Halloween 10/31/12

It is Halloween Eve and any moment hordes of sugar crazed kids will be marching down the street looking for more sugar. And I am ready. This is a fun time of year. Be careful driving, lots of little ones out there so pay attention. This week the Fringe has two articles The Fringe and Fringe Doth Protest, he is very opinionated and always has something to say about almost anything. Be sure to read the Peace Page and also the Guest Commentary.  La Quita wrote about her Halloween Scary Editorial scenario. The Sierra Hiker has a spectacular picture of feuding Bucks and first snow at Sardine Lake. Since it is Halloween Kids we have some great kids in costumes too. And Gabby , Java and Cooter,  and a heartfelt letter from Alleghany Letter . Jerusha took a vacation this week, hopefully she’ll be back in a good frame of mind next week. Be safe, have fun and make sure to vote. Mail in that ballot before you forget. This weeks picture is from Mary Jungi, the view from her upstairs window. Beautiful.

Wednesday 10/24/12

10/24/12 This week’s gorgeous picture of the Church in the snow is once again by Mary Davey. Can you tell where this Church is located? Ira Kane in the Sierra Valley submitted this interesting tidbit of information about the upcoming Presidential Election Toss Up .

After a middle of the night fire at the Downieville Motor Mart Laundromat Humayoon Lodhi is waiting for the insurance adjuster, and then he does plan on reopening (and remodeling) the laundromat. Luckily neighbor Dan Farrington smelled something burning and was able to alert the fire department or we might have lost the entire building and gas station. Thank you Dan.

Until the Downieville laundry reopens the Sierra City Country Store’s laundromat is open 7 days a week, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. They have 2 large dryers and 3 washing machines.
On Friday, November 2, at 6 p.m. there will be a community meeting at the Alleghany Fire House regarding the post office. The community is encouraged to attend as the powers that be want to restrict post office hours to 2 hours a day, so they need community support to keep it running regular hours.
In Downieville the Downieville Fire Auxiliary is now taking pre-orders for your holiday sweets. Many different candy items are available.  The candy will be here in time for Holiday giving, and you don’t have to drive and fight the crowds to get it. Proceeds benefit the Downieville Volunteer Fire Department.Please contact any auxiliary member or Kathy Whitlow: 289-3126.
So that is what happening this week. Don’t forget to check out all the regular pages, Cooter, Java, Gabby, Sierra Hiker, Jerusha, Fringe , (who will be pissed at my editor’s comment at the beginning of his article) and a new feature the Superior Court.

Wednesday October 17, 2012

This week’s paper was difficult to write. There was a Sierra County Board meeting. What should have been a simple meeting turned into a perfect example of why living in a democracy is not easy, but well worth the effort.Supes Meeting  Even SCP is an example of democracy in action. The Fringe this week didn’t want to be the Fringe, he wanted to have his own Editorial page Watchdog Woofs so his personal opinion would be not missed. We frequently don’t agree on political and local issues, but we have always allowed the other to speak their piece regardless of who is in charge. (I think I am fairer to him than he ever was to me…but I digress). Meanwhile Gabby , Cooter and Java are all in good spirits but for some reason Jerusha sounds testy, I wish someone would ask her a question she likes as she takes her work seriously. From the Bench Bench was very busy this week and the Sierra Hiker went to Poker Flat. Enjoy the Sierra County Prospect and let us know your news. This weeks’ cover photograph of a Downieville Sunset is courtesy of David Marshall the OBP.

Sunday This week 10/14/12

10/14/12  This week on Tuesday the Sierra County Board of Supervisors will meet at the Loyalton Social Hall at 9 a.m. Go here for the Agenda and Board Packet Board Agenda and Packet . At 6 p.m. the Loyalton City Council will meet and here is where you can see their agenda. Council Agenda 10/16, next Saturday the 20th brings Tandoori Night at Two Rivers Cafe. We are lucky in Downieville this year as we have been able to enjoy the Grubstake Saloon, Coyoteville Cafe, La Cocina del Oro (Feathers) and Two Rivers Cafe for restaurant choices. In addition we have Smoothieville for light fast lunch, smoothies and ice cream, and the newly opened Downieville Mountain Bakery,  St Charles Saloon offers a happy hour on Mondays and Thursdays with snacks by Jill, If you haven’t been to Downieville for awhile, make that trip as we have lots of dining choices and they are all outstanding. Sorry about the commercials on this post, but did want to notice and applaud these business owners for bringing joy back to Downieville. Last year was pretty dismal except that Feather was open in the summer and Coyoteville who stayed open whether business was bad or good all year… thank you Audie…. but things are really hopping now.

Wednesday Update 10/10/12

10/10/12 We got our Sierra County Ballots in the mail today, oh joy, oh joy. We get to vote and then we don’t have to listen to anymore of those horrible political ads bashing each other, skating on thin ice with the truth about propositions. This has to have been the worst election season ever, so much money and no real clout when it comes to truth in advertising, anyone can say anything and sadly to many of us are to easily led down a path of deception, so stay on your toes, when someone is spending huge amounts of money to convince us to vote on something, most likely they have some monetary interest in the outcome. Follow the money. I think the mystery shoes will be more difficult to identify this week. We will see. This weeks cover photo is by David Marshall.

BREAKING NEWS!  Jim Reed, Candidate for Congress will be attending the forum on Saturday! Community Forum Jim Reed is a small businessman, rancher and attorney living in Shasta County. Jim believes in bipartisan common sense solutions to protect Social Security and Medicare, make investments in infrastructure and education, and create strong middle class jobs.  Here’s your chance to ask questions and inform your vote.

Keep those cards and letters coming, I so enjoy reading them. If you don’t have email, use snail mail to Sierra County Prospect, POB 53, Downieville, CA 95936 .

Lazy October Sunday

10/7/12 Today is a lazy Sunday morning waiting for the rain tomorrow. Here in Sierra County we don’t get the Sunday morning newspaper on our porch so I posted La Quita Barnes Lane’s guest editorial early so we could have the time to read this interesting and informative essay of 2500 words. You can do it, it is worthwhile. Click here to read or on the link above. LaQuita’s editorial.

And Happy Birthday Ann Fisher.

One More Update, well two really 10/4/12

10/4/12 Well the Fringe sent in his rant and it is about his favorite subject, not mine, but in the spirit of free speech and press I’m posting it. He hates it when I step into an adversarial role in the post section, but hey, he did it when he did all the work, I’m doing all the work now, so I get to comment.  Read it so he won’t get angry with me.

Jim Reed Congressional Candidate for District 1, sent a release regarding how he will represent us when he is elected, it is well worth reading and gives a sense of how government could work with a good attitude and cooperation.

Mystery Winner

10/4/12  Karen Galan of Downieville won the Mystery Picture by identifying Humayoon Lodhi’s shoes in the Two Rivers Cafe in Downieville. Karen won a $10 gift certificate to La Cocina De Oro in Downieville.

October and 34 days to Election 10/3/12

10/3/12  I bet you wonder why my posts are so brief and uninteresting. It is because I have been working on other articles and pictures getting ready to put up SCP.  It isn’t easy, even on the articles written by others it is a lot of work getting it up etc. I can’t even explain why it is a lot of work but trust me it is. My back hurts from sitting in front of this computer. My dog doesn’t get as long walks as usual, the cats get short shrift at meal time, no special petting. Anyhow, enough about me, how are you doing? Hope you enjoy the Prospect and if you’d like to contribute, please do. And keep the cards and letters coming. That way I know you are reading. The beautiful picture above is by Mary Davey of Sierra City.