EMR/1st Responder Class Graduates 6/1/16

Downieville Fire Protection District and NorCal EMS offered an EMR/First Responder Course which began on April 5th and ended with a graduating class of 11 students on May 31 taking their Final Exam. Emergency Medical Responder Course is the new name for what was previously known as First Responder Course. The course was initiated by the Sierra Frontier Medical Resources, Inc. board of directors who  provided some financing of materials for the class which taught the necessary tools for the rescuer to help sustain life, reduce pain and minimize injury during out-of-hospital medical and traumatic emergencies working alongside higher-level personnel at the scene. An Emegency Medical Technician class is being planned for the coming Fall season.

Instructors Frank Lang, FNP and Bette Jo Lang, RN stand with the graduating class of the first EMR Class in Downieville, Matt Boyd, Andrew Lloyd, Candace Breed, Jeremy Wright, Sierra Folsom, Karan Galan, Kaylon Hall, Patrick Shannon, Mike Galan just before their final exam.

6/1/16 Instructors Frank Lang, FNP and Bette Jo Lang, RN stand with the graduating class of the first EMR Class in Downieville, Matt Boyd, Autry Dean, Andrew Lloyd, Candace Robbins, Jeremy Wright, Sierra Folsom, Karan Galan, Kaylon Hall, Patrick Shannon, Mike Galan just before their final exam. Not pictured is Lisa Foster.

CalTrans Notice of Work 6/1/16


State Route 49 (Sierra County) from Hill Street to Railroad Avenue South: Motorists can expect one way traffic controls for lane closures from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday through Thursday May 31-June 2 for crack seal operations.

State Route 49 (Yuba/Sierra County) from Marysville Road to Howard Creek: Motorists can expect one way traffic controls for lane and shoulder closures from 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Tuesday through Thursday May 31-June 2 for ditch cleaning.

State Route 49 (Nevada County) from Hwy 20 interchange to South Fork Yuba River Bridge: Motorists can expect overnight one way traffic controls for lane, median and shoulder closures from 7 p.m. to 6 a.m. Tuesday/Wednesday May 31-June 1 through Friday/Saturday June 3-4 for paving operations.

State Route 49 (Nevada County) from Hwy 20 interchange to South Fork Yuba River Bridge: Motorists can expect one way traffic controls for lane, median and shoulder closures from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. Tuesday May 31 through Friday June 3 for guardrail repair.

State Route 49 (Nevada County) from Heron Road to Heesche Avenue: Motorists can expect one way traffic controls for lane and shoulder closures from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. Wednesday and Thursday June 1-2 for culvert repair.

State Route 89 (Sierra County) from 0.6 to 1.3 miles north of Sagehen Road: Motorists can expect 24-hour one way traffic controls from 7 a.m. Tuesday May 31 through 7 a.m. Friday June 3 for roadway excavation.

Plumas Sierra County Fair 6/1/16

http://www.plumas-sierracountyfair.net  The entertainment for the 2016 Plumas Sierra County Fair is beginning to look exciting. The fair will be held August 10 through the 14th in Quincy. What many people don’t always think about, is that entertainment comes in many forms at the fair. You don’t have to be in 4H or FFA to enjoy a livestock show. Each day at the fair has a show in the SPI Pavilion where youngsters show their animals for judges. It’s in the shade, fun to watch, and all free.

A horse show takes place each day as well, through Saturday. A special show, that’s free to attend, is the Ranch Rodeo show on Saturday in the horse arena. This exciting competition features everyday tasks of ranchers and cowboys, including branding, sorting and doctoring using horsemanship and roping skills. On Friday at 5pm is the Local Youth Rodeo, also free to attend. Youngsters compete in pole bending, barrel racing, goat tying and roping. You don’t have to know what you’re looking at to have a good time.

On a more traditional note, the fair has a great line-up of strolling and stage acts. Come see the excitement of the BMX Freestyle Team. These athletes will amaze you with what they can do on two wheels.

A favorite of Fair Manager John Steffanic will be Jennifer’s All Creature Barnyard Racers. That’s pigs racing goats, racing ducks, racing whatever they can get to race! The fair has had pig racing before, but there is nothing like inter-species racing.

Visitors to the fair this year will find a pirate, a magician, a mind reader and a robot, which sounds like a set up for a joke, but is actually hours of family entertainment. Rich Aimes of MindSurfin’ returns to amaze people with his mind reading abilities. Capn’ Jack Spareribs sails back to the fair in his pirate ship of comedy and ventriloquism. A new attraction this year is a strolling robot that will chat and joke with fairgoers.

2016 will welcome the return of The Redneck Electrical Parade with lit up forms of transportation from wheelbarrows to golf carts. It will be led by the amazing Quircus which will perform after each nightly parade.
Finally, have a beer, or a margarita, in Old Town and enjoy a different band each night. Thursday will bring the Michael Barclay Blues Band. Michael has backed up some blues legends and puts on a fantastic show. Friday night features Fourgery; four talented musicians who copy other people’s music. Shinola hits the Plumas Bank Stage on Saturday night with classic, danceable rock and roll.

There is something for everyone at the Plumas Sierra County Fair. Plan on being there August 10 through the 14th.

