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Just a reminder the website is a fountain of information of things to do and see along Hwy 49, put it in your bookmarks and check it out.  Another news site and Fire information is . It will be a blink of an eye and then September arrives and it will be time for theLabor Day BBQ Cookoff in Downieville and the 2016 Lost Sierra Hoedown at Johnsville. (see stories)

FYI the Special Meeting of the Loyalton City Council on Friday 7/29 has been cancelled.

There is a article this week from a radio host and columnist in Minnesota, Mike McFeely, I think he captured the substance of the Trump campaign to the tee, check it out, if you don’t cry you’ll be laughing.

This week as usual there are lots of events, news articles and of course Dianne Ponders, the Cats, the Others, our guest columnists,  be sure to read Adam Vogal, what a touching illuminating story, Robert Dodge and Winslow Myers gives us more reality about Trump  and  Robert Gould gives us an idea how to make the world better for everyone.

The photo this week is from the Don Yegge family on a Smith Lake hike.

Finally my last word is … ‘its hot … dam hot… hotter than a snake’s butt in a wagon rut”. a line from “Good Morning Vietnam”.. always comes to mind on a day like this

Burn Institute Thanks DVFD 7/27/16

Chief Lee Brown and Downieville VFD hosted the Firefighters Burn Institute at a BBQ for the VFD Firefighters, EMTs, Dispatchers and Commissioners at the Masonic Hall on Tuesday evening. Mike Daw, representative of the FFBI and Battalion Chief, Sacramento Metro Fire District presented a Plaque to Jacie Epperson, who organizes the Fill The Boot drive every year benefitting the FFBI.

The Firefighters Burn Institute Regional Burn Center represents the diligent efforts of firefighters throughout Northern California in support of the Firefighters Burn Institute. Their pledge represents the single largest gift toward the Pavilion: $2 million. The Sacramento Area Firefighters Burn Center Committee Hydrotherapy Room for specialized wound care, the Oroville Firefighters Local 2404 Consultation Room, and the Cliff Haskell Family Waiting Area all complement the burn unit. Haskell founded the burn institute in 1974 and serves as its Executive Director Emeritus. Two of the individual burn unit patient rooms will bear donor names as well — Carol C. Davis in memory of Walter O. Davis, and Masters of Giving.

Better Prepare ?? 7/27/16

Mike McFeely is a Minnesota  radio host and a columnist for You can respond to Mike’s columns by 

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Mike McFeely

Mike McFeely

FARGO—Have to write this quick. Don’t have much time. Things are happening. Need to get ready.
Hordes of illegal immigrant criminals are roaming the country, randomly murdering innocent people. I might be next. My family might be next. You might be next. Criminals are taking over the cities. Rural areas aren’t safe either, I’m sure. There is lawlessness. Things are out of control. And the terrorists. Oh, the terrorists. They are everywhere.

We need law and order. Order and law. That is what we need. And we need to keep people out. The bad people, the dangerous people, the dark-skinned people. Keep ’em all out. Because they are coming to get us. You and me. Our wives and kids. Probably our dogs, too. Why the dogs? They are so innocent. Savages.
There’s only one person who can save us from this nightmare. He told us so the other night. When he’s elected president and inaugurated on Jan. 20, 2017, we’ll all be safe. Immediately. He told us so. Believe me.
I just have to get by, survive, until Jan. 20. Then things will be OK. America will be great again and not the dangerous cesspool it’s become. We’ll elect the great man and the cities will stop burning, the hordes will stop roaming, the rains will come, the locusts will go away, the famine will cease.
Work to do. Turn the basement into a bunker, board up the windows, stock up on food and water, mine the yard, put up the razor wire, build the watchtower, buy a generator. And guns. Need lots and lots of guns. Can’t forget the cyanide pills, just in case they penetrate the perimeter. It’d be better that way, easier than falling into the hands of the gangs of immigrant brown people and criminals.
Got to admit, didn’t see this coming. Kinda thought things were OK. Not perfect, but OK. Had no idea these once-great United States had fallen so far off the cliff. Maybe we’re just in a bubble here in Fargo-Moorhead, we don’t see the apocalypse that’s happening. Then again, I’ve been all over the country the last few years. Big cities and small. East Coast and West Coast. North and South. Haven’t seen the death and destruction. Must’ve happened quick.
Or maybe it’s the liberal media that wasn’t telling the truth. Probably not reporting how bad it is out there. It’d be so like them. Typical of the elites, pushing their agenda to hide the truth to protect their dictator. All part of the plan. Making things seem so good that we beg to have the Muslim Kenyan named president for life. Thank goodness the truth came out at the convention.

