


Letter from J. Lon Cooper, Sierra County Public Defender regarding conflict of interest in People v. Hood (CR03609X).


FireHouse News 9/20/17


ALLEGHANY: September 11th Firefighter training.
CALPINE: September 13th Responded for an ATV accident, an injured male was transported to the hospital. *Responded, for the USFS, to stand-by for a lightning strike fire.September 14th Firefighter training.
CAMPTONVILLE: September 11th Responded for a structure fire. September 12th Firefighter training.
DOWNIEVILLE: September 11th EMT Continuing education. *Responded for an injured male. September 14th Responded to WSMC, for an injured female, who was transported to SNMH. *Responded for an ill female. September 16th Mutual aid response to Sierra City for an ill female, who was transported to SNMH. *Mutual aid response to Sierra CIty for a vehicle accident. September 17th Responded for an injured female.
LOYALTON: September 11th Responded for an ambulance assist. *Firefighters trained on radio operations & re-programming. September 13th Mutual aid response for CalFire, on a transformer fire. September 16th Mutual aid response to USFS & OES for the “Eureka Fire”
PIKE CITY: September 11th Mutual aid response to Camptonville, for a structure fire – released. September 14th Firefighters trained by reviewing local geography.
SATTLEY: September 13th Responded for an ATV accident, an injured male was transported to the hospital. *Responded to assist the USFS & stand-by for a lightning
strike fire. September 14th Firefighter training.
SIERRA CITY: September 16th Responded for an ill female, wqho was transported to SNMH. *Responded for a vehicle accident.
SIERRAVILLE: September 13th Responded for an ATV accident, an injured male was transported to the hospital. *Responded to assist USFS & Stand-by for a lightning strike fire. September 14th Firefighter training.

Bully at the Wrong Place 9/20/17

The bully showed up at the wrong playground – Trump’s misguided address at the United Nations  – by Patrick T. Hiller

Patrick Hiller

“It was the wrong speech, at the wrong time, to the wrong audience,” Swedish foreign Minister Margot Wallström expressed about what global and U.S. audiences helplessly had to endure during President Donald Trump’s September 19, 2017 address to the United Nations General Assembly. President Trump acted like a bully, but unaware that he showed up at the wrong playground.

The United Nations was founded after World War II “to save succeeding generations from the scourge of war, which twice in our lifetime has brought untold sorrow to mankind…”. There is no doubt that the United Nations has never fully reached its potential, and without fundamental reform it never will. The spirit, however, is laid out clearly in the UN Charter. While being center stage at the United Nations General Assembly, an assembly where global collaboration is emphasized, Trump bragged about the United States, fueled division, and threatened other nations. The threat to “totally destroy North Korea” is beyond any form of acceptability, regardless if it is rhetorical or real. It is therefore important to challenge Trump’s own words. We must not forget that he is the Commander-in-Chief with the authority to launch nuclear weapons.

Trump: “Rogue regimes represented in this body not only support terror but threaten other nations and their own people with the most destructive weapons known to humanity.” The U.S. has 6,800 nuclear weapons with the capacity to destroy human life on the planet many times over. The U.S. is also the only country who has ever used them.

Trump: “North Korea’s reckless pursuit of nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles threatens the entire world with unthinkable loss of human life… No nation on Earth has an interest in seeing this band of criminals arm itself with nuclear weapons and missiles.” This indeed threatens the entire world, but it applies to every nation pursuing or holding nuclear weapons. No exception. In fact, Trump is making a strong case for the complete abolition of nuclear weapons.

Trump: “The United States has great strength and patience, but if it is forced to defend itself or its allies, we will have no choice but to totally destroy North Korea.” This is a threat of committing mass atrocities against approximately 25 million people and most certainly killing millions more in South Korea or Japan which would bear the consequences of such a war. A threat that can only be realized by launching a nuclear war. This needs to sink in. U.S. President Donald Trump used his United Nations General Assembly speech to threaten nuclear war against a sovereign country. It is also a direct violation of the UN Charter, which reads that “all Members shall refrain in their international relations from the threat or use of force against the territorial integrity or political independence of any state.”

