Wednesday December 31, 2014

Last day of 2014. Time to move on to 2015 and begin another year.

Just a few thoughts about the problems western Sierra County will have to deal with because of the Western Sierra Medical Center decisions to decrease service in western Sierra County. Two incidents were recently told to me firsthand by the patients involved.

The first was chest pain at home intense enough for the patient to call 9-1-1 and request an ambulance. Downieville VFD and EMTs responded on the ambulance and thanks to it not being January 2015 were able to take the patient to the WSMC site in Downieville where FNP Grutkowski was able to determine by EKG and other tests that the patient was not experiencing a heart problem and did not have to take an hour plus ride down the a winding two lane road to a hospital, or go by medical helicopter (if the weather is good) for further treatment, but could go home relax and go to follow up appointments for further tests in an orderly fashion. After January 1st, this can’t happen, if you call 9-1-1 you will have to be transported out of the county to a hospital emergency room or sign a release refusing to go on the ambulance. If you are taken to the Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital (where Katherine A. Medeiros, Hospital President & CEO is also on the Board of Directors for Western Sierra Medical Center) you only have to hope you have a family member or friend who has foliowed the ambulance down to take you home or else you are stuck, feeling lousy far from home…

According to the Mountain Messenger story on the front page last week (written by WSMC Board member Don Russell) this will be better because it gets you to the proper emergency treatment faster. The Mt. Mess story ignored the costs of ambulance, helicopter and all the other issues that involve going to an out of county hospital emergency room. He also sought to impugn the past 40 years of emergency care by suggesting that emergency care was provided based upon the ability to increase revenue for the Clinic at the expense of delayed more appropriate medical emergency care. This is totally untrue. He has no basis in fact to support his comment.

That is just a quick glimpse of the problems arising from the decision of the Board of Directors to diminish service in western Sierra County while increasing facilities and services to an area in Nevada County that already has a plethora of medical resources. A growing dynasty for WSMC CEO Scott McFarland and SNMH President and CEO Katherine Medeiros it appears.

The second incident was told to me first hand by a patient who mentioned how rude and dismissive the new medical director was during a visit to the Downieville WSMC. The patient was there for back and knee pain, this person is a hard working woman in Downieville that brings a lot to Downieville both personally and professionally. Rather than discussing the issue at hand the medical provider, Glenn Thiel, DO focused on the patients weight and saying the problem was the same he has seen in everyone up here … “perhaps you should be doing something about this,” while miming  shoveling food into his mouth. Very professional. The hurt feelings and total disrespect evidenced in his demeanor is not worthy of any medical professional. Thiel has also ridiculed clinic staff, the town and residents suggesting he doesn’t understand how anyone would want to live here…. ok, lucky for us he doesn’t. Last we knew, put downs, sexism, ageism and ridicule were not effective evidence based medical intervention strategies. It says more about the insecurity of the individual using those techniques.

Just a piece of information for those who are interested. FNP Frank Lang is working Fridays at Sierra Family Clinic on Tyler Foote Rd on the San Juan Ridge, since there are no clinic provider services here. I have been there and registered as a patient and been seen by FNP Lang and met Dr. Peter Van Houten, M.D.. I don’t want to undermine the services of the WSMC Downieville site as FNP Lora Lee Grutkowski is an excellent medical provider very thorough and knowledgeable and we need to support the site. However, based on issues that continue to surface it might be a good idea to have some options available. FNP Lang is now part of the DVFD ambulance response team as an MICN. Enloe Hospital is still working with DVFD Ambulance in spite of WSMC canceling the contract which allowed the ambulance to go to the Clinic. We are grateful to everyone who is covering the large gaps left in our medical security left by the actions of the Administration and BOD of WSMC.

Remember if you are experiencing chest pain you should always call 9-1-1. The EMTs cannot diagnose but you will get to where you need to be safely and it is never a good idea to get in a car with chest pain or possible stroke symptoms.  Meanwhile Monday through Thursday during the day call Western Sierra Medical Clinic 530 289-3298 to talk to a medical provider.