So can’t take the chance. Have to prepare for what the great man told us is happening. Crime everywhere. Murders, rape, robbery. Can’t let this happen anymore. Can’t let them take our guns away. Need law and order. Believe me.
What was that sound?! Did somebody break in the house? Gotta close the curtains! Shut off the lights! Hide under the bed! Who’s there?! Who is it?! Oh, just the cat. Knocked over a lamp. Dang thing is lucky I haven’t bought my guns yet.
What’s happened to this country? Used to be we were a rising road. Used to be we were the shining city on a hill. Used to be we were 1,000 points of light. Even in the worst of times, we gave people a new deal. We were always looking ahead, always looking to be better.
It must’ve all been a lie. Lucky somebody has finally told the truth, that this country is going to hell. It’s a crisis. A dark, dangerous place and we need some law and order to save us.
The great man is just the guy. He alone can fix it. But I have to wait for him. Why do I have to wait? Just have to hold out for 180 days and he’ll make it all better. He and he alone.
Meantime, got to get ready. They’re coming. I know they are. In waves across the border. To get me. To get you. Our economy is in the tank, things are falling apart. Crime. Destruction. Violence. Have to keep building the bunker. Maybe have to dig another one. Every man for himself until he saves us. Just get to Jan. 20. Six months and we’ll be great again. Believe me.

Child Labor in River 7/27/16

A well known local person was sighted violating child labor laws recently. No one would speak to the press about exactly who was in charge of children moving rocks in the river.

End of My Life 7/27/16

Adam Vogal

Adam Vogal

Why Black Lives Matter To Me  –  by Adam Vogal

There are deathbed conversions. I was there for one.

The day before he died in 2003, I asked my grandfather what was the greatest thing he had done in his 86 years of life. He thought for less than a second, and said, “ I saved a black man’s life in the middle of the Pacific ocean.” My grandfather was a Navy sailor during WWII and as far as I had always known, a lifelong racist.

As he spoke, I was startled that he said, “black man.” He did not use any derogatory phrases to describe the man he had saved nor the pilots who sunk his ship. The n-word and the term “Jap” that I had been accustomed to him using all during my childhood were missing throughout his entire description of his ship being sunk by Kamikaze pilots. But now he was facing his end. Things changed rapidly.

As he described his part in saving the black sailor when they hit the water, and the battle that led up to it, I could see the new pride he felt in his heroic actions. I could also see the acceptance that at the end of his life, he knew he had been wrong in his thinking about others. The greatest thing he did, in his entire life, was to save someone he despised only because their skin color differed from his. My grandfather, at that moment, became more of a teacher to me than he had ever been.

I became my grandfather’s witness. Facing his own imminent death, he clearly recognized that the way he had chosen to be in the world was not the way he wished he would have been. I saw him comprehending that the choices he had made to create separation from other human beings were ones that he now regretted, immensely. In his words, I saw him trying to enlighten me to the importance of not having regrets about the way I treat other people when I come to the end of my life.

Thanks to the instruction of my grandfather that day, I take up the cause of #blacklivesmatter today because I believe in the equality and equity of all human beings. I believe that every person, without exception, deserves the dignity and restorative justice that will create the world we all deserve to live in. I believe that black and brown bodies are equal to white bodies and should be honored and preserved in the same way by a police force that takes an oath to do so.

We can honor black lives and honor white lives. We can respect black lives, white lives, and the police officers that take an oath to protect them all. If you don’t think this is possible, I direct you to Wichita, Kansas, where Black Lives Matter and the police picnic together, reifying these very possibilities.

I offer this to you today because we need to do better as we act and react with one another in these uncertain times. Don’t wait until your deathbed. Be bold, be brave now.

Adam Vogal, Associate Editor of PeaceVoice, is a Conflict Resolution master’s candidate at Portland State University.

Lost Sierra Hoedown 2016 7/27/16

The 4th Annual Lost Sierra Hoedown is now just two months away. While there are bigger and flashier festivals around Northern California, the Hoedown offers an experience that is something different. The event began in 2013 as a senior project of Sierra Nevada College students with two goals in mind: supporting the historic Johnsville Ski Bowl and bringing sustainability to music festivals. In it’s fourth year, those values are still there.

