Weekly Warrior by: Megan Parker 5/4/16

One more month! It seems like yesterday it was August and we were just getting into the groove of things. Now, we are getting ready to end the year.
Last weekend, 9-11th grade went to San Francisco and Sacramento while the seniors went on their senior trip to Monterey and San Francisco. The 9-11th graders were learning to use public transportation, so they got around using the train, BART and muni. They also rode on the ferry and a cable car. They visited Fisherman’s Wharf, Union Square Garden, Chinatown, Tiffany’s and fancy hotels! Lee Adams and Robin Bolle were the supervisors and they were so much fun! The seniors went to the Monterey Aquarium–big thanks to Paul and Linda Guffin for making their Aquarium passes available to the group–and Fishermen’s Wharf and a Giants baseball game, which the Giants won! Mr. and Mrs. Fillo were their supervisors, and everyone had a great time!
Last Tuesday, April 26th, the tennis team had a match in Quincy. Hunter Davey had his first win, which was very exciting. Kaylon Hall and I played two doubles matches, and I’d say we make a pretty good team. Makalia Rollins was doing really well during her singles match, as was Sierra Folsom. We had to leave early, so they didn’t finish their games but it was fun. Jordan Best and Niles Bosworth played an excellent doubles match.
The LCAP meeting was last Wednesday, April 26, following a delicious rib dinner. Many community members attended along with teachers and staff. It was a successful recap and report for what’s been going on this year, and plans for next year.
Mrs. Larson’s K-3 class went on a field trip to the Planetarium in Reno on Friday, April 29th. They saw a kid’s science movie, the previous night’s stars and planets, a museum with interactive meteors, a youth gift shop, and enjoyed a picnic on the grass. It’s a really fun place to go; I went myself when I was younger and enjoyed it.
Mr. Douville’s class has been busy as well. Fourth graders are making a mission of Santa Barbara and 6th graders are working on country reports such as Italy, Vietnam, Canada, and Ireland. They’ve finished working on origami and are working on learning Spanish and American Sign Language.
This Saturday, May 7 is the annual Cancer Awareness Walk, with all proceeds going to assist local residents with the cost of diagnostic testing, cancer treatments and transportation to medical appointments connected with cancer treatments. Registration for the Walk begins at 8:30 a.m. at the school gym and is $10, which includes a prayer flag and raffle ticket. Additional raffle tickets will also be for sale and we have a wonderful selection of raffle items. The Walk starts at 9:00 am and includes a number of different routes of varying length; a healthy luncheon will follow. Frank Lang will provide free skin checks and information on non-toxic cleaning supplies will be provided. Sierra Frontier Medical Resources, Inc. sponsors this year’s Walk; the local CSF/CJSF chapters will be running the event. Please join us in helping our neighbors!
Also, happy birthday to Arroyo Campbell on April 30th and Makalia Rollins on May 1st!