Sierra Family Medical Clinic is 530 292-3478 Monday to Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m and Saturday 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. located at 15301 Tyler Foote Rd, San Juan Ridge.      Sierra County Regional Medical Resources 2015

This week we have a guest column from Robert Dodge and another from Tom Hastings with a radical idea which of course DeVita totally disagrees with, while I may have thought,  “hmmm… what a good idea..”  the only Constitutional Amendment I know of to be repealed was the 18th amendment which was Prohibition. Of course being a fan of Carrie Nation, that was a good amendment for me…. meanwhile I don’t want the free speech taken away anymore than the gun people would give up their rights..

So Carol went to the movies, Carrie cleaned her closets, The Cats and the Others welcomed winter. Gabby made Resolutions and of course the local news such as it is between Thanksgiving and New Years not much happens in Sierra County. Except the coffee club can now meet at the Downieville Grocery Store… so Peace and Joy to all for 2015. Let’s have a good year, we can make it happen.

The cover photo this week says time to stock and store for winter weather taken by Mary Davey,

U.S. Women’s Bureau News 12/31/14

Friends of the Women’s Bureau,

Latifa Lyles

Latifa Lyles

I hope this message finds everyone enjoying the holidays with their friends and family. Along with some well-deserved rest and time with loved ones, the end of the year affords us the chance to reflect on some of the highlights of 2014, as well as take a look ahead to next year.
In 2014 we put forth a number of efforts to improve workplace practices and supports, promote greater access and preparation for better jobs, and to promote fair compensation and equal pay for working women. While I am proud of the progress we have made, there is still a great deal of work to be done. Thank you for joining us in helping to level the playing field and ensure opportunities for women in the workplace.
Perhaps our biggest accomplishment of the year was leading the Department of Labor’s efforts with the White House Council on Women and Girls and the Center for American Progress. We collaborated with these partners to host a series of regional forums across the country that led up to the White House Summit on Working Families in late June. The summit and regional forums were great momentum builders for promoting policies that improve the lives of America’s working women and families. We look forward to building on this momentum next year.
As we know workplaces and families look a lot different today than they did in the past. An increasing number of households with children feature both parents working outside the home. Unfortunately, many of today’s workplace policies have not adjusted to these new realities. In 2014 the Women’s Bureau took action to help working families strike a balance in the time spent between their loved ones and their careers. This message has resonated, with my In Support of Paid Leave piece ranking as the Department of Labor’s second most read blog post of the year.
Further strengthening this initiative to help working families was the awarding of Paid Leave Analysis Grants. We awarded $500,000 to three states along with the District of Columbia to explore the feasibility of developing or implementing paid family leave programs at the state level. As Secretary Perez said at the time, “We need to do more to give people the tools to be responsible employees and good caregivers, so they don’t have to choose between the families they love and the jobs and economic security they need.” I echo these sentiments, and look forward to what information we might glean from these studies.
Also over the summer, we enhanced our website the addition of a central, comprehensive repository on U.S Department of Labor resources. This tool is a one-stop shop that covers women who are either seeking work, have questions about their current job, or those looking to change careers. Also embedded within the site are relevant data and statistics along with a detailed section of “Know Your Rights” information. We hope our new site helps bring awareness to the tools that women in the workforce have at their disposal.
Lastly we continued the fight for equal pay. Women are still making just 78 cents for every dollar a man does, but we are chipping away at this disparity. One of the best ways we can achieve this is to fight pay secrecy. Last month we released a new fact sheet detailing the protections that are available to women at both the state and federal level. We hope this information combined with new executive orders from the President will help the case against pay secrecy, and in turn help close the wage gap.
2014 was a successful year for the Women’s Bureau and I am proud of the progress we’ve made together. My hope is that the momentum we’ve gained will carry us into 2015 for yet another strong year. Our success in improving opportunities for women depends on collaboration and partnerships with people like you. Thank you for your continued support!

