Weekly Warrior by: Makalia Rollins 4/20/16

We are back from spring break and working hard. Open House was April 13th. We had a great turn out. The Student Council Dinner went awesomely! We had way more people show up then we thought. We made approximately $300. Thank you everyone who came to support our school and thank you to the Masons who provided strawberries and ice cream for dessert.
The Juniors and Seniors went on a field trip to UNR on April 12th. They went to an Engineering lab and saw some awesome ways to fix things and some new ways to make crashing in a car less dangerous. According to Megan Parker, they learned about “liquid goo” which is solid when a force hits it and liquid when it’s still. Students got to punch the “liquid” and it was hard when touched. There was also a mini pool of goo and students got to run quickly across it. Then, they learned about “soft robotics” which are robotics not using any metal, such as silicone and 3D printing. They also learned about actual robots that use sensors to see, robots that don’t need humans to do things, and robots that interact with people. Finally, they saw earthquake simulator videos. UNR is the only university in the country to have four earthquake simulators. It was an excellent learning experience with a lot of information. All the students had a great time.
The 4-6th Grade Class also went on a field trip on April 12, to Anna Harvey’s Sheep Farm in Sierra Valley. They spun yarn, fed animals such as lambs and baby sheep, and got to hold animals. Natalie Rust said her favorite part was holding a full grown chicken. They had a lot of fun!
The tennis team attended its first tournament Friday the 15th and Saturday the 16th in Quincy. The players this year are Niles Bosworth, Hunter Davey, Jordan Best, Kaylon Hall, Megan Parker and I, Makalia Rollins. Jordan Best won his tennis match 6-2. He played awesomely and it was a great win! Megan Parker won a match 6-0! She played her heart out and had a killer backhand. I also won a match, 6-4. I played my best. I was behind four games in the beginning but I decided not to give up and turned that almost loss into a definite win! The players who didn’t win a match had great attitudes and supported all of the players. We celebrated with Starbucks after the match.
All of the 7th and 8th CJSF members went to Folsom with Mr. and Ms. Fillo to the annual regional conference on April 16th. Sierra Folsom reported that it was very fun and helpful. The students got to choose 3 workshops to be in. They learned some good tips and also learned some fun things to make. The theme was Carnival so there were carnival games, photo booth, makeup booth and free cotton candy and popcorn throughout the day as well.
Some of the high school drama students saw the musical The Music Man in Auburn on April 17th; the play featured our very own retired science and math teacher Stephen Tassone. He was part of the barbershop quartet. The play was performed by the newly formed State Theatre Acting Company and was directed by former Sierra County teacher John Deaderick. I have to say that it was one of the best performances I have ever seen! The actors were so happy and energetic and their voices were lovely!
On April 27th Dr. Grant will hold a meeting to discuss how next year will/should work. A hosted dinner will be held starting at 6:00pm in the cafeteria; reservations are required. The community is encouraged to join us.
May 9th the elementary, junior high and 11th graders start their end of the year testing. If parents would like to donate snacks that would help the classrooms out a lot!
For my Long Term Project I am holding an afterschool program every Thursday for grades K-6th. It is free and students are welcome to join. We play games and hold bake sales to raise money for parties! The program is called BFF–Best Schools Foundation.
The annual Cancer Awareness Walk will once again be held on the Saturday before Mother’s Day, May 7. Registration begins at 8:30 at the school gym and costs $10. Following the walk, a healthy salad luncheon will be served. We will also have raffle prizes, prayer flags and updates on programs in Grass Valley as well as information on toxic vs. safe cleaning products. All proceeds from the Walk are made available to local residents to help cover costs of cancer treatments and screens.
Thank you Downieville for your support these past couple weeks!