Spring Garden & Art Show in Loyalton May 18

Alpine Valley Art Connection

is Hosting A

Spring Garden Art Show and Sale

2013 Spring Garden and Art Show

Saturday, May 18, 2013

9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

213 Main Street, Loyalton, CA 

(Yellow House on Hwy 49)

If you would like to have a booth, there is a $20 deposit,

garden items in your display and 10% of sales.


For more information call, Lola Owen 530 993-6008

or Kathleen Goicoechea 530 994-4059

sponsored by  Sierra County Arts Council

Indian Valley Outpost Opening May 24

Indian Valley Outpost

Opening May 24th for Sure


New for the 2013 Season:

Ownership:  Ken & Melissa Kinneer

New Chefs:  Ken Kinneer & Corey Gregory

Restaurant Hours. Friday, Saturday Sunday 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM

Menus:  Breakfast – Lunch – Dinner w/ Daily Specials

Sunday Night Special :

All you can eat spaghetti,  Ken’s famous sauce, garlic bread and a green salad

Family Friendly Dining – Restaurant – Store – Bar (License pending)

Hywy 49, between Camptonville and Downieville

Wednesday April 24, 2013

Today’s issue is probably one of the ones you don’t want to miss… Why? Because you can find out about seeing Grease, yes that’s right, Grease of Broadway and movie fame, right here in the great Sierra Valley, Loyalton to be specific…. anyhow I can’t wait.

But more than that this week’s photo of Spring springing at the Native Daughter’s Hall in Downieville is by Mary Davey and so lovely.   Our usual columnists are here, Carol’s Movie , Carol’s Book, Carrie’s Corner,    CooterGabby , Jerusha and the new The Cats. We only have one guest columnist this week and he talks about why the teachings of MLK would be good for today in Love & Brotherhood .

The Fringe Argue the Fringe, has a point I agree with this week, but not in the same way he does. I think you should say whatever you want to in anyway you want to on Facebook or anywhere else for that matter. It is up to the receiver to accept, discount or answer. However, the constant prattle everywhere about everything is disconcerting. A television show will ask you to comment or twitter in real time. People make comments on websites about articles or anything that pops into their mind. Information real or imagined gets into the minds of millions within minutes of any happening. Is this really a good thing? Do we ever stop and think about things? I have a habit of arguing for what I believe at the moment while listening to another’s views but I have always attempted to hear what was being said and consider the points or lack of them and I have even changed my mind after consideration. Many comments online at the end of news stories are hateful and malicious and serve no purpose other than ….. other than what, I wonder… free speech, yes, open dialogue wonderful, but gadzooks I don’t know if in the history of communication there has ever been so much misinformation and that is what concerns me.  At any rate feel free to comment, keep those cards and letters coming cause that tells me you are reading the Prospect. Thanks. Liz & Lar

The CATS 5/8/13


What? No, I'm not coming downstairs. Why are YOU in here? Where's Tom? I don't need to be one of "the cats"...I have my own life..

5/8/13 What? No, I’m not coming downstairs. Why are YOU in here? Where’s Tom? I don’t need to be one of “the cats”…I have my own life..


Pose? What do you mean pose? If you think I'm moving around just to accommodate you , just think again...

5/1/13 Pose? What do you mean pose? If you think I’m moving around just to accommodate you, you can just think again…


What do you mean our own column? Do I have to do something?

4/24/13 What do you mean our own column? Do I have to do something?

Birds, Boats & BBQ on May 18th

Plumas Audubon Society and Feather River Land Trust are co-sponsoring  Birds, Boats and Barbecue, our annual spring event Saturday, May 18th at the Land Trust’s Maddalena Ranch Corral and bird viewing platform in Sierra Valley. The event is free and open to the public. We will have guided bird and flower tours starting at 8:00 AM and barbecue at 12:30 ($10 donation requested). Poster and Description of event are attached.

