Ask Jerusha 12/26/12


Questions will be answered here…


Vol IV December 26, 2012

Dear Jerusha,

I hope your holidays were fun and happy. Did you travel anywhere? We hardly ever travel, everyone comes to our house for most of the holidays. I think it would be fun to go somewhere else sometime. Do you ever have that problem? I am not sure what to do about it or if I should even do anything. I enjoy everyone coming to my house so it is fun. What would you do?

Sincerely, Marilyn Vinson in Pike

Dear Marilyn,

You realize of course you are asking personal questions of me and that is not what this column is about. I try very hard to give answers to my readers who ask questions.  You did ask questions but they were about what I would do. Not really something that has anything to do with reality. Meanwhile since it is the Holidays, I will be nice and try to give you satisfaction. I don’t know what I would do. I hope you have a wonderful New Year and next year figure out what to do, maybe nothing is the best thing. If everything is fine why change it.

Sincerely, Jerusha.

PS : Yes, I did travel.


Vol IV December 19, 2012


Dear Jerusha,

How are you? I am fine and am getting ready for Christmas. I have been asking lots of friends and family what they want for Christmas and so I was wondering what you would like for Christmas. You never say much about yourself personally so I don’t know if you like things like chocolate or jewelry or games or well almost anything. What would you like to have for a Christmas present.

Sincerely, Martha Williams, Pike City, CA

Dear Martha:

That is very thoughtful of you to ask me. I will tell you what I want most is world peace and that no one goes to bed hungry and people are always happy and nothing bad happens to anyone ever and that dogs and cats and other animals are able to live their lives out happily with no pain or fear. I realize that this is probably a silly request as it is not going to be possible for anyone to give, but I can always dream.  I just wish things could be better and that hatred and anger would just disappear. I also wish that I get more letters next year and that everyone writes to .

Thank you for your thoughts and Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone.

Sincerely, Jerusha


Vol IV December 12, 2012

Dear Jerusha:

I asked someone the other day if they liked your column and their response just shocked me. It was a man, and he said he didn’t pay much attention to you as you were nuts anyway.

I could not believe it, why would someone say something like that about you? You seem to be so stable and sincere about what you think about some very difficult issues and I cannot imagine why anyone would say anything different. I suppose this comes as a shock to you too, and I certainly do not want to upset you or have your feelings hurt so I am sorry if this makes you feel bad. But honestly I think you would want to know if someone doesn’t appreciate your advice. I was especially surprised because the speaker was a man, yes, he was married, I know you want to know that, but still how can anyone not appreciate the wonderful advice you give.

Sincerely, James Wison, Downieville

Dear Jim,

I feel I can call you Jim as obviously you read my column and understand me. There is one thing that does concern me, is your idea that I give advice. Although my column is called “Ask Jerusha”, it doesn’t say that a response is advice. It is just an answer to a question, not necessarily advising anyone to do anything. I mean sometimes I make a suggestion, but a suggestion is different than advice. Someone criticized my use of the word “sardonic” the other day, and I say anyone can use any word anyway they would like too, and if I want to use the word sardonic my way then I can, just like anyone else can do anything they like. Well, I may have gotten off track there to your question, which was, “why would anyone say anything like that about me?” and I guess my answer would be…. how in the heck should I know? I’m glad that you are shocked, you did not mention whether you were married, as you know, I am not.

Sincerely, Jerusha

Vol IV 231 December 5, 2012

Dear Jerusha,

This may not be up your alley but I have a real problem. In fact, I have this problem almost every year at this time. I didn’t think you could help me because your questions are more about relationships and personal issues and my problem is more about what I should do about gifts this time of year. My friend, Molly, told me that you answer almost any question if you are in a good mood or the right frame of mind. I am not sure what she meant by that as I think you are always in a good mood. It seems like you are rarely upset about anything in your column. I hope that runs over into your personal life too. But anyway, my issue is a friend who celebrates both Christmas and Chanukah. I know she is Jewish but she gives a lot of Christmas presents to her friends and families. I think she gets Chanukah gifts too. But I don’t know what to do about her gift. Should I give her a Chanukah or a Christmas gift. I really hope you can help me.

Sincerely,  H. Joseph Williamson, Truckee

Dear H.