Happy New Year,
Latifa Lyles, Director

PSCF Foundation Success 12/31/14

What began with a small taco feed of concerned community members in the Floriculture Building of the Fairgrounds, has now become a full fledged non-profit corporation. The PSCF Foundation has been created to benefit the Plumas Sierra County Fairgrounds. Its mission is to support the Fairgrounds and the Fair, ensuring that the grounds and facilities will remain and prosper for future generations. Through fundraising, grants, and volunteer organization the PSCF Foundation will strive to provide the Fairgrounds with the resources needed to remain active, solvent, and viable in our community.

The idea of a foundation began in 2012 when State budget cuts began to threaten the basic health of the beloved fairgrounds. Although the staff and county have worked hard to keep the Fairgrounds operational, it has gone without many enhancements that could make it even more functional and enjoyable for the residents of Plumas and Sierra Counties. A core group of supporters began to meet irregularly and created all the necessary paperwork to become a California Public Benefit Corporation and apply to the IRS as a 501(c) (3) non profit. That approval was recently received from the IRS and now the Foundation is ready to move forward on numerous projects.

The Board of Directors identified 8 areas they are ready to work on. The first is a comprehensive volunteer program. The Foundation has been working on a database of volunteers that matches individuals with specific tasks needed to be accomplished at the Fairgrounds. The volunteer program will feature a regular newsletter, recognition and an annual appreciation function. If anyone is interested in becoming part of this program, they are urged to contact the Fair Office.

Other projects the Foundation has already supported include financial support for Fair U, the annual event held in February that gives the public free lessons in projects that can be entered in the Fair. Besides Fair U, the group sponsored the Sweetheart of the Mountains Competition last year, and will do so again. Awards for the Junior Livestock program was also handled through the Foundation last year.

The Foundation is working on two additional projects. The first is the Foundation will offer scholarships for entry fees in some areas that the Fair would like to see increase participation. Scholarships for entries will be announced that will allow entry in certain Divisions and Classes at the Fair for free. This will hopefully stimulate interest in some areas that haven’t gotten many entries in the past. Those scholarships will be announced in the 2015 Fair Exhibit Guide. The other project is Art at the Fairgrounds. The Foundation will be looking for proposals for public art that will be displayed at the Fairgrounds throughout the year. Fundraising will take place to help pay for those installations and it is hoped the program will help the Fairgrounds become a kind of permanent art exhibit. Ideas are being worked on with an announcement planned for the Spring.

The non-profit is working on a capital improvement project in the form of installing hand dryers in the bathrooms at the Fairgrounds. These hand dryers will save the Fairgrounds thousands of dollars in paper products and cleanup. The project requires 12 dryers at around $600 each.

Finally, the Foundation will work on increasing its membership. Several generous souls have already given sizeable donations as Founding Members. This one time $500 donation designates the giver as a Founding Member of the PSCF Foundation. Their name will be engraved in acrylic and displayed in the entry way of the Tulsa Scott Pavilion forever. These Founding Member gifts will be available through the end of the 2015 Fair. Besides being a Founding Member, there are several other annual memberships available, ranging from $40 as a Fair Backer to $1000 and above as a Fair Shareholder. These memberships feature passes to the fair and various gifts with the Foundation logo along with recognition in the Fair Program and on the Foundation Roster, also displayed in the entry to the Tulsa Scott Pavilion. Information cards with all the membership options are available at the Fair Office and on the Fair website, Just click on the PSCF Foundation tab at the top of the page. By becoming a member, you show your support of the Fair, and help accomplish many of these projects.

Donations made through the Foundation offer that tax benefit that makes giving a little easier. The involvement of a non-profit in these projects creates a much more flexible environment than the Fair as a government agency could.

Gabby Resolves Everything 12/31/14

Gabby’s Strong Resolves
By Gabby Fringette

gabby-in-social-space-150x150I can’t believe it’s already been another year.
Now I have to make more resolutions I’m not going to keep.
Each year I, and I am not alone in this, make a bunch of resolutions which I don’t keep.
This year I’m hoping to break that trend, with these ten resolutions. Think it’s possible?