For more information please contact Karen Klenen at FRLT.
Harry Reeves
Plumas Audubon

Weekly Warrior by Antonio Nevarez 4/24/13

Weekly Warrior

By Antonio Nevarez

Welcome back readers! This is our first time back since we had spring break and we are very excited to be back. During spring break three of our older girls went to River Valley High School in Yuba City to the CSF North Regional Conference honoring the Seymour Award finalists. These awards are for the top ten overall CSF students in Northern California. We are very proud to say that Marie Ellsworth, a senior here at Downieville, was one of the  ten finalists honored at the conference!  Fiona Baiker and Hannah Dunnam attended the conference in support of Marie and they went to some very interesting workshops and volunteered for the host school by helping to make baked goods for their end of conference door prize drawing.  That same weekend, April 5-7 a few dedicated 11/12th graders baked up a storm and supplied the Arts Council-sponsored Banff Festival with a variety of goodies; thank you to all who supported this successful dual class fundraiser.

            Everyone at DHS celebrated our tennis team after their first competition on April16th against Quincy. Marie Ellsworth and Savannah Burr won their doubles match and Hannah Dunnam and Fiona Baiker won their doubles and singles matches. Ali Rambo also won 4 games within her matches. Downieville was the overall winner of the day! On the 19th and 20th of April the first tennis tournament was held in Quincy. Downieville took first again with Hannah Dunnam getting 2nd in Singles; Fiona Baiker and Hannah Dunnam getting 3rd in Doubles; and Fiona Baiker earning 3rd in Singles.   In addition, Alexis Whitaker and Savannah Burr won one of their doubles matches and Marie Ellsworth won one of her singles matches.  Not all the schools at the tournament were from our League.  Everyone appeared to have had a fun day of playing out in the sun!

In the shop Mr. Fillo is making bows with his class and they are almost finished making them. Leslie Baker, on the other hand, is making his a sluice box inthis class as part of his Senior Project.

            In Ms. Schofield’s K-3 class her students are practicing their parts for the upcoming school musical “The Lady Pirates of Captain Bree” to be staged in the Yuba Theatre on May 17/18th. This class is also working on their individual country reports. They are doing their own research and writing for their reports.

            Mrs. Salva’s 4-6 class is working on reviewing for the STAR test. They are doing their best to be ready for the STAR test this year. If you would like to donate STAR test snacks for the hard working students please call (530)-289-3473.

            Prom was held April 13th from 9pm to 12am and it was a successful event with students from other schools attending. Prom royalty included King and Queen: Brandon McDermid and Marie Ellsworth; Prince and Princess: JJ Rollins and Fiona Baiker; Duke and Duchess: Tommy Dines and Sean Epps.

            Finally, this is a reminder that the 6th Annual Cancer Awareness Walk is coming up on May 11th , meeting at the Downieville school gym. The walk starts at 9:00 a.m., but the walk registration starts at 8:30. This year we would like to invite local, Sierra County cancer survivors to be our guests. If you attend this walk besure to bring water! Pre-registration forms are available at DHS and WSMC; cost is $10 and includes a luncheon, raffle ticket, and a short program featuring former DHS student Caity Daigle who is a certified natural foods chef.

            That’s all for this edition of the Weekly Warrior! Be sure to tune in for the next edition!

Wednesday April 17, 2013

Today is one of those days when you worry about many things. Why do we care more about owning guns than stopping violence and helping our troubled members of society? What has made some of our fellow humans decide to make bombs to kill and maim others? What would possess someone to mail poison to our government representatives. Why are we still acting the way villains did during Shakespearean days.  We must be smarter, wiser, kinder, how can it be that we as humans have not evolved to our potential.

But meanwhile the new issue is here, the picture is beautiful of the Sierra Valley in Sierra County by Don Yegge. We have the Board of Supes and our usual columnists. Jerusha is on vacation. You will see that Java has posted her last picture and next week there will be a new column from The Cats.

Board of Supervisors April 16 Meeting


Board meeting in Loyalton brings packed audience over Sierra Brooks Water System

Board meeting in Loyalton brings packed audience over Sierra Brooks Water System

Bd of Supes 4/16/13

Janice Maddox, Director of Health and Human Services brought the Sierra County Summer Youth Program to the Board’s attention. Proposed policies and procedures were discussed and the agreement between Tahoe Adventure Company and SC for the 2013 SC Wilderness Challenge Program will be brought back to May 7th meeting after further research is done on the Summer Recreation Program and possible liabilities to the County.

