Wednesday March 30, 2016

NEWSFLASH – The EMR Class which begins at 6 pm on Tuesday April 5th will be held at the Downieville School Room #5. Please contact Frank Lang 289-3644 or for any questions.

This week is Springbreak for Sierra County Schools and it is quiet. It has been cold, wet and snowy another reason for quiet. The warm up is coming and this weekend is the Banff Film Festival in Downieville, La Cocina Del Oro aka “Feathers” will be opening (be still my heart) can’t wait for my Crispy Cod Tostadas, my favorite in a menu of tasty delights.  Tommy Dines Senior Project a basketball camp will be going on this weekend at the Downieville Gym for our future county basketball champs and life is good in Downieville.

On April 10th there is the first Sierra County booth for the 2016 State Fair planning and you are wanted and needed. The meeting is at 2 p.m. at the Sierra City Community Hall contact Mary Ervin at 8621173 for more information and to volunteer.

So, the next paragraph about politics is sure to make some people upset, so I just want to clarify, some of my best friends are Republicans, they are warm blooded, intelligent wonderful people, and friends… I am not talking about you in the blanket statement below, mostly the Republican “machine” and I know many of you are as worried about what is happening to your Party as me.

There is an article this week about Hillary Clinton. During this election season it has amazed me how nasty and hate filled messages permeate the media. I don’t understand how a man like Donald Trump is revered by so many and is encouraged by men and woman to continue his misogynist, sociopathic tirades against almost anyone, many of the people who support him would be nothing but fleas to him and yet they think he will protect them. So the more important issue is Hillary Clinton, I have watched in disbelief the continued attacks on her honesty and trustworthiness as the same old madeup, ridiculous issues are brought again and again by Republicans determined to paint her as the most evil woman in the universe. The article this week points out how foolish these attacks are and it is easy to do our own research and understand that something is not true or real just because it is repeated over and over…. that is Trumps trick and he continuously makes statements even after they have been fact checked and determined to be false. Please let’s get smarter and realize we are great, we don’t anyone to make us great “again”, what we need is an experienced, compassionate, intelligent leader, we need Hillary Clinton, she has the ability to work with everyone, poor, rich, business, government, foreign countries and always has the interests of all Americans in the forefront.

This week we have Be Encouraged, Carries Corner, Cats, Dianne Ponders, Others, guest columnist Mel Gurtov local news and political commentary. Just write those letters.

The look of Spring photo was taken by Jenny Varn walking out Old Tollbridge Road in Goodyears Bar.

Celtic Thunder w/Lou 3/30/16

Just wanted to update those of you who may be thinking about going to CELTIC THUNDER on November 11th. I have twenty-six (26) humans signed up for tickets. I know, I’m just as shocked as you are. So, if you would kindly shoot off an email, or call me to let me know if you are thinking about going. I won’t start accepting your money until the first of July if you are thinking this is just too soon to plan. If we go over 30 seats, I just have to let the Silver Legacy know so I can get more seats. I need to secure those before April 3rd.







Happy Birthday !! 3/30/16

Happy Birthday to Hunter Davey 15, Megan Parker,17 and Ramon Nevarez 18. Tommy Dines arranged a surprise birthday party at his home in Sierra City with well known local Chef Miriam Dines preparing the feast, with assistants Johnny & Caleb Lucchesi.

Mountain Messenger (formality prevails) 3/30/16

I think that Don Russell, Editor/Publisher and Ruler of all Minions, of the Mountain Messenger is really a funny guy. No, he is not funny because he doesn’t like kids, nor is he funny because he does not have any pets, no dog, no cat, no hamster. In the warm months I know that he hosts ants at the office. In lieu of pets he has Milly, Ross, Scott and Jill, being human they can all cater to his whims… which are many. He absolute refuses to kowtow to anyone… no matter how much they deserve it. Sheriffs, Supervisors, Congresspeople, Senators. I think he might dress up for the President and probably the Pope, sometimes if Irene insists but most of the time he might as well be wearing pajamas, cause he always looks the same. Although not being sure if he sleeps in the naked or not it might not be appropriate. Well that is all I have to say about Don this week.

Don Russell wonders what he will wear tomorrow.....

3/30/16 Don Russell wonders what he will wear tomorrow…..

mess subcrip (1)Send anything you need published to Milly, the CEO and most important person in the office, at or you may call directly to 530 289-3262 and talk to Don, (and suggest he give a raise to Milly). For a subscription: send in as below or call 530 289-3262 with credit card in hand.. Write to Don Russell at and tell him you subscribed because you read about it on Sierra County Prospect…..