1. I resolve to keep my resolutions for longer than three days.
2. I resolve to actually finish writing my book.
3. I resolve to consume more vegetables. Even though five seems like a lot, baby carrots aren’t that big.
4. I resolve to walk more, and sit on my growing abundance less.
5. I resolve to stop calling The Witless One names.
6. I resolve to use normal sized type when I write.
7. I resolve to spend more time with our unconditionally loving pets.
8. I resolve to clean my room. I mean, it would be nice to be able to walk into my room, and know exactly which pile contains my shoes.
9. I resolve to stop mocking vegans for walking like prey animals. It’s actually quite sad, they walk like that because their brains aren’t getting enough fat.
10. I resolve to inprove my spelling.

Have a Happy New year, and stay warm!

2015 Reviewed by DeVita 12/31/14

2015 The Year in Review
A Fringe Prognostication
by DeVita

fringe logoAfter years of making predictions about the New Year your Fringe Editor has learned that virtually no one ever thinks to go back and check the accuracy of those predictions. As no one has ever called me on my predictions, I like to claim 100% accuracy. With such a remarkable record, I feel a responsibility to provide a heads up for the coming year. Wonderful readers, I give you 2015; the Year in Review.

In California, 900 new laws woke up on the books, and the legislature realized that the nearly one thousand new laws brought the number of laws in California to a near infinite number, making it virtually impossible for the average person not to break laws every day. Realizing the entire body has been failing its mandate, the legislature immediately created, and Governor Marron swiftly signed, a new tax known as The Undiscovered Criminal Tax, which taxed every person in the state about $800.00, the amount they should have paid in fines.

In Chicago a White cop kills a Black cop and the city erupts in violence as anti-racism and pro-racism and anti-cop and pro-cop factions take to the street. Though no one is clear why they are demonstrating, everyone is certain that the moment requires some violence.

The Ivory Billed Woodpecker is declared extinct.
A Republican congress passes a resolution blaming Obama for the creation of ISIS as a way to spread affordable care across the globe. They cite the rebel group’s early “badly botched surgeries” and promise that if things continue, “grandma will be next”.
The Gray Wolf is reintroduced in California. Forty-Eight wolf clones are released in four Northern California counties. The exact counties are not named, for fear hunters would seek the wolves.

The Obama Administration sends a bill to the congress outlawing triggers on firearms. It offers even swifter background checks in exchange. Congress responds as every Republican members openly carries. Obama withdraws his bill.

The Republican Congress passes a resolution blaming Obama for global climate change, while denying the existence of global climate change. The resolution simply says “you know what you did.”
In California, the boards of supervisors of the Northern, water producing counties come to an agreement on the meaning, for their residents, of the new rules on grazing, surface waters and local ground water. County leaders vow to increase the flow of water south by “at least a six pack per person per day”.
The number of registered Independents reaches an all time high.

After four months in reconciliation talks, and an offer from the US to invest a billion dollars in the island nation to jump start capitalism there, including introducing large scale GMO agriculture, mining in the Sierra Maestra mountains and off shore fracking, Cuba announces it is applying an embargo to the United States.
In California, a cattle truck containing 48 Gray Wolves drives South, releasing the wolves in Sacramento.

The Republican congress sends a bill to the White House dismantling the Affordable Care Act and instead offering every American a bottle of aspirin, an Ace bandage, a bag of rectal feeding solution, a list of health insurers specializing in the poor, and a jar of petroleum jelly labeled “put it where it hurts.”. Obama vetoes the bill, but Republicans promise he’ll see it again.
The number of registered Independents reaches an all time high.

The Republican house passes a bill lowering the minimum wage. In order to ease the burden on the nation’s poor, they lower the poverty level, making everyone feel more rich, they hope.
Agents of the RNC spread the rumor that Hillary is actually a man, and Bill knew but tolerated the situation because of his firm liberal beliefs. The rumor is accompanied by a Facebook meme that shows Hillary before shaving in the morning. The rumor gains legs until Hillary is forced to do a selfie in a Capital bathroom and sext it to the DNC for proper distribution.

The Republican Congress passes a resolution blaming Obama for diarrhea. They cite his close ties with the tissue industry, which, they claim, already profit from “the boo hoos of the bleeding heart left”.
The number of registered Independents reaches an all time high.
Sacramento newspapers report an all time low in the number of stray dogs and cats in the city. A few ponies are also missing.