That is such a weird first name. Did your parents do that because the middle and last name had a lot of letters? Do they call you H. or Joe? It is also really odd that you talk about your friend having both Chanukah and Christmas to celebrate, because that is exactly my situation. I am Jewish but I give Christmas gifts and receive them too. I really don’t know what to tell you, I do know from personal experience the best solution is to give both a Chanukah and a Christmas present. That way you can’t go wrong and your friend will be doubly happy. Chanukah starts on Sunday  December 9 and continues for 8 days until Sunday December 16. So you can give a present on any of those days but you can also give a gift on each of those days which would be nice, and then you have a nice break until Christmas on December 25 where you can give another gift if you like. I am sure your friend would like it, I know I would.  I do have a question though, why would your friend “Molly” question my mood or frame of mind? You are absolutely right I never get upset about anything. I am one of the most likeable and nice people I know. Thank you for clarifying that.

Sincerely, Jerusha

Vol IV 230 November 28, 2012

Dear Jerusha:

I am a big fan of yours. I read you column faithfully every week and I always worry about you not meeting anyone. You always talk about being single and asking your male writers if they are single and yet it seems like you never have any dates with anyone. Why do you think that is? I just can’t understand why you are not married as you appear to be very lovely and a kind person too. Well mostly kind, sometimes some of the things you answer seem to be grouchy and irritable, but I just figure you have a headache or maybe a sore hip. I am sure you are fun to be around and never really are irritated with anyone. Anyhow I just wanted to let you know how much I think of you and hope you had a nice Thanksgiving and are looking forward to Christmas or Chanukah or maybe Kwanza, well it doesn’t really matter just have happy holidays and know that you do have a fan.

Sincerely, Melanie Rathbourne, Green Acres

Dear Melanie,

Funny, all the time I was reading your letter, I was sure it was written by a man. I should have checked the signature before reading it so it wouldn’t be so disappointing. Not that I don’t appreciate your fandom. Having fans is one of the perks of writing a column. I love to hear from my readers. I don’t understand why you say some of my answers are grouchy and irritable, why would you think that. It seems a little rude for you to say that being a fan and all. But then one never knows what your upbringing was. I certainly hope all is well with you and you develop some manners as you age. Meanwhile you have yourself a merry little holiday too.

Sincerely, Jerusha

Vol IV 229 November 21, 2012

Dear Jerusha,

Yesterday I was shopping in a K-Mart Store in Grass Valley and two girls maybe between 18 and 20 years old walked by me and I overheard a snippet of their conversation. This is what one of the girls said, “This morning I asked my boyfriend if he would still love me if I were a Zombie”.  It startled me as I always thought Zombies were the creation of authors and movie makers. I don’t think there really are Zombies, are there? It seemed like such an odd topic of conversation and I just can’t imagine me ever asking anyone how they would feel about me if I became a Zombie or a Werewolf, I mean if I did ask that, then they would think something is wrong with me, other than being a Werewolf or Zombie, don’t you think. Somehow I just can’t get this out of my head. What do you think?

Sincerely, Peter Huntsman, Loyalton

PS: I did hear her then say, “he said he would”.

Dear Peter,

This is quite a dilemma, I am not sure how to answer you as it is difficult to take such a question seriously. Of course you certainly could be serious and then there may be something wrong other than being a Zombie or Werewolf. Meanwhile, do you live with anyone else, like a wife, that could watch you while you are sleeping just to make sure. If you are not married, then I suppose you might have to figure out a way to check on yourself. I understand the difficulties of being single as I am single too. Well, I certainly hope your Thanksgiving is nice, you might consider becoming a vegetarian.

Sincerely, Jerusha

Vol IV 228 November 14, 2012

Dear Jerusha,

Will you be going to the Miss Jody Community Thanksgiving Dinner in Downieville? I have heard that this event on Thanksgiving Day is really nice with good food and lots of pies for desserts. I was thinking about going but not really sure who goes to the dinner. Do regular people go or just people with no where else to have dinner. Does it cost money or is it free. Most of all I just want to know if you will be at the dinner. I probably will go but not really sure yet. Please let me know as I need to make my plans.