Be Encouraged 3/30/16

by Angela Collier

th-1Thanks to guest speaker; Pastor John Gray and his message “Going the Distance”, the prayer Jesus spoke to the Father in the Garden of Gethsemane before His arrest has further increased in significance to me. Pastor Gray reminds us that Jesus asked three times that God would find another way besides the cross to save mankind from being damned for all eternity. I could use a fluffier description but really why mince words- after all that was what was at stake- our souls forever in hell for our sin.

What Gray pointed out in his message was that our Lord’s response to accepting the reality of the cross, the physical pain, torture, and death was not a mechanical one. Let me restate- it was not a mechanical “ho ho ho, let’s walk on water, let’s do this
thing…” response. No…Jesus begged to the point blood surfaced through His sweat and tears. Why the reluctance to go? Since Jesus was fully God and fully man all at the same time- I just assumed it was the normal response of someone trying to avoid what was going to be a tremendous amount of physical pain! But Gray points out that through every moment of our Lord’s life on earth and prior in the heavens, He was with the Father…every minute of the day! Taking the cross, dying and being cast down into hell would be all done without the Father. Jesus was processing in the garden that He would not just take on our sin, He would become our sin so much that God would not be able to look at Him.

When Gray explained that the few days of Jesus in hell without the Father replaced our eternity spent in hell… without the Father (which really is the worst part of hell, eternal separation from God)… wow that blew my mind! I just never looked at it like that! Sometimes we understand a concept, or read a passage a thousand times
and someone else comes along through the power of the Holy Spirit and expands our small mindedness about a matter- what a blessing! It only encourages me to continue to push hard despite troubles, pain, sickness, financial struggles, and every other part of life and its frustrations and finish the race! If you have time this week- log on to, and watch John Gray’s message “Going the
Distance”. If you explore previous messages you will find Pastor Craig Groeschel (we have watched him for years now), to be an excellent source of encouragement while walking out the faith! God is good! Always!

Average Snowpack Yeh! 3/30/16

California officials announced Wednesday that snowpack levels near Lake Tahoe stand at roughly 95 percent of the historical average, a welcome respite from years of drought.

A year ago, on roughly this date, Gov. Jerry Brown stood in an almost-dry field near Lake Tahoe and announced he would require urban communities throughout California to cut water consumption by 25 percent. Snowpack on that day was roughly 5 percent of normal.

Speaking atop several feet of snow in that same field Wednesday morning, Frank Gehrke, chief of the California Cooperative Snow Surveys Program, said, “This was a dry, dusty field last year. A big improvement compared to last year. But not what we had hoped for. Not enough really.”

Sensors across the Sierra on Wednesday showed snowpack statewide at 87 percent of the historical average for April 1. More snow fell this year in Northern California than in the south. The largest reservoirs in Northern California have reached flood control stage, state figures show. Reservoirs in the south are fuller this year than last, but still relatively low.

Snowpack historically reaches its peak on April 1; the date serves as a benchmark when comparing one year’s snowfall to another.

Join the Star Party 3/30/16

Due to the weather gurus forecasting a blanket of clouds in the sky over Bridgeport on the evening of April 9th, it has been decided to reschedule the Bridgeport Star Party for September 30th (or possibly October 1st), 2016. The sky in the fall offers views of many different constellations and planets not available in the spring so please mark your calendars and keep an eye out for future publicity on this event. And please…SPREAD THE WORD of the cancellation AND of the NEW DATE!

Star Party Flyer 2016 PDF

Lesser Evils? 3/30/16

Mel Gurtov

Mel Gurtov

The Republicans: Cowardice in High Places,  by Mel Gurtov

Jeb Bush endorses Ted Cruz. So do Marco Rubio and Mitt Romney. Chris Christie endorses—in fact, practically fawns all over—Donald Trump. Ben Carson suddenly thinks Trump would make a great president, in agreement with Vladimir Putin of all people. Paul Ryan bemoans the sorry state of his party’s campaign, but refuses to name names and implies he’ll endorse whoever wins the nomination. The national chairman of the Republican Party likewise indicates unhappiness with the candidates, but says he’ll endorse whoever wins. John Kasich appeals to reason, but nobody is listening. Who will he endorse when he finally drops out?

These guys are cowards, pure and simple. They have no principles, no scruples, only a skewed sense of party loyalty that communist party apparatchiks would surely appreciate. Rather than refuse to endorse either of the two frontrunners, they abide by a bizarre tradition of accepting their fate, holding their noses, and supporting candidates they have called—and who have called them—every name in the book. Sure, they say, Trump and Cruz are “con artists,” bigots, bullies—but at least they are our terrible people. And, oh yes, they’re loyal conservatives.