The Democrats in the House offer a bill which would make every parent in the US the guardian of their own child. Each parent would be subject to a background check, a health exam, and a means test. Those who failed would have their children removed and placed in foster care. The expected increase in the demand for foster care prompts the Dems to lower the requirements for foster care providers, which means that some parents who lose their children might be able to get them as foster kids. The House Republicans promise the bill won’t leave the House unless it carries an amendment paying Christian parent foster parents to take their children foster children to church.
The number of registered Independents reaches an all time high.

The Republican congress passes a bill changing the name “Thanksgiving” to “Early American Christians day.” At first there is public resistance, but organized protests melt away, absorbed by the Early American Christians Day sales rush.
Sacramento area newspapers report record low numbers of homeless people in local shelters.

President Barack Obama takes the podium early in the month to address the nation. “I thank our heavenly Father that I have only one year of this crap left. I’m going to move to a holler in the deep South and raise hogs on mushrooms and acorns for a few years to cleanse my soul. Good luck, you poor chumps.”
The number of registered Independents reaches an all time high.
The County of Sacramento attempts to act on reports of up to 70 wolves sighted in the county, but an environmental group from Texas files suit, stopping them. A county spokesperson offers to capture the wolves and send them to Texas.

There you have it, cousins, something to look forward to.

As always, keep your head down, and good luck!

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Fringe DeVita’s Rebuke 12/31/14

Save the 2nd Amendment
A Fringe Repudiation of Tom Hastings
by DeVita

fringe logoRecently Tom Hastings, a well known pacifist extremist, called for the repeal of the 2nd Amendment. To be more precise, this great devotee of peace wants us to ” grab it, bring it in the back room, pull down the shades, and end it”.

That is one measure of an “extremist” pacifist. A garden variety pacifist refuses to take part in violence, even to save their family or themselves. An extremist pacifist insists you be peaceful too, and he’s willing to “bring you in the back room”, which we assume means to kill you. Extremists of every stripe enjoy placing ordinary people in precarious positions.

Before I explore Dr. Hastings’ reasons for wanting to repeal the liberty which birthed our nation, let’s discuss how badly off the mark his conceptualization is. Neglect for a moment the fact that the 2nd Amendment is nestled among those rights assured* to the “people”, and that the amendment itself specifies the right of “the people”. Even so, the Amendment isn’t the source of the right, it only assures it.

Dr. Hastings seems to believe it is the 2nd Amendment which allows us to keep and use firearms. He makes a commonly mistaken reference to the 2008 Supreme Court decision in “Heller” which he believes gives Americans rights they didn’t previously have. The Supreme Court has, in the past, neglected the 2nd Amendment, because it wasn’t necessary to the citizen right to keep and use firearms for protection, sport, and recreation. The courts saw that it was a “natural right”. Unlike Dr. Hastings, the court believed that a human being, like a dog or even a rat, has the right to defend her or himself, and that right includes the use of deadly force; tools might be necessary for that. In the past, Americans, who prided themselves on being self reliant, understood that to defend one’s self, one’s family and one’s community was not only a right, it was a duty.

As an extremist pacifist, Dr. Hastings denigrates that important value, and the history behind it, just as he completely neglects the importance of the armed citizen in the formation of our nation.

Hastings somehow tries to blame the 2nd Amendment for state violence. It’s a great long stretch, even a contradiction to his “logic”. The people are angry about police violence, which he blames on the 2nd Amendment (as though the amendment guaranteed cops the right to bear arms), and he wants everyone to surrender their firearms and rely on cops when threatened. It’s very difficult to make sense of, and is only possible if one loses all perspective and finds all firearms, and the use of all firearms, to have the same negative value. People having a firearm by the bed at night, or going plinking on Sunday, are responsible for murderous cops in his formulation.