The notion of having “no choice” other than taking 25 million human lives is the most troubling element of the entire address. No choice? How about starting real negotiations without pre-conditions? How about engaging North Korea on multiple levels of diplomacy (direct and indirect) and initiate citizen-diplomacy to humanize “the other” 25 million North Koreans. How about moving away from tit-for-tat playground mentality toward problem-solving approaches through recognition and respect, even in an adversarial relationship? How about identifying and referencing other successful difficult diplomatic breakthroughs (hint: Iran Deal)? How about engaging conflict resolution professionals who understand preventing war instead of professionals who understand fighting war? Wouldn’t a self-declared Master-of-the-Deal always be aware of and one the search for choices to prevent a bad outcome?

It is without question that North Korea’s nuclear ambitions, testing, and rhetoric are troubling and must not go unanswered. It is also clear that the North Korean people are suffering under the Kim Jong Un regime. However, we are witnessing a very dangerous pattern of conflict escalation by two nuclear armed leaders whose legitimate power rests upon their strong-man talk and actions. In this pattern, a move by one must be answered with a stronger countermove by the other. This is unacceptable to Americans, North Koreans and humanity.

The biggest stick on Trump’s playground must never be used. Leaders and citizens of all countries­ – with or without nuclear weapons – need to rise to the occasion to see the real and present danger of these weapons. How fitting that one day after Trump’s speech, the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons was opened for signature. Citizens, civil society organizations and leaders now need to throw their force behind the treaty. Clearly, Donald Trump was a bully at the wrong playground, sidelined except for his unwelcome destructive potential, while the smart ones take real steps to give us hope that humanity moves in the right direction and avoids nuclear catastrophe.

Patrick. T. Hiller, Ph.D., syndicated by PeaceVoice, is a Conflict Transformation scholar, professor, served on the Governing Council of the International Peace Research Association (2012-2016), member of the Peace and Security Funders Group, and Director of the War Prevention Initiative of the Jubitz Family Foundation.


About U.S. Reliability 9/20/17

Dealing with North Korean Missiles  –  by Mel Gurtov

Mel Gurtov

Small powers often have leverage well above their size and capabilities. North Korea is the example par excellence today: It has a primitive economy by all the usual standards, no reliable trade or security partners, and depends on the outside world for essentials such as fuel and food. Yet by virtue of nuclear weapons and long-range missiles, Pyongyang has the ability to cause consternation among the great powers.

That needn’t be the case. Sure, six nuclear weapon tests and frequent tests of intermediate- and intercontinental-range missiles, along with threats to incinerate all enemies, can be jarring. But no one knows better than the North Korean military what use of those weapons would mean for their country: annihilation. They have been living with far more powerful US and allied forces ringing their country for more than half a century. Self- and national preservation are foremost among the aims of North Korean leaders. Thus, they frequently bluster and issue messages of doom, and occasionally attack specific South Korean targets. But they are not so suicidal as to use weapons of mass destruction or fire a missile that would hit US or allied territory.

The real purpose of North Korea’s two recent missile tests over Japan is to cause a rupture in relations among the US, China, Japan, and South Korea. Rather than attack Japan, which would galvanize the US-Japan security treaty, these missiles provoke debate in Japan—about US reliability, Japan’s constitutional limitations on taking defensive or offensive action against a threat, and choices of weapons systems (including everything from missile defense to nuclear weapons). All these issues have implications for Japan’s relations with South Korea and China, both of which would strongly protest a major military buildup by Japan and undermine trilateral cooperation in dealing with North Korea.

What is particularly interesting from a human-interest point of view about the ongoing debate on how to deal with North Korea’s missiles is that only one of the major players—namely, China—has focused on a diplomatic resolution. All the others are concerned with weapons options. South Korea’s new president has made an about-face and is fully deploying the US THAAD anti-missile system, amidst talk about significantly upgrading the destructive power of its conventional bombs. Japan is apparently considering investing more in missile defense and acquiring cruise missiles. And Washington is trumpeting US weapons sales to both those countries. China, on the other hand, has proposed a “freeze-for-freeze”—North Korea’s suspension of nuclear and missile testing in return for a US-South Korea suspension of military exercises—that might jumpstart talks with North Korea.