The Lost Sierra Hoedown offers 4 days of music, camping and camaraderie. The lineup for this year includes a little bit of everything. Although the roots of the festival are based in Americana, with no shortage of banjoes and mandolins – there’s a little bit of everything sprinkled in. The Stone Foxes join the headliners this year, bringing a bit of straight rock and roll flavor to the event. The wildly popular Rabbit Wilde will also be returning for a rare northern California appearance. The Good Luck Thrift Store Outfit will also be back to provide some rowdy fun after a summer hiatus. There’s just too many good things happening in the lineup to mention them all!

The event is held right at the Johnsville Ski Bowl, near the town of Graeagle, about one hour north of Truckee. The ski area is the home of the nation’s first ski races. Local miners created their own “snowshoes”, up to 11 feet long, and secret mixtures of waxes and pine tar “dope” to increase the odds of winning those early races. Those same miners reportedly also created the first know ski lift, by utilizing the ore carts that were already in place for mining operations. The Plumas Ski Club continues to hold several longboard races a year at the Ski Bowl.


One thing separating the Lost Sierra Hoedown from other festivals is that there is just one ticket that covers everything. That ticket covers four days of music, onsite camping, parking and admission for kids 12 years and under. It also includes an awesome ceramic pint glass from Earth-In Canteen, eliminating the use of plastic cups at the event. One day tickets for the event are not available. In order to protect the venue, ticket sales are limited to only 500 tickets, and those will definitely sell out as full 4 day tickets. That in itself changes the nature of the festival, bring a strong sense of community and camaraderie. Amongst that community you will find many Alpine Meadows people.

Ticket prices for this year’s festival have risen significantly. This year’s tickets are priced at $160 for the 4 day ticket. That’s a bit of a jump over previous years. Event organizers have had to deal with reality though. In the first couple of years, everybody was willing to donate time or materials to support the new event. But as the event has continued into it’s fourth year, the expenses keep building. Permit fees alone for the event have more than doubled over time – as have expenses for the simple things like sanitation and security. The reality is that similar 4 day festivals in the region will cost anywhere from $250 to 500 for a 4 day ticket when you factor in extra costs for camping and parking. The Lost Sierra Hoedown continues to be a true bargain.

The Lost Sierra Hoedown has sold out every year for the last three years and this year will be no different. Ticket sales are beginning to move fast, so we encourage you to commit soon and not be “that guy” having a freak out at the gate because no tickets are available. There’s also still some volunteer spots available to earn your ticket to the event. As always, we look forward to seeing our Alpine Meadows friends for an amazing autumnal equinox weekend. courtesy of



Cats 7/27/16

Yes, we are well aware these are not Catnip plants , however as soon as our work here is complete and she has to replant... it will be catnip...  Mickey & son Douville

7/27/16 Yes, we are well aware these are not Catnip plants, however as soon as our work here is complete and she has to replant… it will be catnip…  Molly Mom, Mickey Son Douville

Dianne Ponders Unity 7/29/16

Dianne Severance

Dianne Severance

It will be official by the time you read this: Hillary Clinton will be the Democratic nominee for president, barring any unexpected developments.

But Clinton faces an uphill battle. As of Tuesday, Trump led Clinton in the polls by 44 to 39 percent(I keep wondering who they are polling, no one I know). Many people are saying that they do not like either candidate: Trump for his vulgarity, egomania and his inhumane pronouncements about immigrants, Muslims and women. I frankly wonder if Trump is human or a robot for somebody else, maybe the Russians, since he and Vladimir Pputin, Russia’s president, are such good friends.

If Trump prevails, the prospects for this country are scary. Even with the checks and balances of the Supreme Court, the Congress, and all the parts of the Executive Branch in place, Trump could destroy the country as we know it with his rhetoric and visions of a Hitler-like government.

Clinton is the better candidate. She doesn’t stoop to calling people names  or worse, as Donald Trump does. He doesn’t apologize and continues to make statements demeaning to anyone who isn’t in his realm of obsequious followers. Clinton said she will not call Trump anything and stressed that she will be the president of the United States.

Clinton has vastly more experience dealing with heads of government and other world leaders, Trump has none. She knows how to reach across the aisle in Washington politics. She will unite her party. She will win over Sanders’ supporters. She will help them understand what this country could become if Trump became the presidency. She will reach out to Sanders’ supporters to work with her, Clinton supporters and each other to win the national election.

Clinton will make history by becoming the first female president of the United States, by showing her strength and organizing her party and supporters to work for not just Democratic success, but the benefit and good of the country.