Hasting’s illogical rant turns to conservatives. Frequent readers know I care for liberals only very slightly more than conservatives, but what Hastings says next stands logic on its head so swiftly one nearly get motion sick. The court supported “Big Brother” against the states in its decision that the 2nd Amendment protected the right for persons to own firearms. Again, neglect that Hastings and his ilk normally rail against state’s rights, and want the feds to run everything from the environment to the family. Even neglecting that, he misses the point. Tom, the government IS Big Brother. Go back and read the book. And, right now, the greatest threat to the right to keep and use firearms is the federal government (unless you live in California.) We have an imperial president who is trying to issue edicts which weaken the right to have and use firearms. It is “Big Brother” Tom wants us to trust our safety and welfare with.

Further, Hastings conflates the NRA with conservativism, as though independents and liberals might not also want the right to defend themselves.

Hastings then tosses out some time honored grist for true believers: the NRA and the firearms manufacturers spoon in bed every night. Not so. Do they have common interests? Yes, of course. Do they disagree? It turns out the firearms manufacturers would do fine with just governments as their customers. The NRA, for example, doesn’t support concealed carry, and has actually sided against some activists in that area. Like many other people who demonize the NRA, and the millions of members it represents, Hastings gives the organization supernatural powers. Pro abortion supports might lobby and use contributions to keep that freedom alive, but the NRA twists arms instead. His language about the NRA grows heavy with adjectives: “We are exhausted … by the NRA/gun industry moral garbage spewing forth every time someone challenges the ubiquity of guns.”

Hastings believes the only path towards national salvation and an end of cop murders of unarmed citizens is to “Repeal the Stupid Second Amendment”.

Being a firearms owner isn’t about hoping to kill anyone, or cause any mischief to the authorities. Most hope to live their lives quietly, contending with bills and work and personal failings. It’s hard to imagine a more peaceful people, a people who wouldn’t even take a scoundrel like Hastings to “the back room”.

The 2nd Amendment is still very important to many of us. For many of is, it is a reminder that we are not powerless, and that we have a responsibility to support the general peace. The 2nd Amendment is like jury duty: good citizens are responsible to their fellow citizens.

Violence of all kinds is on the decrease in the US, regardless Hastings’ assurances that things are getting worse and worse. About 9,000 people are murdered with firearms each year; a very tiny number for a nation of 320,000,000 people. Still, violence of all kinds remains too high. I would agree with a moderate pacifist who was willing to identify the root causes of violence, and work to mediate those causes. But, hoping to cure the nation by bleeding it of rights hardly seems logical.

Season’s greetings, Tom, try to get right for 2015.

*Since our freedoms come from the Creator, the state can’t give us freedoms. The Bill of Rights was intended to codify and assure freedoms, not bestow them.

Veterans Services in Loyalton 12/31/14

Sierra County Veteran Services are provided on Thursdays at the Loyalton Social Services Office. Veteran Service Representative Steve Jennings will be at this location on Thursdays from 0900-1500 out for lunch from 1200-1300. If you want to make an appointment, please call 283-6271 to make an appointment with Steve. If you do not have an appointment, you can come in as a walk in during these hours. Not at this location during County Holidays.

Services include: Assistance with claims for VA and State benefits and services in these major categories: Compensation Claims, Pension Claims, VA Health Care enrollment, applying for Education and Training, Home Loan information, Life Insurance information, Burial benefits and dependents and survivors benefits. If you need assistance in obtaining DD-214 (discharge papers) we can order them for you from the Archives in St. Louis. Or if you want to order them yourself online go to VA.GOV and search for ordering discharge papers online.

Veteran Services Office in the Quincy Office has transportation from Quincy to the VAMC in Reno on Tuesdays and Thursdays. You must have an appointment at the VA Hospital in Reno to obtain a reservation to ride the VA Van from Quincy. The Van will pickup veterans going to their appointments on highway 70 through Portola, Vinton, Chilcoot. If you reside in Sierra County and get your name on the list of riders we can pick you up on highway 70 and transport you to the VA Hospital in Reno. Please call 283-6271/6275 if you want to access this service. The VA van does not transport if snowing and chain requirements are in place on highway 70 and 395 going into Reno. We do not have emergency transportation services to the VA Hospital in Reno. If you need someone to accompany you because of your disability, then the rider or caregiver that you wish to ride with you to your appointments must be registered with Volunteer Services at the VAMC in Reno (775) 829-5662/5669 before the caregiver can ride.