Sincerely, Bob Plumton, Verdi

Dear Bob,

The Miss Jody Community Thanksgiving dinner is a really nice event for the community. The Downieville Lions Club, United Methodist and Assembly of God churches sponsor the event and most of the food and all of the labor is donated. People also donate money to buy what has to be bought and then at the dinner, which is free to all, we do accept donations which are all given to the Western Sierra Food Bank to help them with their Food Basket deliveries on Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter and throughout the year they provide food for those who find they need help feeding themselves and their families. I don’t quite understand your obsession as to whether I will be attending. The focus is on community friendship and a fun time. We welcome residents, visitors and anyone who wants to enjoy the ambience of being amongst a thankful group of people. So it really doesn’t matter whether I am there or not… unless of course you didn’t mention if you were single and would be alone. I, of course, am single so I would be alone. Anyhow certainly you are welcome to attend.

Sincerely, Jerusha

Vol IV 227 November 7, 2012

Dear Jerusha,

During the election campaign period my husband and I could not discuss politics. I wonder sometimes if we should just not get involved and not vote and that way we wouldn’t argue about it. Do you think this is a good thing to do or should we vote anyway and keep on arguing. How do you deal with political disagreements. Since you are not married it probably doesn’t matter as you don’t have to worry about arguing with a husband. I often wonder why you aren’t married as you appear to be decent looking in your picture. Do you wonder why you aren’t married?

Sincerely, Pamela Morrison, Pike City

Dear Pam,

You have asked me personal questions that imply you know me well enough to be on a first name basis. First of all voting is important. Even if you and your husband cancel each other’s votes it still gives the elected representatives out there just what each voter thinks is important. Whoever wins has to represent us all, regardless of how we vote, so it is a good thing to let them know we may think the same or differently than them and compromise is a good thing.

It is possible I am not married because I have not found someone I would like to be married too. Or maybe I found them but they didn’t ask me to marry them. It is difficult for many to understand how someone like me could still be single. Arguing with someone over politics is usually a useless time consumer. If you and the person you argue with feel strongly enough about the issue to argue no one is going to change their mind. Arguing about anything is a waste of time. I don’t have to argue as usually I am right anyway. So I hope I have helped and be sure to keep on voting.

Sincerely, Jerusha

Vol IV 226 October 24, 2012

Dear Jerusha,

It snowed in Sierra County this week. It was raining a lot too. Do you wear different clothing when it rains and is cold? I tend to wear the same clothes all year long, except in the winter, I layer my clothes to be warmer. Do you do that? My wife says I should have a winter wardrobe and a summer wardrobe, that I should not wear the same clothes all year. I just want to know what you think.

Jeffrey Bidwell, Loyalton

Dear Jeffrey,

I have told my readers repeatedly that asking questions about what I am wearing is not appropriate. What I wear is my business. I do understand your concerns about being warm enough in the winter. Layering is a good idea. In terms of asking me a question about what I think about something because your wife disagrees with you is a very slippery slope for yourself. I can’t imagine your wife would think it is okay to ask my opinion about your clothing or to ask me what I wear. I think you should rethink your question, apologize to your wife and do as she suggests.  Good luck.

Sincerely, Jerusha


Vol IV 225 October 17, 2012

Dear Jerusha,
Summer is turning into fall and the days are becoming cooler. Have you changed from summer clothing to fall clothing yet?
Trendell Faugher
Sierra City
Dear Trendell,
I don’t know whether to be offended by your letter, or just accept it for face value. I don’t understand your interest in what I wear. It really isn’t anyone’s business but mine. If in fact, I should be changing my clothes based on the season, why would you even question me as to whether I know enough to wear proper clothing. I can tell you have little experience in communicating with women as you certainly should know better than to ask personal questions. You didn’t even say why you want to know. Are you trying to figure out what you should wear? Wear whatever you want. Why should I care. Thank you for writing.
Sincerely, Jerusha


Vol IV  224 October 10, 2012

Dear Jerusha,

I notice that most people who write to you are very courteous and polite and sometimes when you answer them, you seem to not reply in the same vein. Don’t you think if someone takes the time to write to you that you should be nice to them and thank them for writing. It stands to reason that if no one wrote to you then you would not have a job and not be able to have your picture and name on the website. Speaking of which, I was wondering if your column is printed anywhere else. It seems like most of your writers are from Sierra County towns and not from other areas. If you were printed somewhere else, maybe you would have other readers. Sometimes the questions you receive are odd and maybe if more sophisticated people wrote to you, you would be able to have better answers.

