Jerusha 1/1/14

Volume VI # 285

Dear Jerusha:Jerushaboys

I hope you print my letter because I want to be the first letter of 2014 you read. So what are your plans for New Years Eve? Did you ever find anyone to date? Do you think this will be the year you will finally get married? I believe all of your readers want to know this information. If you would let us know it would make our new year much happier. So Happy New Year and good luck.

Sincerely, Randolph Regay, Pike

Dear Randolph:

I printed your letter just to be nice. I really feel as though your questions were very invasive. I don’t understand why you think any of the questions are any of your business. It may benefit you to take a class in courteous behavior. What I am doing on New Years Eve is confidential as whenever I mention where I might be many of my fans show up and usually they have girlfriends or are already married and it just makes for an uncomfortable scene. So, the St. Charles is a good place to have fun on New Years Eve, not that I am saying I will be there but if you are single it might be an idea for you. Happy New Year.

Sincerely, Jerusha

Happy Birthday Betty Vilas 1/1/14

Happy 90th Birthday to our 

Wonderful Mother, Grandmother and Great-grandmother


We love you to the moon and back!!

Tom & Judi, Jana, Brian, Devyn & Dominic, Michelle, John & Ryan, Paul, Susie, Jen and Kareem, Cindy, Dennis, Tony & Randi

Hey Supes – Listen Up 1/1/14

What the Board should Know about Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

Laurenc DeVita

The Sierra County Board of Supervisors has a committee writing a medical marijuana ordinance.  The ordinance the committee chose, the “Tehama” model, was chosen because the good people of Tehama county sued their county over the strictness of the ordinance, and lost, meaning Sierra County would win a lawsuit and good people be damned.

One of the more draconian (that is, pointlessly cruel) suggestions the Board will consider is a ban on medical cannabis dispensaries.  The Sierra County quoted one of the participants of a committee meeting as saying “why make Sierra County the place for such a business”; a very good question indeed!

We should make Sierra County a place with such a business because:

1. It will make it easier for people who can’t grow their own medical marijuana to purchase it locally (if you have cancer and six months to live your crop will come in just in time for your funeral wreath).

2.  It will provide a local outlet for our Sierra County medical marijuana growers who now have to go to the Sacramento Valley to legally deliver surplus product to a dispensary.

3.  Sierra County is broke, going to stay broke, and Loyalton might even die.  A medical marijuana dispensary is a legal business which will bring tax revenue into the county and provide a few jobs.

4.  It will discourage unregulated sales of medical cannabis.

5.  It will give the county control over a growing commercial market.

All those reasons will no doubt get thoughtful Republican’s on board, but what about others?  Some people don’t believe it is legal to sell medical marijuana to a dispensary; I’ve heard D.A. Larry Allen say there is no legal way for medical cannabis to find its way to dispensaries.  And yet, there are more legal dispensaries in California than anybody has been able to count; cities and counties are making money off medical cannabis dispensaries. How does this happen?  Indeed, without a way to get medical cannabis to patients, what is the point of AB420 and medical cannabis?

Turns out it is very legal, the process is described in California law, the Board of Equalization describes how to tax it.  Many counties and cities permit or license dispensaries; others allow them unrestricted behavior as long as sales taxes are paid.  Not providing a legitimate and regulated opportunity for dispensaries would be a ministerial failure of county residents.

Further, in August the Obama Administration announced they would no longer fight a losing war with medical dispensaries in California.  The California Attorney General even published guidelines, not of what the law permits, but what the AG would like to see.

The Board should take a studied, impartial, informed look at the issue, and act like a governing body in the 21st Century.

P/T Clerical Position 1/1/14



The Sierra County Fire Protection District #1, is in need of a Clerical Services Contractor to assist the District with on-going clerical and accounting duties outlined in the “Independent Contractor Agreement” and Exhibit A, “Clerical Service Contract Scope of Duties”. Both documents are available by contacting one of the e-mail addresses listed below.

The Contractor must be available to attend the Board of Directors meetings on the second Tuesday of each month with locations alternating between the Sierraville and Calpine fire stations. There are typically 2 additional special meetings each year.

Those interested in applying for the Clerical Service Contract Position should present a short resume outlining experience in providing similar services, anticipated rates for services rendered (e.g cost/month) and one or two contacts for references. The package must be submitted electronically to District Chief, Jeff McCollum at or Rick Maddalena at by close of business, January 3, 2014.