County Counsel Jim Curtis suggested the county revise plan to keep coverage. Curtis suggested that Maddox “is not as liberal as predessessor” and suggested the linkage between recreation and substance abuse funds needs to be clear rather than  the attitude “anything we do with kids keeps them busy and away from drugs”. Curtis concerns were  if the county were audited and uses disallowed the county would have to pay back.  Curtis suggested cutting summer recreation. County Auditor/Treasurer/Tax Collector Van Maddox said he was concerned about insurance and whether we had coverage for “abuse & molestation issues”.
Supervisor Jim Beard suggested including more education for participants to satisfy funding requirements. Supervisor Lee Adams said he appreciated Janice Maddox bringing this before the Board and said finding out what other counties are doing to comply with funding for the Summer Recreation program and that the County “needed to pass the laugh test” or else “we need to stop the program”.

A Resolution allowing the Tax Collector, Van Maddox, the power to sell tax-defaulted property was approved. An application and Agreement to commence process for acquisition of a tax sale property (APN 018-030-021-0) affecting the Sierraville-Dearwater Airport was approved.

A long involved discussion on the 2013-2014 County Budget ensued trying to close the gap which has narrowed to $25,000 +- depending on what day it is and what news the Tax Collector/Treasurer/Auditor Van Maddox gets from the state.

Bid results for the Old Fiberboard Road Bridge Replacement was postponed until the May 7th meeting in Downieville. The low bid was substantially higher than funds available.

The Board approved a request from Director of Planning Tim Beals to transfer funds within the department to enable completion of environmental documents for two pending projects.

Public Hearing on Sierra Brooks was a  no action strictly  comments on the Sierra Brooks Water System Improvements phase brought many citizens in support of the project and only one dissenter John Pang who worried that an access road for Plant maintenance would interfere with his privacy. He was reassured by Director Beals in terms of limited use and an offer to work with the property owner to minimize infringement on his privacy. The cost of the project will be borne only by Sierra Brooks property owners that benefit from the project and will go to a vote before them. This is a “not for profit” venture and a necessary project according to all involved. Keith Nibbs from Sauers Engineering updated the process and answered questions. Sierra Brooks Water

An agreement with SCFPD#1 to prepare amendments to the County Fire Safe Plan was approved.

The Board did not agree with the Operating Engineers Local 3 request  to recognize a new bargaining unit consisting of employees in Health and Human Services Department.

A letter in support of Assembly Bill 350 Forest Fire Prevention Act presented by Supervisor Adams was approved.

A request brought by Supervisor Roen to formally recognize the Resource Conservation Districts within the Feahter River Watershed as the local planning agency responsible for resource and water planning, coordination and project implementation was approved.

A letter of support and Resolution in support of Assembly Bill 900 which exempts skilled nursing facilities  was approved.

Patrick Blide was reappointed to the Calpine Waterworks District No. 1 by Chair Scott Schlefstein.

Wednesday April 10, 2013

4/10/13  First of all when talking about the recent proposed budget by President Obama it might help to know what you are talking about, here it is 2014 Budget Proposal

2nd of all, when planning to tour this spring and summer this is a great place to plan a drive through the Sierra Nevada’s Sierra Nevada Geotourism and to find information specifically for Sierra County go here Sierra County Chamber.

Thank you Mary Davey for the lovely yellow spring flowers photo. They probably have a name, but being horticulturally challenged, I don’t know it. Check out all the news that is fit to print and enjoy the rest of the week. Be sure to come and meet our new “Frank”, she is FNP Sarah Cantrell and will be at the  WSMC BBQ . We have some great guest columns Cold War Think and Tax Day Freedom and of course the Fringe never fails to demonstrate our hypocrisies Disgusting Fringe .

Then there is Carol’s Movie , Carol’s Book , Carrie’s CornerCooter , Gabby , Java , and the latest on Editor Russell and poor Jerusha forever searching.

Well, there is also a myriad of information about coming events.. so be sure to read every precious drop of information from this community forum.

Tuesday April 9, 2013

Just a quick reminder that Downieville Improvement Group (DIG) will be meeting tomorrow, Wednesday, April 10 at 5 pm at Two Rivers Cafe  discussion includes final prep for Gold Rush Days. Any other items, please jot them down and we’ll talk about them.

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