Sincerely, Richard Belous, Grass Valley

Dear Richard,

I see you are from Grass Valley. Are you suggesting that Nevada County residents are more sophisticated than Sierra County? I don’t think my readers in Sierra County would be happy about that. We have lots of culture here.  I’m curious as to how you came across my column if you think I need a larger audience. I have readers from all over the state and even out of the country. Canada is not in America, well it is in the Americas but not in the United States of America. I think I am very friendly and nice to my readers, they wouldn’t read me if they didn’t like me and they wouldn’t send questions if I wasn’t courteous. Unfortunately, sometimes I have no answer to some of the questions and I have to say so. This is very tiresome, I have no idea how to respond to your letter. It makes me feel bad, so you are probably more rude than me. If you were married your wife would tell you so. I am not married so no one tells me much.

Sincerely, Jerusha




Vol IV  223 October 3, 2012

Dear Jerusha,

There are only 34 days until Election Day and I still don’t know how I am going to vote. Well, I know who I am going to vote for President and for some of the other offices but all of the propositions are confusing to me. Some of them seem like they are a good idea but then when I find out who is behind them, it makes me wonder if they are really good things to vote for or if it is someone’s personal axe to grind or maybe they are just going to make money off us working people if it passes. I was just wondering how you decide how to vote and if you get confused by the propositions. You seem to get confused easily, so maybe I am asking the wrong person. Anyhow if you think you could help me, please do.

Sincerely, Betty Draftmon, Calpine

Dear Betty,

Why would you say I get confused easily? Yes, I have mentioned being confused in the past, but I certainly wouldn’t say easily. It takes me awhile to get confused while pondering a problem, I think that is normal. It seems as though you are the one who is confused here.

My goodness, only 34 days to election time, how time flies. I wonder how the undecided voters are going to deal with this deadline. I never understood how someone could be undecided in an election right up to the last minute. There is a plethora of information out there about all the candidates. The propositions are hard to determine. Except for Prop 34, that’s real easy for me, I’m voting Yes for 34, the death penalty is not a good thing. Prop 30 is a good thing Teacher of the Year for the schools too, there is another on Prop 38 for schools but that is too restrictive, we need our teachers and the education system to be unhampered by political controls. I am really looking forward to what my Editor will say next week, I understand she will be writing an article on the Propositions with recommendations on what she thinks the Propositions are about. She talks to a lot of people and seems to know what is going on most of the time. Anyhow, there is a lot of information out there, so just read as much as you can, and pay attention to who is advocating for and against because that will tell right there. For instance, Prop 32, the advocates make it sound like it will stop corporate donations to politicians but the real reason to to stop union employees from being able to make donations, it is designed to control the working class (unions are made up of working members of society, the blue collar guys and gals that actually do the work) not the corporate executives who made their corporations into a “person”. I think it is terrible, corporations are people and worker bees must be controlled, that isn’t right… Well, I may have gotten myself into trouble here. Politics isn’t my job, and the editor might be pissy about me getting on the soapbox. Fine… she can just fire me… Anyhow, just be sure to vote that is the most important thing, and of course Betty, if you happen to be a corporate executive, I certainly didn’t mean to offend you. I have to admit I am pleased with myself a little here, did you notice I used two big words, “pondering” and “plethora”, I ‘m trying to increase my vocabulary a little.

Sincerely, Jerusha


Vol IV 222 September 26,2012

Dear Jerusha,

What kind of name is Jerusha anyhow?
And why, in your column, do you always mention that you are single? I see by your picture that you seem to be a good looking woman. Can’t you find a date? Have you tried I have friends that met online and are happily married now. Maybe you don’t actually wish to get married, but would like a date. Hmm, I’m a good matchmaker, maybe I could hook you up with someone…
Just Wondering, Downieville
Dear Just,
You certainly have an interesting name. Is Just short for Justin? Justin is a masculine name and I have never heard of a female name starting with “Just”. Although I could be wrong, in fact I just had a thought, it could be Justina, that makes sense. So you could be either a man or woman. I wish that people who wrote to me would clearly identify themselves as to male or female, how old they are, single or married, those things are clearly most important to how I answer a  letter. Religion, race or politics really don’t matter so don’t worry about those things. Just clearly identify sex, age and relationship status and I will be a whole lot happier.  I think there is nothing wrong in me asking what  I need to know when someone writes to me. We all have priorities. And what is wrong with the name Jerusha, it is a biblical name and also the name of Jerusha Hale, wife of Abner Hale, portrayed in James Michener’s book Hawaii. I find myself to be a lot like Jerusha Hale, who was pretty much a saint, a kind and gentle person, but I digress.  What kind of name is Just Wondering…. oh, I see, just wondering… hmmm … I should have caught that earlier, oh well. You have been rude and I probably wouldn’t like you even if you aren’t married. Would I?
Sincerely, Jerusha

