Wednesday September 26, 2012

9/26/12 Fall, it is really Fall, Fall is here and that means soon there will be rain, yea, and then shortly thereafter it will be Winter and snow, glorious snow. If you hear me whining about snow next year, be sure to remind me of how much I am looking forward to it.

This weeks’ headline photo is by Nancy Carnahan of the  Riverside Inn , if you’re looking for beautiful fall colors, no better place than Sierra County, of course Nancy is from Alabama another strange and wonderful place, but far away, it’s easier to come to Downieville and view the wonders of Fall.

This week we have lots of pages to view, to be clear just go to the top and click on the page and it magically appears below, just scroll down.. just think of it as turning a page when you are reading the Mountain Messenger, except instead of pulling paper over you are just scrolling down after clicking on the page. I think I’m getting confused as Jerusha would say. Be sure to read the Fringe and let him know what you think. I’ll be sure to do that next week. He always seems to be a little fringy. I will say right here that I know him and his wonderful sweet wife and four lovely, intelligent children and they are not being abused physically in any way and Cooter eats very well too.

I wrote a short editorial on the Tea Pary objecting to fire fees, in Sierra County we understand how important fire protection is, we’ve dodged quite a few flames.

Keep those cards coming, we like to know what you think too.

Mystery Shoes Winner 9/20/12

9/20/12 Well, out of all the responses 7 wrong and 3 right, the first correct answer was submitted by Sharon Dobija of Sierra City. Sharon wins a $10 gift certificate to La Cocina de Oro in Downieville. The wearer of the shoes?- Tim Beals on the lawn at the Loyalton Social Hall. Sharon also wins a free subscription to the

Speaking of La Cocina de Oro aka “Feather’s” this Saturday night there will be entertainment on the deck from 6pm to 9 pm. The Nevada City Nutz Boys will be playing and singing. Stop by enjoy the food and the music in Downieville.

Here We Are 9/19/12

This is the latest in the evening I’ve published, it’s been a busy week with lots of meetings, places to go and things to do. It seems everyone is in the throes of getting the last best time out of summer before heading into the long rainy, cold, snowy winter. Look at the Sierra Hiker for a taste of things to come.

I see other blog sites and the bloggers seem to have witty, clever things to say, I just feel relieved the work of putting up articles and columns is over and I can zone out and watch the last of Big Brother, yeh that’s right, I waste a couple hours a week watching these people… what is wrong with me… well the good news is, I can tivo the show and then fast forward to the competitions, veto, HOH and evictions without listening to every inane conversation. Of course early in the summer, you figure out the personalities and have ….. wait what is wrong with me… I’m rambling inanely, so go read the Prospect. see you next week, unless I think of something witty and wonderful to write about.

Summer Fades 9/12/12

9/12/12 It does seem like summer is over even though we have 10 more days till the official Fall arrival and it is so blessed hot.  Really looking forward to the rain…. and the snow, yes I love snow, can’t wait for it to snow, would be happy if it snowed all year round and will keep saying that right up to mid April, when I will wish for some warm weather and sunshine, hopefully it will be a good winter and I mean good by lots of rain, lots of snow and no flooding. The photo above may be the last summer flower shot by Laurenc.

This week has the usual updates of Cooter, Java, Jerusha, Gabby, the Fringe some new pages for school information, senior activities, the Calendar has some fun events coming up. I was especially impressed with the Peace Page article this week, author Winslow Myers makes a good point about conspiracies and how to distinguish what really matters in life. I hope you take the time to read it and clarify priorities.

Aren’t we tired of all the negative political advertising. Some of the candidates I will vote for engage in negative statements about the opposing candidate. Why waste your time saying bad things about the other guy, just tell me who you are, what your plan is, and if you’re running for President, show me your tax returns.  I want to vote for the best person who can do the job, not against someone but for someone.

Tom Dines Flies Almost

9/7/12 Our very own Hometown Hero Tom Dines of Sierra City almost flew with the US Airforce Thunderbirds in a F-16 Fighterjet today but the plane did not want to cooperate, see some great pictures taken by wife, Miriam getting ready and stay tuned as the flight will happen tomorrow. Flight of Tom

Sierra Valley News 9/6/12

9/6/12 Just put up a new page Sierra Valley News. SCP has a new valley correspondent news reporter, Ira Kane. Ira has many years experience in ferreting out news and information and we all can look forward to his reports. His first report is all about the Sierra Valley Bear. Stay tuned for more from Ira.

Wednesday September 5, 2012

9/5/12 Gadzooks, normally I just think about it being Wednesday, again, already, so soon? But for some reason when I wrote the headline ending with 2012, it suddenly hit me, by golly it is 2012, who would have ever thought in 1812 that 200 years later the Internet would exist.  Certainly not me or the native inhabitants of Sierra County. We think about Sierra County existing since 1849 but really no matter what the name of any area on the earth most of it existed well beyond any impact of we humans.

Meanwhile back to now, lots of new information and articles, just click on the link up above and  enjoy or get mad or gnash your teeth. Whatever, but keep reading and sending those cards and letters. Hope your Labor Day was fun, looking forward to this weekend, lots of happenings all over the County.

The gorgeous photo of the Sierra Valley is by Sierra City Photographer Mary Davey.