So far, China’s proposal has found no interest in Washington. In Seoul, the government awaits a positive response from North Korea to a proposal for talks on resuming family reunions and other kinds of contact. But in Pyongyang, only Washington’s behavior counts. The North Koreans take the US seriously as a threat. Negotiating depends on “an end to the hostile policy” of the US, a position North Korea has held since Kim Jong-il’s time and has restated at least three times this summer. We have to ask why that view gets no attention from the Western media, and why US officials consistently and wrongly assert that North Korea has no interest in negotiations.

The latest UN Security Council resolution on sanctions includes a call to resume the Six Party Talks on the nuclear issue. It is long past time to craft a diplomatic initiative that is sensitive to North Korea’s security concerns and will test its interest in talking.

Mel Gurtov, syndicated by PeaceVoice, is Professor Emeritus of Political Science at Portland State University.

Experience Only 9/20/17

Help Wanted: Experienced Diplomats to Resolve Worst Nuclear Crisis in 55 Years, Rookie Presidents and Secretaries of State Need Not Apply   –  by Kevin Martin

Kevin Martin

With North Korea’s alarming escalation of its nuclear weapons and missile programs, humanity faces our most dire nuclear situation since the Cuban Missile Crisis of October 1962. We narrowly, and most historians agree it was mostly matter of luck, averted catastrophe then, and there have been many other close calls since. Those were usually caused by technology failures giving false indications of a nuclear attack, forcing nuclear missileers (and on at least one occasion Russian President Boris Yeltsin) to decide the fate of humanity with only a few minutes’ notice.

At this point in time, we can’t count on our luck holding, that there will be no miscalculations by US, North Korean, South Korean, Japanese, Chinese or Russian leaders or military personnel that could lead to a regional or global calamity. We need diplomats.

Some will see this as partisan, but our concern needs to be for humanity, not for Republicans or Democrats. Simply put, obviously-way-out-of-his-depth President Donald Trump and oil-magnate-turned Secretary of State Rex Tillerson are not up to the job of negotiating a peaceful resolution with North and South Korea, and there is no reason to expect them to be, as they’ve never done anything remotely like this before. They’ve done real estate and oil deals. Even those who support Trump’s domestic agenda can surely see he can’t do this part of the job (he just referred to North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-un as “Rocket Man” in a tweet, I’m sure Sir Elton John isn’t amused and neither should anyone else be). No baseball team would send all rookie pitchers to the mound in the World Series, nor should the United States rely on novices to defuse this frightful situation that could threaten all life on Earth.

Luckily, paraphrasing the great Casey Stengel, there are people who know how to play this game. US diplomats have conducted successful negotiations with North Korea going back to 1994, which in several cases temporarily halted its nuclear program. The problem has been inconsistency, lack of follow-through and broken promises by both sides.

Former President Jimmy Carter, former UN Ambassador/Energy Secretary/New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson and former State Department officials Robert Gallucci, Leon Sigal and Wendy Sherman (recently a lead negotiator on the successful Iran nuclear agreement) all have track records of success in negotiating with North Korea. Any or all could be tapped to open talks with North Korea, and possibly revive multi-lateral negotiations (including South Korea, Japan, China and Russia) as well. This is an all-hands-on-deck moment, and the fact that they have been active in Democratic administrations should not be an issue. Heck, if Dennis Rodman can help, send him, too. (Just kidding. I think.)

Trump can and should delegate this crucial job to people who know what they are doing, and he can take the credit if he wants to, who cares? Or, they can go to North Korea on their own, there’s no way Trump could disavow a peace deal even if he didn’t approve the talks ahead of time. The stakes are too high to worry about partisan advantage.

