Unofficial Photo Contest 12/31/14

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Photo Contest: The Spirit Of Alpine Meadows
by Mark
1238720_706829799400939_4582150688363978049_n-150x150If you haven’t noticed, we’re pretty serious about “keeping it Alpine Meadows” around here. With that in mind, we want to encourage you to share your photos that share your love for Alpine Meadows too. Several of you already do that on a fairly regular basis, and we appreciate it. But we’re prepared to offer up some prizes for this contest. Don’t

If you’ve been asking about buying a UA cap, now’s your chance to win one.
If you’ve been asking about buying a UA cap, now’s your chance to win one.

get too excited as we’re not giving away season passes or even lift tickets, as we don’t have the same bankroll as Squaw Valley Ski Holdings. For the record, SquAlpine has not even announced a winner yet for their Snow Dance contest, so for the moment, our prize is better than their prize.

We have some cool new Unofficial Alpine flat brimmed trucker caps that many of you have asked about buying. They’re a pretty limited edition and so far we’ve only given them to some sponsors and contributors. Now you have a chance to win one of three. We might up that number if we get a lot of entries. Several of our sponsors may be willing to kick in some other prizes too. We’ll post that up here if they let me know.

Contest Details
• We’re after pictures that truly show the spirit of Alpine Meadows. That might include iconic locations, iconic people, views, logos and people just generally shredding Schralpine. Photos can be from any time period, so look back in your photo apps and scrapbooks. We would love to see some historical pictures. We would love it even more to see pictures from the future.

• The contest runs from today through midnight on January 11, 2015. We originally planned a one week contest, but we want to include folks who are currently blacked out.

• Submit photos via email here. We reserve the right to not include photos that do not fit the spirit of the contest. Photos will remain your property, but may be used at Unofficial Alpine. We can’t stop people from stealing your images via Google image search. You can enter the contest under a real name or as your alter ego, making this contest accessible to employees.

• Judging will be done by a select group of UA sponsors and contributors, and winners will be announced as soon as humanly possible.

• Thanks for your help in making sure this contest is not an epic fail. Whether you’re interested in the prizes or not, we’re really hoping to just create some stoke to bring back the snow…

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