Now I’m not so naïve as to believe that the endorsers really mean what they say in support of their suddenly wonderful candidate. Nor do I believe the fence-sitters like Paul Ryan when they say (as Ryan did say) that we need to “raise our gaze and aim for a brighter horizon.” All of them are self-serving, jockeying for position, probably with an eye on winning or keeping a job in the next Republican administration. They are desperately trying to show that even though they have some problem with Trump and Cruz—hey, nobody’s perfect—they have an even bigger problem with Hillary Clinton. So they content themselves with supporting the “lesser evil,” or opting (like Ryan) for neutrality.

Let’s not leave this sorry lot without also noting that Trump and Cruz are cowards too, though they mask their insecurities with bravado. They will never acknowledge their race- and gender-based hatreds, their moral deficits, their constant lying, or the real impact of their policies (or what passes for policies) on everything from military strategy to social programs and the environment.

History will record that when the Republican Party disintegrated, undone by two demagogues who represented depraved values and dangerous ideas, no one in the party dared to directly challenge and repudiate them. Instead, party leaders pretended that the demagogues’ views might somehow be toned down by wiser advisers or by the realities of power. Now that’s naïveté!

Mel Gurtov, syndicated by PeaceVoice, is Professor Emeritus of Political Science at Portland State University and blogs at In the Human Interest.

First in the Sierra 3/30/16

SYRCL Named “Yuba River Waterkeeper”
Newest Waterkeeper Alliance Member, First in the Sierra

Nevada City, CA (3/17/16) – The Waterkeeper Alliance Board of Directors approved the Yuba River Waterkeeper as a new member of the Waterkeeper Alliance on January 8, 2016. Caleb Dardick, the Executive Director of the South Yuba River Citizens League (SYRCL), will serve as the newly appointed Waterkeeper and will work to protect and restore the Yuba River by combining his firsthand knowledge of the watershed with an unwavering commitment to the rights of the community and to the rule of law.

“Waterkeeper Alliance is thrilled to have the Yuba River Waterkeeper be the eyes, ears, and voice for this vital watershed,” said Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Waterkeeper Alliance President. “Caleb Dardick is the right leader to fight for clean water in the region.”

“We are pleased to welcome SYRCL as the latest member of the Waterkeeper Alliance and the first Waterkeeper established in the Sierra Nevada,” said Pete Nichols, Waterkeeper Alliance’s National Director.

SYRCL established the Yuba River Waterkeeper as a new program dedicated to fostering regional and statewide coalitions to address complex issues related to water quality and watershed health including the restoration of wild salmon. “Yuba River Waterkeeper’s aim is to combine SYRCL’s 33-year record of strong local, grassroots advocacy with the power of the Waterkeeper Alliance, an international coalition of river advocates,” said Caleb Dardick.

“The Yuba River Waterkeeper will have a big job. Waterkeepers defend their communities against anyone who threatens their right to clean water– from law-breaking polluters to irresponsible governments,” stated Marc Yaggi, Executive Director, Waterkeeper Alliance. “We need to stand up with grassroots advocates like Yuba River Waterkeepers and fight for our right to clean water.”

About Waterkeeper Alliance: Waterkeeper Alliance is a global movement uniting more than 270 Waterkeeper Organizations in 34 countries and focusing citizen advocacy on the issues that affect our waterways, from pollution to climate change. Waterkeepers patrol more than 2.3 million square miles of rivers, streams and coastlines in the Americas, Europe, Australia, Asia and Africa. Waterkeeper Alliance was founded in 1999 by veteran Waterkeepers and Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Learn more at: or follow @Waterkeeper on Twitter and Facebook.­­

About the SYRCL: The South Yuba River Citizens League (SYRCL, pronounced “circle”) is the leading voice for the protection and restoration of the Yuba River watershed. Founded in 1983 through a rural, grassroots campaign to defend the South Yuba River from proposed hydropower dams, SYRCL has developed into a vibrant community organization with over 3,500 members and volunteers based in Nevada City, CA. See:

Food Service Contract Opportunity 3/30/16

Food Service Contract for Summer Camps
East Quincy, California
Feather River College Athletics is looking for interested persons or businesses to provide food services for various camps this summer. If interested, please contact Valerie Campa at 530-283-0202 x 274 or email me at for a list of dates and the terms & conditions. Contract pricing is negotiable. Additonal details can be provided.

It’s State Fair Plan Time 3/30/16

Dear Citizens of Sierra County,

California State Fair Opening Day greeter, Stuart Lauters at the Sierra County Exhibit .

California State Fair Opening Day 2015, Greeter, Stuart Lauters at the Sierra County Exhibit .

It is hard to believe, but summer is fast approaching which means the California State Fair in Sacramento will soon be upon us.

Sierra County has participated consistently for the past 6 years and we would like to continue this endeavor, but we cannot do it alone. We need individuals/volunteers to help with design, planning, building and staffing the exhibit for 2016. A planning meeting is scheduled for Sunday, April 10th at 2pm at the Sierra City Community Hall. I hope you can attend and please bring your enthusiasm, ideas and energy.