Mountain Messenger (investigated paper) 12/31/14

Milly and Don want everyone to have a very Happy 2015 New Year. They both think this can be accomplished by having a subscription to the Mountain Messenger. It is a simple thing and below the photo there are phone numbers, emails and a subscription form to fill out to make their dreams come true. It is really a simple way to bring joy and humor into your life at least four times a month. As it is published every week and contains almost as much news as Time or Newsweek magazines. The key word there of course is “almost”. I would be very happy if you would subscribe to the Mess (as locals fondly call it) because it supports local businesses and gives me something to write about each week. Without the lives of Don and Milly what would I have to tell you. So Happy New Year to you and your friends and family and don’t forget to send in that subscription notice.

12/31/14 Here is Editor Don Russell being an investigative reporter at the Downieville Courthouse... unaware he is the only one in the room.

12/31/14 Here is Editor Don Russell being an investigative reporter at the Downieville Courthouse… unaware he is the only one in the room.

Send anything you need published to Milly, the most important person in the office, at or you may call directly to 530 289-3262 and talk to Don, (and suggest he give a raise to Milly). For a subscription: send in as below or call 530 289-3262 with credit card in hand.. Tell Don, you subscribed because you read about it on Sierra County Prospect…..


Burning TreeFest January 17, 2015

Downieville Improvement Group (DIG) Meeting Coming Up!
DIG has been meeting for several years, and has spearheaded several events for locals and tourists enjoyment.

We worked with the County to update the Downieville Lion’s Park by conducting a Name the Park Contest and helped design the Events Sign Board next to the Visitor’s Center in the newly named Gold Rush Park.

2014 Burning Tree

2014 Burning Tree

Coming up Sunday, January 17, 2015  is the Burning TreeFest in Gold Rush Park. The “town Christmas trees” make a great bonfire, hot dogs and warm beverages will be provided and there will be marshmallows to roast. All are welcome-starting around 11am.

A new event that we are working on is the Downieville Mountain Brewfest, scheduled for Saturday, July 18. We already have a number of breweries lined up thanks to the efforts of Mike Galan and Will Clark! We’re excited about this event and a planning meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, January 6 at the Simi’s house, aka Downieville Brewery. It starts around 5:30pm for a social get-together, and the meeting will begin at 6:00pm.
DIG is an informal group and members include community-minded people, merchants and business owners who are interested in Downieville and its’ future. We welcome and encourage everyone to attend. Start off the new year by volunteering in your community! We hope to see some new faces at the January 6th meeting!

Welcome Shane Wallace Evans 12/31/14

Happy Papa John and Shane Wallace Evans

Happy Papa John and Shane Wallace Evans

It’s a boy!   Hayley Evans gave birth to our 3rd son Tuesday December 30, 2014 at 4:34 pm. Shane joins older brothers: Karston, 12-years and Duke 14-months. He was born in Truckee weighing 8.2 pounds and 20″. Shane and Hayley are doing GREAT! He is named after the 1956 Alan Ladd classic character and Hayley’s father’s middle name of Wallace. Happy New Years to everyone and blessed are we all. Much to be thankful for!  John Evans

Unofficial Photo Contest 12/31/14

New post on

Photo Contest: The Spirit Of Alpine Meadows
by Mark
1238720_706829799400939_4582150688363978049_n-150x150If you haven’t noticed, we’re pretty serious about “keeping it Alpine Meadows” around here. With that in mind, we want to encourage you to share your photos that share your love for Alpine Meadows too. Several of you already do that on a fairly regular basis, and we appreciate it. But we’re prepared to offer up some prizes for this contest. Don’t

If you’ve been asking about buying a UA cap, now’s your chance to win one.
If you’ve been asking about buying a UA cap, now’s your chance to win one.

get too excited as we’re not giving away season passes or even lift tickets, as we don’t have the same bankroll as Squaw Valley Ski Holdings. For the record, SquAlpine has not even announced a winner yet for their Snow Dance contest, so for the moment, our prize is better than their prize.