Vol IV  221 September 19, 2012

Dear Jerusha,

You seem to get irritated very easily. I have often wondered if you hurt anyone’s feelings when you answer them sharply or with an obvious tone of irritation or sarcasm. Do you ever hear from anyone who says you may have hurt their feelings or is everyone all right with your answers? I was just wondering, because I have a question or two to ask but I certainly don’t want to irritate you, as I am very sensitive and get my feelings hurt easily. Should I write to you or would it be better if I just kept my thoughts to myself.

Sincerely, Jim Wethers, Alleghany

Dear Jim;

It is apparent to me, you have already answered the question by writing to me. You asked me whether you should write to me but it appears you already have. You must read the column or you wouldn’t have an opinion as to what my attitude and demeanor is now. What does it matter to anyone if I am a cranky old lady. My irritation and crankiness has nothing to do with you, so why would it hurt your feelings? I am not necessarily that old either, (as referenced above). You must not be married or you would have a thicker skin already. I don’t know if you should write to me and ask any other questions, that is up to you. I am not married either.

Sincerely, Jerusha


Vol IV  220 September 12, 2012

Dear Jerusha,

Does your dog ever eat food intended for your cat? How can I train my dog to not eat the cat food.

Sincerely, Doug Phelps, Downieville

Dear Doug,

First of all, why am I continually getting asked questions about pets? Do I look like a Veterinarian? If you have problems with your pet, you need to ask a pet expert. Furthermore these one line questions are beginning to irritate me, if you write to me for heavens sake give me some background information and some history of what the issue is. I was going to say problem instead of issue, however, I really don’t care to hear about problems as the title of this column is “Ask Jerusha”, it isn’t about solving problems it’s about answering questions. Questions that are simple and don’t require a lot of thinking, if you read this column you know I don’t like to think. As for your dog, “problem” it is most likely your problem, maybe you should upgrade the dog’s diet. Does the cat eat the dog’s food, maybe they like to share. Hopefully your life will become more interesting and you will learn how to distinguish between what is important to you and what is important to your dog. Why would you think I have a cat anyway?

Sincerely, Jerusha


Vol. IV 219 September 5, 2012

Dear Jerusha,
My mother once said that the most valuable thing we possess is our health. Do most of us realize that? What do you think of that?
Ralph Rydburg, Calpine
Dear Ralph,
What is it with the name Ralph? My whole life I never knew any Ralph’s and suddenly Ralph’s are writing to me all the time. I did see a movie with a Ralph in it. It was called the Christmas Story and if I remember correctly Ralphie wanted to  get a Red Ryder BB gun from Santa Claus. It was really a fun movie and I recommend it highly if you haven’t seen it, time well spent. Meanwhile your question about health is semi-interesting, I doubt if there is only one thing we possess that is most valuable and how do you possess health anyway? Health is a fleeting thing, some are healthy and never have an illness and then they have something go wrong whether from an illness or accident or who knows what. Some have health issues from the moment they are born and yet their lives are full and happy a joy to themselves and others. I personally believe the most valuable thing is time. Time is all we got so we should spend it not worrying about stuff like health. Do the best you can with what you’ve got, and think about what you can do and not what may or may not happen, worrying is a total waste of time, the only thing you have that means anything. Unless of course you enjoy worrying, then you can worry, but try to do it by yourself as it isn’t pleasant to be with a worrier, you wouldn’t want to waste someone else’s time.
Sincerely, Jerusha



Vol. IV 218 August 29, 2012

Dear Jerusha,

I have a friend in town that is very near and dear to me. My problem is the way she dresses. She walks about town in her pajamas! Now she claims to be 70 years old. I, however, believe her to be only 50-ish. (She lies about her age so that people will tell her how wonderful she looks for her age.)