The State Fair dates are July 8th through July 24th and the theme this year is “California Delivers.” There is a County Exhibits Meeting scheduled for Thursday, April 21st at 1:30 pm at Cal Expo. We will be told at that time where our exhibit will be located in the hall and it would be great if an individual(s) would be able to attend with me to look at the space, take measurements and start planning and designing the exhibit. We can start building on June 15th and we have until July 6th to complete the exhibit before judging begins.

Please contact me to let me know you will be attending this meeting. If you are unable to attend the meeting on April 10th and you have some ideas or you know you will be able to help in some capacity when we get started, please let me know. I can be reached at 862-1173 or my email,

I look forward to seeing you on April 10th and let’s get going and win that Golden Bear this year!

Mary Ervin, Sierra City

Carrie’s Weird Corner 3/30/16

By: Carrie A. Blakley

images-2As most of you are by now aware, I tend to use a tremendous amount of archaic language within my writing. Or, at least I try to. However, English is an extremely odd language, especially when you compare it to other languages around the world. Save for Chinese. Chinese is just insane. The alphabet alone has more to it than the average person’s entire vocabulary. Let’s think about this English for a moment, shall we? For example, if you have a rough cough, climbing can be tough when going through the bough on a tree. Sometimes I think all the folks who grew up speaking English should be committed to an asylum for the verbally insane. Or, at least the editor of this news paper should be.

images-3We have noses that run, and feet that smell. A slim chance and a fat chance are the same thing, while a wise man and a wise guy are opposites. We ship by truck and send by ship. What we call quicksand, can actually work slowly. Boxing rings are square. Writers write, but grocers don’t grocer, and hammers don’t ham. A farmer can teach his sow to sow, because his farm was used to produce produce. A bandage can be wound around a wound. We can polish the Polish furniture. A bass can be painted on a bass drum. And, insurance can be invalid for an invalid.

There are other oddities about the English language as well. Darkrooms, for example, can be lit. Homework can be done in school. Nightmares can take place in broad daylight, while morning sickness is not necessarily confined to the morning. Tomboys are girls, while midwives can be men. And another thing that’s strange is this language we use for the bathroom. Dogs go to the bathroom outside. No bath. No room. It’s also somewhat bizarre that we go to the bathroom, so we can go to the bathroom. It’s also a bit odd that many bathrooms have no baths at all. And, now you all have a roughly good idea as to what actually takes place ‘behind the scenes’ (and there are enough scenes to constitute a large theatrical production) at ye old Mess. Just thought I’d share that with everyone.

Old Downieville Hwy Closures 3/30/16

Portions of Old Downieville Highway will be closed March 30-31 to all thru traffic including vehicle, bicycle and foot traffic due to tree falling on Bureau of Land Management (BLM) properties in that area.

Nevada County Department of Public Works has had signs posted in recent days informing local traffic of the closures on Old Downieville Highway. Road Closed signage and barricades will be erected during the closure, and County staff will direct traffic away from this area to maintain adequate safety while this work is being performed.

This project is in conjunction with the Fire Safe Council, Bureau of Land Management and Nevada County. Contact Person: Joshua Pack, 530-265-7059

Dianne Ponders Civility 3/30/16

Dianne Severance

Dianne Severance

What is becoming of our civilization?

We see every day drivers speeding well over the speed limit or taking up spaces reserved for handicapped persons. Turning in to my driveway the other day, the driver behind me angrily tooted his horn because I wasn’t turning fast enough.

In stores, people shove by me with nary an “excuse me,” or some such politeness. On the street, people hurry by and if you’re in their way, watch out!

My latest gripe is people who use their phones while walking across busy streets. The individuals are so busy texting they step out in front of cars without even looking. Many times, I have had to jam on the brakes for a distracted walker. The ones who are texting and walking rarely acknowledge your presence and continue as if they were the only people on the roadway.

There are more serious issues, too. Terrorism — in Paris, Brussels, San Bernardino, Pakistan and elsewhere — is on the rise. Whether people bomb because they are fighting for what they think is a just cause, or because they are angry at the world will never be known.

That’s right — anger. From the driver who honks his or her horn to Donald Trump, whose angry words appeal to too many people, our civilization is in danger of collapse. Whatever happened to calm discussion? Whatever happened to reasonable negotiation? Whatever happened to patience and civility?

If we are to survive this world, we have to rein in our tempers and frustrations and try to behave in a mature, civilized manner. Anger can ruin a person or a civilization. We must not let it control our lives. We must remember to be civil to each other even if they have a different skin color or speak with an accent. We must be civil.

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