Carrie’s Corner 1/1/14

Carrie’s Corner
By: Carrie A. Blakley
The new year is upon us, and many people make a list of resolutions that they are bound and determined to stick to throughout the new year. Losing weight, eating healthier foods, taking better care of themselves, exercising more and stopping bad habits are some of the top resolutions people make. All of these resolutions are wonderful, and are all very good habits to get into (or, get out of, as the case may be). We all make resolutions, or have made resolutions. I know it’s a fantastic mind set. I’m going to also tell you right now, that there is one way to get yourself to reach the goals you wish to reach. Stop making resolutions!
Reaching goals is not an instant process. You’re not going to lose the weight you want to lose by writing it down on a piece of paper and staring at it every morning, only to end up eating unhealthy foods all day long. You’re not going to start eating healthier if you go into your kitchen and have cabinets filled with junk food, salty snacks and pre-made meals. You’re not going to take better care of yourself unless you can first figure out what it is that you need to take better care of. Exercising requires physical movement, and I’m sorry, but moving from one spot of the sofa to another, taking out the trash and vacuuming a carpet is not considered exercise (at least not enough to lose weight). The point is, if you really want to do these things to improve yourself, and/or your way of life, the first step is to get up and actually do something about it.
Say you want to get more organized. Great goal! The first step is to look around you and figure out WHY you need to get more organized. What is it, specifically, that has to get organized? You work, home, car, life, file cabinet…what, exactly is it? The same thought process can be applied to all other goals that you wish to reach. You want to eat healthier. What are you eating now that you feel is unhealthy? Why do you eat this way? Time, money, scheduling difficulties….why? Reaching goals is a step by step process, and the first step to this process begins inside of your mind. Figure out what it is that you need to do in order to obtain those goals, and always keep in mind that reaching those goals will not happen over night (even if you give up bad habits). Best of luck to all who are resolved in bettering their lives this year, and many happy new year wishes to everyone! Be safe. Be responsible and remember, intake alcohol responsibly. You don’t want to give anyone a good reason to come pick your face off of the sidewalk on new year’s day. That would be one way to NOT start reaching goals.

Gabby Fringette 1/1/14

Happy Birthday,

By Gabby Fringette

It’s the New Year! What does this mean? A hangover that could kill a horse and some embarrassing photos on facebook? Maybe for you, but for me, it’s the prospect’s birthday!

In 2009, five years ago on the 1st, The Wizened One posted the prospect.  He changed from O ‘Deef’ One to The Fringe Meditor (managing editor).

But the Meditor is not what’s important here: the prospect is five years old.

The prospect gained readership with surprising velocity.  That time the next year, it had three thousand readers.  Admittedly, The Fringe opened it dozens of times a day, but it looked good on paper (or pixels, as the case may be).   The budding paper started out with two issues a week: one on Sunday, and one on Wednesday.

Advertising was a little shaky; The Fringe didn’t collect for his ads, because even back then he believed the American currency was imaginary.

If you let him explain, it sounds logical.

Cooter, now the main draw for the prospect, didn’t start out for a few months.

Instead The Fringe put up horribly dry political cartoons, that made ‘fun’ of congress, and google.  Then he came to his senses when he read a few of those ‘comics’ himself.

I started writing 250 word Gabbys April 2011; I started writing for Sundays.

But because the Internet at out house was so weak, and The Fringe was running out of people to tick off, we cut Sundays and only put the prospect up on Wednesdays.

Then, in 2012, something terrible happened.  We temporarily left Sierra County.  We handed the paper off to the Dissenting Editor, Liz Fisher.  She was the only one who wanted to even be associated with it.

We taught her how to run it, and put it up which she ignored, and she immediately changed the format and the site location from a .com to a .org, and it brought us closer together. Even though, to a horrified bystander, it looked the opposite.

The has over 900 Fringes, Gabbys, Cooters and editorials.  The prospect has ripped apart and examined countless board meetings, we’ve reported on all the Yuba pass chili cookoffs. The time I reported the chili cookoff, I’m not sure if it was the clipboard, or that I was asking their names, but people thought I was a cookoff judge.

There were many Fringes that could be described as ‘brilliant’.  Whether because they are hilarious, or because the truth they speak educates the reader.