We have some cool new Unofficial Alpine flat brimmed trucker caps that many of you have asked about buying. They’re a pretty limited edition and so far we’ve only given them to some sponsors and contributors. Now you have a chance to win one of three. We might up that number if we get a lot of entries. Several of our sponsors may be willing to kick in some other prizes too. We’ll post that up here if they let me know.

Contest Details
• We’re after pictures that truly show the spirit of Alpine Meadows. That might include iconic locations, iconic people, views, logos and people just generally shredding Schralpine. Photos can be from any time period, so look back in your photo apps and scrapbooks. We would love to see some historical pictures. We would love it even more to see pictures from the future.

• The contest runs from today through midnight on January 11, 2015. We originally planned a one week contest, but we want to include folks who are currently blacked out.

• Submit photos via email here. We reserve the right to not include photos that do not fit the spirit of the contest. Photos will remain your property, but may be used at Unofficial Alpine. We can’t stop people from stealing your images via Google image search. You can enter the contest under a real name or as your alter ego, making this contest accessible to employees.

• Judging will be done by a select group of UA sponsors and contributors, and winners will be announced as soon as humanly possible.

• Thanks for your help in making sure this contest is not an epic fail. Whether you’re interested in the prizes or not, we’re really hoping to just create some stoke to bring back the snow…

go here // for The Photos

Carol’s Movies 12/31/14

Carol Says:

The Theory of Everything

Eddie Redmayne, who plays Hawking, does a really great job. Now, about the movie.

I had really wanted to see this movie. If you don’t know anything about Stephen Hawking this is a very good movie to learn all about him and a little of his theories. As much as I tried to understand what was said, it was still over my head.

Having read up about him, of course I still learned new things. However, I just cannot say to run out and see this movie if you know about him. If you don’t, then you definitely should go see this movie. And I think as the days go by, I will say to myself that it is really better than I think at this moment, after just seeing it.

Wish there was more I could say about it. There are lots of good things to say about it, but I left the theatre just unsure what to say. Not sure what I thought I would get out of the movie (before seeing it), and after seeing it I thought, “well, I knew that and what did I expect from this movie”? So, it’s like I already said.

Netflix Says:

The Theory of Everything    2014    PG-13
With his body progressively ravaged by ALS, world-famous physicist Stephen Hawking must rely on his wife, Jane, to continue his life’s work as he faces various challenges. This affecting biographical drama centers on the couple’s fertile partnership.

Cast:Eddie Redmayne, Felicity Jones, Charlie Cox, Emily Watson, Simon McBurney, David Thewlis, Maxine Peake, Harry Lloyd, Christian McKay

Dianne Ponders 2015 12/31/14

Dianne Severance

Dianne Severance

What can I say that hasn’t been written or spoken before about the New Year.

Every year, we talk about New Year’s Resolutions, what we expect in the coming year and what the future may hold for us. We talk about our hopes and dreams for the New Year and sometimes think with dread of bad things that may happen. We look forward to major events coming up, like weddings and upcoming births or a new job.

So, to be original, I have developed a new idea about the New Year. It involves taking just one day at a time — not very original, but at least the prospect of a whole year doesn’t overwhelm us.

One day at a time has many advantages. First, it frees us from worrying about what may happen tomorrow or next week or next month. Second, it allows us to live in the present to enjoy each moment or absorb whatever is going on around us. It allows us to be present to people who may need our attention or to share in joys of those we love.

Being in the moment doesn’t preclude thinking about the future — it just makes the future seem better. in many cases. We expect that that very moment may have lasting effects on us or those we love. It allows us to experience fully each event in our lives. We don’t need to take pictures on our Smartphones if we are truly in the moment and store the actions and emotions into the best database of all — our memories.

UnknownSo as we lift a glass of bubbly, be it real or Martinelli’s, let us remember that that moment, too, is precious and will become a treasured memory.
New Year’s then becomes a long series of moments — happy, sad, enjoyable or whatever– and we find that looking at a whole year ahead of time doesn’t inspire fears of inadequacy or whatever.

Happy New Year!

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