As to the substance of a deal, it’s not rocket science. An initial “freeze for a freeze” in which the North would halt its nuclear and missile tests in exchange for a cessation of the massive, twice-a-year US-South Korea war drills has been proposed by China and Russia, with some signals of openness to it by North Korea. US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley has dismissed it, but she can and should be overruled. Beyond that, North Korea wants a formal peace treaty to replace the supposedly temporary armistice that in most peoples’ minds ended the US-Korea war in 1953. North Korea, faced with the overwhelming military, political and economic power of the US/South Korea/Japan alliance, has legitimate security concerns we need to understand and attempt to ease, and we can also build confidence by addressing humanitarian concerns on the Korean peninsula, including food aid to the North, reunification of divided families, and seeking the return of the remains of deceased US soldiers to their families.

While the end goal should be a peacefully re-unified, nuclear-free Korean peninsula, it’s hard to see that coming about in the near term. However, with both North Korea and the US/South Korean alliance being effectively deterred by the military forces of each other, there is no military option. There is only diplomacy, which will be tough, but there is no good reason for further delay.

Kevin Martin, syndicated by PeaceVoice, is President of Peace Action, the country’s largest grassroots peace and disarmament organization for 60 years with more than 200,000 supporters nationwide.

Sheriff’s Public Log 9/20/17

Sierra County Sheriff’s Public Information Log

9/15/17 A search warrant was served on a private residence Friday in the area of Lavezzola Rd in the Downieville area stemming from an investigation of illegal marijuana cultivation. Nobody was at the residence at the time the search warrant was served. Seized was over 300 marijuana plants in the late growing stage. The investigation is ongoing with additional violations being investigated.


  • 0805 – Report of a fire in Camptonville – TRA USFS
  • 1010 – Request for assistance from fire department in Loyalton – TRA LVFD
  • 1221 – Report of domestic dispute with loud yelling in Downieville – CNC SCSO
  • 1453 – Suspicious calls received in Pike City – ACT SCSO
  • 1525 – Report of illegal dumping near Sierra Brooks – TRA USFS
  • 1751 – Report of BBQ fire outside of Loyalton – TRA SCF
  • 1922 – Person with foot injury needs help in Downieville – CNC DVAM
  • 2057 – Suspicious 9-1-1 call from near Sattley – CNC SCSO
  • 2204 – Residential alarm sounding in Verdi – UNF WASO


  • 0048 – Lights going on and off at power station in Sierra Brooks – TRA ?
  • 0835 – Animal problem in Sierra City – TRA F&W
  • 0934 – Arrest for H&S 11550 in Loyalton – ARR SCSO
  • 1127 – Vehicle parked in Sierraville cemetery – UTL SCSO
  • 1206 – Report of a canine yelping in a tent in truck in DVL – CNC CHP


  • 1407 – Report of bovine off of Hwy 49 near CalTrans DVL – CNC CHP
  • 1701 – Lost person off of Pike City Road – CNC SCSO
  • 1739 – ATV accident on Lemon Cyn Rd – TRA LOAM
  • 1851 – Tree on fire 3 miles west of Loyalton – TRA USFS
  • 1909 – Fire looking south in the mountains from Sattley – TRA USFS
  • 1921 – Report of power line on fire on A@$ near Loyalton – TRA LVFD
  • 2036 – Report of fire north side of Sattley – TRA USFS


  • 1057 – 9-1-1 request for ambulance in Downieville – TRA DVAM
  • 2139 – Loyalton Elementary alarm accidentally set off – CNC SCSO


  • 0350 – Bear hit on Hwy 49, near SVL no damage to vehicle and no bear – CNC CHP
  • 1651 – Stolen bicycle reported in Loyalton –  CNC SCSO
  • 1710 – Overdue party at Indian Valley Campground – CNC SCSO