Lou’s Wild Kingdom 6/1/16

So, I woke up this morning and found Boo Boo Bear chowing down at the very top of my cherry tree. What is weird is, the cherries are still green…..yuk! As he/she descended down the tree it spotted me standing on the front porch with the camera. It got a very guilty look on its face and began to slowly walk across the lawn like, you really don’t see me cause I’m too stealthy. It’s a young bear, probably a year old. No other bears around, so I assume mom kicked it’s brown hairy butt out to fend for itself. Yep, came right to my cherry tree. How nice. Anyway, I’m sure it will be back for more. Stay tuned.  Lou The Wild Kingdom Guy

BLM Needs Local Input 6/1/16

BLM Planning Rule Opposed by RCRC and Key U.S. Senator

This week, RCRC submitted public comments to the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and raised numerous concerns for a proposed rule that could short-change local government input into BLM resource management plans. The proposed rule would weaken the requirement to ensure consistency with local land use management plans, limit public input into specific provisions of a plan, and shorten the public comment period for others.

The proposed rule would also concentrate additional authority in BLM’s Director in Washington, DC, for determining the scope of resources management plans and the officials who would write those plans. Greater emphasis would be given to develop broader regional plans, inviting further influence of national interest groups over local governments and stakeholders. Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski, Chair of the Senate committee with jurisdiction over BLM, sent a letter this week to BLM Director Neil Kornze expressing similar concerns and urged the BLM to withdraw the rule and engage with State, local and tribal governments to rewrite a rule more consistent with the requirements of the Federal Land and Policy Management Act (FLPMA).

Armed Loonies 6/1/16

Tom Hastings

Tom Hastings

Field Report from the Dick Cheney Hunting Instruction Manual – By Tom H. Hastings

I live in a town of suspenders. The police chief is the current best example. He was just suspended for shooting his buddy in the back and then lying about it. They were out hunting—well, sitting drunk in lawn chairs blasting at squirrels.

One wonders if the Harney County sheriff, Dave Ward, should check suspended Portland Police Chief Larry O’Dea’s cell phone and email records—perhaps O’Dea had just gotten off a call with Dick “Nothing to Apologize For” Cheney before opening fire on his pal.

“Gun safety” might be in line for the Oxymoron of the Millennium Award when police chiefs can’t handle weapons safely.

Was the victim causing the chief to fear for his life so the chief felt obligated to shoot him in the back? The victim was armed, no doubt, so that could be it.

Was the victim African American? Then no gun would be needed; Portland police join many other urban police bureaus in routinely shooting unarmed black males.

You remember Dave Ward? He was all over the national news last winter as the local sheriff trying to resolve the armed takeover of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge by some far right armed wingnuts. He was patient with everyone and, with the exception of one armed occupier who repeatedly proclaimed his right and intention to shoot any and all with his openly carried weapon, Ward got everyone through the situation without bloodshed. He must be truly astonished that people keep coming 300 miles from Portland to commit mayhem in his previously sleepy county. I think we can all see his eyebrows arch as he was initially told that the victim of the April shooting—who was taken by medical helicopter to the hospital in critical condition—shot himself in the back. Riiiiiight. Did the victim sneak up on himself too?

Other sage advice from the likes of Dick Cheney helped O’Dea decide to try to cover it up. Seriously? Chief, did you think that we wouldn’t find out? Yes, it took a month for it all to spill into the news, but a helivac to an ER? Interviews by deputies of all parties? You were the Chief of Police, for goshsakes.

It’s time.

Time to repeal the Stupid Second Amendment so the citizens of the US can slowly lose their lethal firearms and police will not have as much justification for packing guns everywhere they go, shooting everyone who might make them twitch.

Time to retrain police to resolve conflict without violence.

Time to begin to disarm more and more officers.

Time for Harney County Sheriff Dave Ward to catch a break and stop having to deal with armed loonies.

Tom H. Hastings is Founding Director of PeaceVoice.

Humbug Living History 6/1/16

FNBMD LOGO-4 LINEOn Saturday, June 11, between the hours of 11am and 4pm, Humbug Living History Day will commemorate Malakoff Diggins’ Golden Olden Days as park staff and volunteers in period costume interpret our historic heritage at North Bloomfield, formerly Humbug, California. Enjoy music, games, crafts, food and fun including a wild west gun-fight and a water canon (monitor) demonstration. You can also tour the furnished General Store, King’s Saloon, Drug Store, Skidmore residence or poke around amid transportation relics of by-gone horse & buggy days in the fascinating Ostrom Stable.