Happy Birthday, Sierracountyprospect! Stay warm, every one, and have a happy New Year!

Carol’s Books 1/1/14

Carol Says:
The Gods of Guilt
Michael Connelly
This is a series about attorney Michael Haller, who you might remember in the book “The Lincoln Lawyer”.   This book is a page turner….Michael receives a text that there has been a murder, and it goes from there.  The victim is a former client of his, and the accused was told by the victim if he ever needed an attorney then he should contact Michael.  Michael becomes the attorney for the accused and believes he is truly innocent.
In order to defend his client, he needs input from a prison inmate who is totally guilty of the charges for which he is serving time.  This inmate also becomes Michael’s client.  The two cases become entwined in order to solve the current murder case and figure out who the real murderer is.
There are a few surprises in this book and it was an enjoyable read.
Amazon Says:

he Gods of Guilt (Lincoln Lawyer) Hardcover

by Michael Connelly  (Author)
Defense attorney Mickey Haller returns with a haunting case in the gripping new thriller from #1 New York Times bestselling author Michael Connelly.Mickey Haller gets the text, “Call me ASAP – 187,” and the California penal code for murder immediately gets his attention. Murder cases have the highest stakes and the biggest paydays, and they always mean Haller has to be at the top of his game.When Mickey learns that the victim was his own former client, a prostitute he thought he had rescued and put on the straight and narrow path, he knows he is on the hook for this one. He soon finds out that she was back in LA and back in the life. Far from saving her, Mickey may have been the one who put her in danger.

Haunted by the ghosts of his past, Mickey must work tirelessly and bring all his skill to bear on a case that could mean his ultimate redemption or proof of his ultimate guilt.The Gods of Guilt shows once again why “Michael Connelly excels, easily surpassing John Grisham in the building of courtroom suspense” (Los Angeles Times).

Carol Ponders 1/1/14

“Calendar Day” – Does anyone else do this?
One of the fun days for me at the beginning of the year is “Calendar Day”.  Every year my step-daughter gives me a new calendar, and each month has different pictures of the grandkids on it.  Every year I worry that “this is the year she won’t give one to us”.  Why would she stop?  I don’t think she will, it is only ‘cuz I love receiving that calendar each year that it makes me worry that this will be the year……….
So “Calendar Day” is the day I write all of the important dates coming up – birthdays, yearly check-ups, and calling the various offices to make those appointments.  Then marking the dates for road trips (since we are retired and every day is a vacation, we now call them road trips rather than vacations).  Even if we go on a trip that involves a plane, we still call it a road trip since no one calls them “plane trips”.  But I might start calling them that.
It’s like a ritual – I sit in my favorite place to work on my calendar, have my ruler and pens (one blue ink, the other red for birthdays) and start working.  Oh!  The coffee and music is essential!)  It is all very, very nice.  This is all good stuff.
I got to wondering – does anyone else have “Calendar Day”?

Carol’s Movies 1/1/14

Carol Says:
Before Midnight
OK, this is not going to be a review that is good for this movie.  It is just talk, talk, talk, talk.  We rented it from Netflix (thank goodness we didn’t go to the theatre to see this).  We started watching it and there was talk, talk, talk.  Nothing really happening.  So we decided to fast forward it – and we would stop and there would be more talking.  Somewhere in the fast forwarding they got into an argument and then we fast forwarded some more.
One could say we didn’t give this a fair shot as we didn’t sit and suffer through all of the talking, and I have no idea what the story line was.  Because, as you know, we……….fast forwarded the whole movie.
So maybe don’t go by this review because I could not sit through it.  Someone out there somewhere must have liked this movie.  Or book to make it a movie.  I just don’t know.
We then sat through a Hallmark Christmas movie and loved it, even tho it was not practical.  Who has a liver transplant and out 2 days later having a great time? But, that is Hallmark for you, and we love how simple they are and their positive spirit.
(Editor says : You nailed it Carol…)
Netflix Says:
Before Midnight2013R108 minutesThis second sequel to the romantic drama Before Sunrise checks in with multinational lovers Jesse and Celine nine years after they reunited. Living in Greece, the couple struggles with emotions relating to parenthood, middle age and faded romance.