Still, at any age I think one should not wear pj’s while out in public. I would like to know your thoughts. Should I be blunt and tell her to dress differently? Or maybe I should try the subtle approach, maybe bring her some fashion magazines? Offer to take her shopping? Many thanks in advance for your help.

Sincerely, Fashion Police, Downieville

Dear Fashion,

I really doubt that is your real name. Of course if it is, then I would understand your obsession with how other people dress, which normally would be no ones’ business except the person putting on the clothes. However, it is clear if your parents named you Fashion when your last name is Police (also unusual) you would have been brought up in a family obsessed with clothing. I am sorry you did not have a normal childhood. If this is a really dear friend of yours, it would be a nice idea to possibly purchase a pair of pajamas for her that would be acceptable, in your opinion, to wear in public. I would imagine she would wear an XL in 100% cotton flannel pajama shorts, being old she probably likes to be comfortable. Meanwhile I suggest it might be helpful for you to possibly talk to someone about changing your name.

Sincerely, Jerusha


Vol. IV 217 August 22, 2012

Dear Jerusha,

I hope you can tell me why I am so tired today. Yesterday, I only walked about 5 miles at top speed, took 42 people on a grand tour of AT&T Park in San Francisco and today am aching all over. Could it be dehydration? Thank you for your help.

Sincerely, Judy Bask, New Jersey

Dear Judy,

I don’t understand why you are writing to me about a health issue. It would make more sense if you wrote to Dr. Phil or Dr. Oz, as they are doctors. Well Dr. Phil calls himself a doctor but I am not sure what his credentials are and Dr. Oz is a medical doctor, I think he even does heart surgery, but on his TV show, (they both have TV shows), Dr. Oz concentrates on losing weight, which is really irritating to me, and some of the stuff he has on there is really questionable about how useful it is kinda of like Dr. Phil. Actually I think Dr. Oz and Dr. Phil have better advice than Dr. Laura. Have you heard her on the radio, my goodness she gives terrible off the wall advice. But anyway, if you think it might be dehydration, drink some water and take a nap. But if you are having chest discomfort call 9-1-1.

Sincerely, Jerusha




Vol. IV # 216 August 15, 2012

Dear Jerusha,

I have several questions. Do you enjoy getting shots or having your blood drawn at the doctor’s office? What if they want you to pee (urinate) into a cup? And the other thing is what do you think of Paul Ryan? I am not sure about whether he will understand the needs of poor people like some seniors and children who may need assistance with food stamps for food and the parents can’t get them. I have had a lot of time to think lately and these are some of the things I have been thinking about. Do you ever think about things like this? I thought maybe Mitt Romney would pick someone who had a better understanding of those who do not have as much wealth as Mr. Romney has, but I think Mr. Ryan just wants to be just like Mr. Romney. What do you think?

Sincerely, Ralph Williamson, Alleghany

Dear Ralph,

I cannot begin to tell you how irritating your letter is. It is perfectly obvious that you don’t know who you are writing too and probably have never read any one of my answers to readers who do read my column. First, if you read this column you would know that I don’t like to think and rarely think about anything unless it is by accident and I find myself thinking without realizing it. And that is even more confusing to me than just my regular dislike of thinking.  Second, who do you know that likes to get shots or have a needle poked in a vein, what a perfectly dumb question, and I say that knowing there are no dumb questions. My column is a dignified classy piece and I will not discuss peeing in a cup. Furthermore this is not a political column, I have no idea what the rich guy and the other one will do nor do I care, well I care about the children who may have need for help getting food and medical care and the old people too, and then the ones who work for a living, I do care about them. I can only hope everything will work out for the best, of course I do vote and will be sure to vote for those who understand governments role in making our society work for everyone, this is really beginning to give me a headache. Please don’t write again, unless of course you are not married and need someone to talk to.

Sincerely, Jerusha


Vol IV # 215 August 8, 2012

Dear Jerusha,

This morning, I decided to eat a sandwich. I had the choice of a cheese sandwich or an egg salad sandwich. I chose the egg salad. Which do you prefer?