Rob Rowen District 1 Senate 6/1/16

Rob Rowen

Rob Rowen

Rob Rowen, Candidate for District 1 Senate is a moderate/centrist Democrat and lives in Cottonwood, CA. His website is http://www.rowenforsenate.com where  his platform is outlined in detail.
A supporter of labor and small business; he is a gun owner, and supports gun rights; While supporting raising wages to address poverty, government must be careful in regards to small businesses; government should not be a reason they are forced to close their doors. More fundamentally, the problem is the Wal Marts of the world; they pay their employees terribly, while tax dollars subsidize their business by over 8 billion dollars per year. Corporate America is where the wage increase main problem lies.
Rowen’s first priority would be jobs; our rural region has failed to enjoy the economic rebound the rest off the state has enjoyed. We need to reinvent our rural economic model; we can start with biomass; reducing the fuel load in our forests, reducing disastrous wildfire conditions, while providing jobs and producing green energy. Getting our forests back to a better state of health will also help recharge our ground water basins. Water is another issues for our district; we are the source for most of the state’s water. This district should see some economic benefit from our water resource; it is one of our only bargaining chips, and we could use that economic benefit to maintain, repair, in increase our water storage and delivery systems.
This district is facing a healthcare crisis; we must ensure that we have providers and  they are being reimbursed fairly from Medical and Medicare in rural areas. Failing to address this issue will only force more providers to leave our area in search of a better living. Seniors, children, and those with chronic health issues are extremely vulnerable without access to quality healthcare; furthermore, all of our residents should have access to quality healthcare.
Our representative has had 8 years to effectively represent the people of this district, he has failed. Another wants to go to Sacramento and split us off from California, something unlikely to happen, and financially questionable at best. Many of us, like myself, are native Californians’ and despite our problems, we want to stay in California; we are proud of where we come from, and I want to work with Sacramento to find solutions to our rural issues.
It is important voters  know there is a reasonable option on their ballot for Senate this year; Rob Rowen is the option, a moderate, lifelong rural resident who can and will work with the legislature to find solutions improving the lives of our residents.

Dedication & Memorial Star 6/1/16

C.K. Smith 1924-2015

C.K. Smith 1924-2015

On Thursday, May 26 2016, members of Harmony Masonic Lodge No. 164 met in the town square of Sierra City, California, to pay tribute to a treasured Mason and friend. Bro. Charles Kuhn Smith – or “C.K.” as he was affectionately known – passed away in June, 2015. A brave, generous, and forward thinking man, he touched a great number of lives in his lodge and in the Sierra City community.

On May 26 the memorial star was officially dedicated at a Masonic ceremony that included 12 of the lodge’s 19 members; Grand Master Perry and his and son, Nick; and Past Grand Master John L. Cooper III. Nearly 70 friends and family members from the Sierra City community were also present to recognize Smith.

On May 26 the memorial star was officially dedicated at a Masonic ceremony that included 12 of the lodge’s 19 members; Grand Master Perry and his and son, Nick; and Past Grand Master John L. Cooper III. Nearly 70 friends and family members from the Sierra City community were also present to recognize Smith.

Sheriffs Public Log 6/1/16

SO Badge

Sierra County Sheriffs Public Information Log


  • 1022 – Aggressive dog reported in Sierra City
  • 1114 – Vehicle accident on Ridge Rd/Magnus Orchard Rd
  • 1130 – Controlled burn at transfer station in Sattley
  • 1455 – Possibly stolen bike found in Loyalton
  • 1456 – Speeding quad through trailer park in Loyalton
  • 1524 – Illegal operation of ATV on public road in Loyalton
  • 1531 – Lost and/or stolen passport in Sierra Brooks
  • 1744 – Cite issued for traffic violation near Ramshorn
  • 1753 –  Medical emergency on Hwy 89 south of Sierraville
  • 1847 – Single vehicle rollover on Smithneck Road south of Loyalton


  • 0959 – Vehicle parked on sidewalk near UMC in Downieville
  • 1033 – Tree cutting vehicle entangled in live power line in Alleghany
  • 1646 – Suspicious person on SF Field Campus north of Sierra City
  • 2111 – Verbal altercation between staff and patron near Sierraville


  • 0843 – Subject arrested on local warrant in Quincy
  • 0955 – A fox won’t leave the area in Indian Valley
  • 1440 –  Possible abandoned vehicle near Sierraville
  • 2106 – Domestic violence physical altercation in Downieville


  • 1226 – Vandalism reported on Ridge Rd near Pike City
  • 1343 – Stray cat reported in Loyalton
  • 1438 – Speeding reported in Loyalton
  • 1506 – Welfare check requested in Loyalton
  • 2100 – 9-1-1 request for ambulance in Loyalton


  • 1427 – Restraining Order violation at campground in Indian Valley
  • 1514 – Smoke reported near Pike City
  • 1537 – Stolen ladder reported in Loyalton
  • 1544 – Juvenile issue near Loyalton
  • 1610 – Civil protection order served near Loyalton
  • 1657 – Welfare check requested in Loyalton
  • 1908 – Icepick in the middle of Hwy 49 near Loganville


  • 0841 – Out of state Felony Warrant arrest in Loyalton
  • 1005 – Ambulance requested near Downieville
  • 1053 – Possible squatters and litterers in Ramshorn
  • 2104 – Domestic violence assault in campground near Loyalton
  • 2234 – Subject arrested for “riding while intoxicated”? in Downieville


  • 1607 – Traffic speeding through town in Loyalton
  • 1800 – Hangup called 9-1-1 in Sierra City
  • 1902 – Non injury vehicle rollover near Loyalton
  • 2056 – DUI arrest following vehicle rollover near Loyalton
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