Sierra Frontier Medical Resources, Inc 11/26/14

NEWSFLASH -The Mountain Messenger had a front page article about the donation to SFMR and mistakenly said the SFMR filed the complaint with the California Attorney General over Western Sierra Medical Clinic’s breach of merger agreement. Downieville Clinic -Patient Advocacy Committee (DC-PAC) filed the complaint. DC-PAC is a community organized group that filed the complaint. Sierra Frontier Medical Resources, Inc. is a separate entity developed at the request of DC-PAC, however it did not file the complaint.

The Sierra Frontier Medical Resources, Inc. is now an official non-profit entity and is accepting donations. The goal is to make sure western Sierra County is able to continue having Urgent and Emergency care by supporting the Downieville EMS, system and preparing for the lessened service from WSMC.

Evidently WSMC has cancelled the contract with Enloe Hospital allowing the Clinic to be a base station to stabilize patients prior to the low haul down the hill in an ambulance or on the helicopter. There have been many instances over the years where this has resulted in saving lives and without the ambulance being able to stop at the Clinic or talk to the medical provider for direction. The cancellation does not affect Enloe Helicopter service just the interaction with the Clinic. Such a valuable too and resource… one cannot fathom what the WSMC Board and Administration are thinking to decimate a system that has been constructed and so effective for so many years. The Downieville Clinic – Patient Advocacy Committee (DC-PAC) will be having it’s next meeting at 4 pm on December 8th at the Downieville Community Hall.

Donations can be sent to Sierra Frontier Medical Resources, Inc. (SFMR,Inc) at P.O. Box 393, Downieville, CA 95936