Robert Honger, Verdi

Dear Robert,

I get so tired of people asking me meaningless questions. Making a decision of whether to have an egg salad or a cheese sandwich demonstrates to me that you have no real concerns in your life. It seems like deciding which sandwich to eat in the morning is irrelevant. The real question here is, why are you eating a sandwich in the morning anyway? I suppose one could quantify an egg sandwich as a breakfast meal but certainly not egg salad, that is a lunch time item.  You did not say you were making a sandwich for your lunch. No, you said, “I decided to eat a sandwich”, meaning you were going to eat it right then, not at lunch time. I often make a lunch for myself in the morning to have at lunchtime, which is a reasonable thing to do. I am getting upset, and a little confused trying to figure out exactly what your problem is, so I suggest you rethink your issues and discuss this with your wife or girlfriend or is it possible that you are not married? I just can’t help you with so little information.

Sincerely, Jerusha


Vol IV # 214 August 1, 2012

Dear Jerusha,

I have found that groceries are more expensive in small towns than in the big supermarkets. I realize that there are major transportation costs and no economy of size, but I like to support the local merchants to keep the money spent locally. I have a limited amount of money so where should I spend my money.

Sincerely, Franklin Broke, Downieville

Dear Frank,

Frankly, I would appreciate it if you used your real name, I cannot believe your last name is Broke and it is too corny to be real with the content of your letter. Yes, it is more difficult for grocers in small towns to sell their wares at the same price as the big grocery stores in bigger cities. However, it is important to shop locally as much as possible, because if nobody buys from the local stores, they would not be able to stay in business and then what would we do. It is nice to be able to go to the store at the last minute for things that you need, and then there are older or less mobile people who need to be able to shop locally. This is a two way street and the shop owners have to participate by trying to have as affordable as possible, especially for locals, maybe having a local discount or reward card to receive a break for not going out of town. It is one of those where the more we buy the more the prices can go down. I encourage to shop locally as much as possible and only buy things out of town that the local store doesn’t carry. Hopefully the store owners understand the needs of a small community and will make some kind of commitment to local shoppers. And of course if in fact your name is really Frank Broke, forgive my insensitivity.

Sincerely, Jerusha

PS: I forgot to ask if you were married.


Vol IV #213 , July 25, 2012

Dear Jerusha,

I have been reading the Prospect for many years and have been following the stories about a white dog named “Java”. Who would name a white dog “Java”? Java means coffee and coffee is black. Shouldn’t the dog be called “Leche” or “Milk”? What is wrong with people?

Sincerely, “Whitey” Truckle, Downieville

Dear Whitey,

I doubt that “Whitey” is on your birth certificate and I doubt that you are white, most likely you are pink with freckles or maybe tannish, but certainly not white unless of course you have a condition like albinism. I’m not sure if that is a word it might just be albino with no ism. But at any rate, it appears that Java is a light tan or yellowish beige color to me, she is not white, but a friend named Toni has called her “Latte”. You ask what is wrong with people; well I ask you sir, what is wrong with Java being called Java. She is Java.

Sincerely, Jerusha


Vol. IV # 212 July 12, 2012

Dear Jerusha,

What do you do when your dog keeps yo awake all night? Last night my dog got up at around 1 a.m. and then paced incessantly up and down the wood floor and stairs with her nails clicking until 3 a.m. Then I got up and took her for a walk in the dark thinking she might need to go potty. She peed a little bit but that didn’t seem to be the problem. I don’t know why she did this, but I did not get enough sleep. Do you have any suggestions?

Sincerely, Java’s Keeper, Downieville

Dear Java’s Keeper:

That is a very strange name and I don’t think you are being straightforward about what your real name is. It seems as if Java wanted to go out at 1 a.m., so my question to you is – why did you wait until 3 a.m.? You complain about your lack of sleep but it is obvious to me that Java got very little sleep too. Why are you not concerned about her sleep? It seems as though you may be a little selfish and take your needs into account as if they are more important than Java’s. I just don’t understand people like you. I sincerely hope Java is okay and maybe was just getting even because she had to stay inside the house all day while you were having fun at the State Fair.

Sincerely, Jerusha

Vol. IV #211

 July 11, 2012

Dear Jerusha,

I have read your column for many years and though I have never met you, I have fallen in love with you sight unseen.

It is said that you should never judge a book by its’ cover. But if you have read the book can you judge it without looking at the cover?

Sincerely, Frank Seamly, Verdi

Dear Frank,

Frankly, I have no idea why you would say “sight unseen” when clearly my picture is at the beginning of my column, I just don’t understand what you are thinking. Obviously you don’t read my column closely if you have not seen the picture.