County Job in Sierraville 1/1/14

StatusOpen Extra Help, No Benefits Salary$10.967 per hour

Published Dec 04, 2013 Closing Open Until Filled

Sierra County Department of Public Works is seeking a custodian to perform janitorial work at the Sierraville School  a minimum of 4 hours per week.  Additional hours are possible on an as needed and as directed basis.


High School education or equivalent along with experience in janitorial and building maintenance work and special skills sufficient to perform level of work necessary.

More info

AIS is Working 1/1/14

Watercraft Inspection Program Continues to Ward Off Invasive Species
Lake Tahoe, CA/NV, December 30, 2013 – According to watercraft inspection data and scientific reports, Lake Tahoe’s waters remain free of new invasive species introductions, which are major threats to the overall health of Lake Tahoe and surrounding water bodies. During the 2013 boating season Tahoe Resource Conservation District (Tahoe RCD) watercraft inspectors performed more than 7,000 new inspections.  In total, more than 14,000 vessels launched at Lake Tahoe, including both newly inspected vessels and those with intact Tahoe-issued inspection seals.
 “We’re very happy with the watercraft inspectors’ diligence and accuracy,” said Patrick Stone, TRPA’s Senior Wildlife and Fisheries Biologist. “Monitoring conducted in Lake Tahoe, Fallen Leaf Lake, and Echo Lake confirmed that quagga and zebra mussels have not established in our lakes. These results are a credit to the inspection program and boaters efforts to arrive clean, drained and dry.”
Local agencies are critically concerned as more Western waterbodies have shown evidence of invasive mussels and other aquatic invaders. This summer, Nevada Department of Wildlife confirmed establishment of New Zealand mudsnails in sections of the Truckee River from Mayberry Park in Reno to the Sparks area. As watercraft continue to arrive from high-risk waters, the importance of Lake Tahoe’s Watercraft Inspection Program remains critical. In fact, 36 of the inspected watercraft were harboring aquatic invasive critters including plants, mussels and snails. With our efficient roadside inspection stations, Tahoe RCD decontaminated 4,221watercraft with hot water preventing invasive species from entering Tahoe’s waters.
“I’d like to thank the more than 3,000 boaters who arrived at the Tahoe inspection stations with their watercraft clean, drained and dry. They got on the water faster because decontaminations mean more time and more cost for both the boaters and the inspection program.” Nicole Cartwright, Watercraft Inspection Program Administrator.
Tahoe RCD watercraft inspectors also staffed Boca, Prosser and Stampede Reservoirs and partnered with the Truckee Donner Recreation and Park District to provide watercraft inspectors at Donner Lake. Truckee inspectors screened more than 3,500 vessels for aquatic invasive species. Tahoe RCD continues to support jurisdictions in the Truckee region as they work toward development of their 2014 aquatic invasive species prevention programs.
Prevention efforts for over 7000 paddlers occurred at U.S. Forest Service kiosks, boat ramps and Fallen Leaf Lake. They were assessed for their risk of transporting aquatic invasive species from previously visited waterbodies. Paddlers were also educated about self-inspecting and decontaminating canoes, kayaks and paddleboards and encouraged to become a Tahoe Keeper (
Current information on the boat inspection program, including hours of operation for boat launches and snow closures, is available at or by calling 888-824-6267.

About the Lake Tahoe Watercraft Inspection Program

The Watercraft Inspection Program is part of the Lake Tahoe Aquatic Invasive Species Coordination Committee which is implemented by 40 public and private partner organizations including federal, state and local jurisdictions, research partners, public utility districts, and private marinas, with major funding from the US Fish & Wildlife Service. The state, federal and local agencies comprising the Lake Tahoe Aquatic Invasive Species Coordinating Committee have provided leadership, direction and resources to fulfill this program’s mission of prevention, detection and control of aquatic invasive species in the Lake Tahoe Region.

The Tahoe Resource Conservation District’s (Tahoe RCD) mission is to promote the conservation and improvement of the Lake Tahoe Basin’s soil, water and related natural resources by providing leadership, information, programs, and technical assistance to all land managers, owners, organizations, and residents.  The Tahoe RCD is a non-regulatory, grant funded, public agency that works with a variety of partner agencies to implement projects, programs and outreach which currently focus on erosion control, runoff infiltration, terrestrial and aquatic invasive species control, and conservation landscaping.
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