  • 0110 – 9-1-1 request for ambulance in Loyalton – TRA LOAM
  • 0713 – Possible theft reported in Sierra City – RPT SCSO
  • 1421 – 9-1-1 request for ambulance in Sierra City – TRA DVAM
  • 1555 – Burglary alarm in Loyalton – UNF SCSO
  • 1735 – Suspicious vehicle in front of Calpine residence – CNC SCSO
  • 2144 – Vehicle accident non injuries Hwy 49 arrest for 23152 CVC – ARR CHP
  • 2147 – 9-1-1 request for ambulance in Loyalton – TRA LOAM


  • 0110 – 9-1-1 request for ambulance in Loyalton – TRA LOAM
  • 0426 – 9-1-1 request for ambulance in Downieville – TRA DVAM
  • 0651 – Suspicious person at Loyalton business – UNF SCSO
  • 1012 – Disheveled male walking in middle of Hwy 49 near Loyalton – TRA SCSO
  • 2147 – Request for ambulance in Downieville – TRA DVAM
  • 2333 – Request for ambulance in Loyalton – TRA LOAM


Defensible Space Training 9/20/17

Community Defensible Space Advisory

2017 Public DSAV Training Flyer OCTOBER
Monday, October 30, 2017 – 9:00am-4:00pm
& Tuesday, October 31, 2017 – 9:00am-12:00pm

Learn how to comply with the defensible space law in California, and ensure properties will be insurable in the Wildland Urban Interface (most of Nevada County).

What is the law regarding defensible space?
California Public Resources Code 4291 requires every landowner to “maintain around and adjacent to the building or structure a firebreak made by removing and clearing away, for a distance of not less than 100’ on each side of the building or structure or to the property line, whichever is nearer, all flammable vegetation or other combustible growth”.

What may landowners do to protect their homes from wildfire?
Building Materials
How to Manage the Vegetation On Your Property
Plant Species Considered “High Fire Risk”
Firewise Landscaping Techniques
Proper Vegetation Arrangement Around Structures
Proper Signage for Emergency Responders

How does Defensible Space affect the ability to obtain Homeowner’s Insurance?
Most of Nevada County is in a Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) area which has high potential for catastrophic wildfire. Learn more about:
Defensible Space & Your Homeowner’s Insurance Policy
Hazard Trees
Fire Department Response and Hydrants

Valuable Information for Assistance!
Local Contractors–Fire Safe Chipping Program–Assistance for Low Income Seniors/Disabled–Firewise Communities USA®
FREE!  Space is LIMITED! Register today!

Leave a message as registration is taken on a first come basis!
Or email us:

Mountain Messenger (Freddy who?) 9/20/17

Where’s Don? There is a lot of speculation today that Don may have disappeared and it is strange that the women in the office, Milly, Jill, Penelope and Maricle are pretending like nothing is wrong. Apparently the Sierra County Sheriff’s Office is not concerned about the absence of Don, mentioning a past “chickenpoop” headline, the Board of Supervisors have elected to do nothing and just mention how lovely the new Mountain Messenger representative is at the Press Table. People in town have kind of forgotten what Don looks like with various descriptive values being given, tall, thin, plump, bearded, unshaven, long hair, scruffy looking, grouchy, egotistical…. wait that last isn’t a good descriptive, no one thinks Don has an ego, he is the most humble person anyone knows, more or less, maybe. Anyhow, any one who sees Don and can send a Photo atop  a copy of a dated Messenger as proof will get a free lunch at Coyoteville.

9/20/17 No I am not Don Russell, I am Freddy Gingg and I am looking for Patty, apparently a very big bird carried her off to Ireland… I don’t know what that is… but she forgot me…


Send anything you need published to Milly, the CEO and most important person in the office, at or you may call directly to 530 289-3262 and talk to Don, (and suggest he give a raise to Jill, Milly’s secretary). For a subscription: send money to Mountain Messenger at P.O. Drawer A, Downieville 95936 or call 530 289-3262 with credit card in hand.. Write to Don Russell at and tell him you subscribed because you read about it on Sierra County Prospect…..        Subscriptions cost Sierra County $30 1yr- $50 2yrs / Out of county $35 1 yr -$60 2yrs

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