As for the book, how in heavens name can you read a book without seeing the cover? You have to open the book to start reading so you would see the cover. Unless you close your eyes and that would make no sense. Your letter appears to be senseless. Obviously you are not married or you would be unable to fall in love with me. I can understand why.

Sincerely, Jerusha

Volume IV # 210

July 4, 2012

Dear Jerusha,

I have a lot of questions to ask. Does the Medicare Prescription plan mean Jelly Donuts when it talks about the “doughnut hole”? Do you always have to have cream cheese with a bagel? Do you like cats or dogs better? Will you vote in the election in November? I personally like cats. Have a good day.

Sincerely, Martin Mealer, Downieville

Dear Marty,

Your questions are so personal I feel as though I know you, so I guess calling you by the more familiar Marty is okay. Don’t you think? You seem to have a food obsession with the donuts and the bagels and cream cheese. I wonder why that is, perhaps you have no one to cook for you. That would be too bad. I am sorry if you are single, I understand, as I am not married either. Of course you could be married and then I would be happy for you. Meanwhile I like both cats and dogs, especially my own. I am not sure what you mean about jelly donuts with Medicare but I am sure it would be okay.

Sincerely, Jerusha

Vol. IV 209, June 27, 2012

Dear Jerusha:

You look so pretty in your picture. Are you really that pretty or have you used Photoshop. I have noticed on the Internet it is difficult to tell if someone is really who they say they are and sometimes the picture is different than the person actually is. I don’t think you would do that as you seem to be honest and straight forward in your responses to people. I was also wondering what you were going to be doing for the 4th of July. Will you be in Downieville or Loyalton? They are having parades and celebrations in both towns and I was hoping to maybe see you there. Will you be there or somewhere else?

Sincerely, Mason Wilson, Sierraville

Dear Mason:

My, you have such an interesting name, it is difficult to know whether you are male or female. Not that it matters, of course, to my answer. Unfortunately this year I am going to miss both celebrations in Sierra County because I will be going to a family reunion in Truckee. We haven’t been together on the 4th in many years and I am looking forward to the visit. I expect there will be parades and fireworks and BBQ and lots of fun and laughter. A good way to celebrate our nation’s Independence Day. I hope that you will be having fun with your family, wife or husband, if you are a man I suppose you could be single, but that is neither here nor there. You know I am single don’t you? Well, have a happy 4th of July, be careful and safe. No drinking and driving.

Sincerely, Jerusha


Vol IV #208

June 20, 2012

Dear Jerusha,

Are you all right? I hear the website has moved to a .org place and I was wondering if you were going to be going with it. It concerns me as I am a faithful reader of your letters and responses and don’t want to miss out on your advice.


My life has improved so much since I started reading you. Well your column and Tiny Buddha, do you read Tiny Buddha, sometimes it is just like he is writing to me directly. I don’t feel that way when I read your column. Well, this time I might because you will be answering my question and speaking directly to me. I certainly hope you are moving too because your column means so much to so many.

Sincerely, Allison Suprat, Downieville

Dear Allison,

I am fine and my column will be published as usual wherever SCP is located. The internet is an amazing thing and reaches so many people. I happen to know Tiny Buddha very well, he arrives in my mail every day and then I visit him sometimes at he is almost as smart as me. I do notice that often his columns are written by women and I wonder what part he plays other than being the fountain of wisdom. I am so glad my columns help make your life better. It always surprises me when someone says that because it is so difficult to give advice. Although my column is just “Ask Jerusha” which doesn’t really mean I’m giving advice, I’m just answering asked questions, I mean I try too, but sometimes things get confusing and then I have to think which is difficult on occasion. So anyhow, thanks for reading and please keep on being a reader.

Sincerely, Jerusha



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  1. Jerusha, you crack me up. Sometimes you are so rude to your “fans” it’s hard to believe you have any. But, like me, they keep coming back for more. I don’t want you to get big headed but I can’t wait to read your column every week just to see who you’ve buried the hatchet into next. Don’t bother to respond to this post. Oh what am I saying, I know you will.

  2. HMPH! I tell you you’re pretty and offer to hook you up, and you call me rude? How do I write a letter to the editor?

  3. Dear Jerusha,
    How do I go about writing a letter to you? This box that I am currently typing into, is it just for comments? Or can I use it ask you for advise?

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