WSMC Expands Again 9/16/15

By: Western Sierra Medical Clinic

GRASS VALLEY September 15, 2015 – Western Sierra Medical Clinic (WSMC) announced today that it will open a comprehensive health center in Penn Valley, offering much-needed health care services to the community of 10,000 residents.

The health center, at Penn Valley Drive and Spenceville Road, plans to open later this year, after receiving the necessary federal and state approvals and undergoing a modest renovation at the 3,650 square-foot building.

“We’ve been looking to expand into Penn Valley for some time due to the demographics of the area and our commitment to make comprehensive care easily accessible for the community,” said WSMC CEO Scott McFarland. “We were waiting for just the right opportunity. The building is exactly what we need, and in an ideal location.”

WSMC will offer numerous services in Penn Valley, including primary care, pediatrics, specialists and dental services. Western Sierra emphasizes preventive care, education and empowering patients to make informed health decisions.

“We’re currently evaluating other services that will be offered,” said Dr. Glenn Thiel, Chief Medical Officer for WSMC. “We know there are many health care needs in the community, and we’re going to fill as many as possible.”

To help identify more of those needs, Nevada County Supervisor Hank Weston, who represents Penn Valley and helped WSMC on the new location, will be holding meetings with community members to hear from them about the kinds of services they would find most beneficial.

About 1,000 Penn Valley residents receive treatment at Western Sierra’s primary clinic in Grass Valley, about 10 miles away.

“The clinic and comprehensive health care services are desperately needed in Penn Valley,” said Supervisor Weston. “Many people don’t have transportation and have a hard time getting to their medical appointments. The new clinic will fill that void.”

Penn Valley has a large senior population and WSMC will offer Medicare patients a fee based on their ability to pay for care.

Many seniors live in the gated community of Lake Wildwood, several miles from the soon-to-open clinic. Several neighborhoods are within walking distance of the new health center and there is expected growth in the area.

The health center, which will also include some administrative and call-center staff, will be across from the new Penn Valley Community Center and near restaurants, shopping and a hardware store.

“The new health center will generate more business and bring more workers into the community,” said Supervisor Weston.

The Penn Valley clinic will be the fourth for WSMC, the largest health center in the region with 20,000 patients.

WSMC moved into a new center in Grass Valley in December, a major milestone for the health clinic. The 19,000-square-foot building – about 50 percent larger than the previous location – allows the nonprofit to expand services in Nevada, Sierra and Yuba counties.

WSMC also has a clinic in Downieville, offering  health care services, including dental services on Tuesday.

“We’re looking forward to opening the health center and serving the Penn Valley community and meeting our new neighbors,” McFarland said. “We’ve accomplished some major projects during the past several months, but our biggest commitment remains first-rate, high-quality health care for our patients and the region.”

The transaction was handled by Greg Ward of Network Commercial Real Estate.