Explosives in Goodyears Bar 5/18/16

From Sheriff Tim Standley On 05/11/2016 Sierra County Sheriff’s Office received a call of found dynamite in Goodyears Bar. The dynamite was found while cleaning out an old shed on a recent vacant property. A deputy responded to the scene and observed what appeared to be approximately (9) sticks of dynamite. Placer County Sheriff’s Office Explosive Ordinance Detail (EOD) was contacted for assistance and disposal of the explosives.

As a safety precaution, sheriff’s office and fire personnel notified near-by residents of the explosives. It was recommended the residents evacuate the area while the explosives were removed from the area. The evacuation was a recommendation and not mandatory. Placer County’s EOD safely removed the explosives from the area via a robot. The dynamite was taken to a safe area where the explosives were rendered safe.

The Sierra County Sheriff’s Office asks that if anyone locates anything thought to be explosive, to not touch or move the items and contact the Sheriff’s Office. It is also recommended to keep people away from the suspected explosives until the item(s) can be examined further. The Sheriff’s Office will respond and assist with the removal. We would also like to thank the Placer County Sheriff’s Office and its EOD Team, Sierra County Public Works, and Downieville Fire Department for their assistance.