If she fails, our nation is in grave danger. God forbid!

Stevie Jeanette is Here 7/27/16

jenny grandson

Stevie Jeanette and Mom


Stevie Jeanette was  born Tuesday, July 26 at 8:13 am, weighing in at 7 lbs 9 oz – and 19″ tall to Travis and Kiersten Funk of Minden, Nv

Jenny Varn, Grandma and  Sheron Van Kirk great grandma of Downieville California and  Grandma Chery Funk of Minden, Nv. are delighted to the families newest addition.

Downieville BrewFest News 7/29/16

11760303_10207116876227326_6682224237086633653_n[1]You are invited to the Downieville Mountain Brewfest, Saturday, August 13, 2016, from 2-6 PM, in beautiful historic downtown Downieville on Highway 49 where the Downie and the North Yuba Rivers meet. No better place to be on a hot, August day!

Come to taste some of the finest craft beer from Northern California and beyond. Featuring 24 brewing companies and one hard cider company that will be pouring some of their finest brews. Enjoy the Chicago-style blues music of Bob Mora & The Third Degree Blues Band from Rough & Ready, California. Savor the delicious food choices that will also available to purchase.

Go to: for more information and a complete list of participating brewing companies. Also visit the Facebook event page: Downieville Mountain Brewfest 2016 for all the latest updates. Tickets are $30 and available through: or in Downieville at several business locations. Tickets at the door will cost $40. You must have a photo ID to taste, and there is no charge for non-tasters or designated drivers. Shuttle service will be available from the nearby campgrounds for $5 each direction.
Tickets are selling quickly-don’t miss out! See you in Downieville!

Bid for Surplus Equipment 7/27/16


Downieville Fire Protection District
Surplus Equipment Sale:

The following items are being released as surplus equipment to the highest bidder.

1981 International Howe Fire Truck. 1,000 gallon tank, 1,000 GPM pump, automatic transmission (has a leak), 466 Detroit Diesel. 117,157 miles. Price $5,000.00 or best offer.
1976 Type 1 America La France fire truck. 750 gallon tank, 1250 GPM Pump, Automatic transmission, (fuel pump problem) 59,667 miles. Price $5,000 or best offer.
1980 Ford Ambulance two wheel drive, one ton with Stoner Ambulance Box. Gas Tank leaks on top. Never been smogged, 86,809 miles. Price $500.or best offer.

All surplus equipment is sold as is. No guarantee on any item. Bids will be considered for each item separately.

Sealed Bids are to be received no later than August 17th at 3:00 p.m. (1500 hrs) at the Sierra County Clerks Office to be opened at that time. A Cashiers check made out Downieville Fire Protection District no later than 10 days of being awarded the bid or the next highest bidder will be awarded the bid.

Interested bidders may contact Irv Christensen for prior inspection/or photos of the items. Contact Commissioner Christensen at or 530 289-3432.

Bids will be received at the DFPD c/o County Sierra, Clerk Recorders Office, 100 Courthouse Square, Downieville, CA 95936 until 3:00 p.m. on August 17, 2016 at which time they will be publicly opened and read by two DFPD Commissioners.

Published in Mountain Messenger July 9, August 4 & 11, 2016

Mark your Calendar 7/27/16

This year we are starting a new Labor Day tradition in Downieville! Come join us for the Yuba River Rib Cook-Off during the day followed by a street dance in the evening! All proceeds to go towards improvements to the Downieville Community Hall!

Anyone interested in competing in the Yuba River Rib Cook-Off please email or message Heather Foster or Jenny Varn for the guidelines and entry form, the entry fee is $20. 1st place prize $200, 2nd $100, 3rd $50, & “People’s Choice” award, trophy and bragging rights!!

Public entry for the Rib Cook-Off will be from 1 pm to 3 pm. The entry fee is $10 for adults and $5 for kids 12 and under and includes samples of our contestants ribs, traditional BBQ sides, soda and water and an opportunity to vote for the “People’s Choice” award! $3 draft beers will also be available!

Labor Day street dance will be held from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. Enjoy live music by Undercover, some good southern rock and country! Adults $8, kids 12 and under $5.

Tickets will be available soon at and at our local businesses. We will update the event as soon as they become available.

Mountain Messenger (gifts for all) 7/27/16

Hey guess what… Don is shaking loose some of his nickels and letting us do something nice for your friend. Well, Milly said, anyhow, Don may not know about this so don’t tell him but “If you want to make a quizzie thing or a game thing or one of them things you like to do – winner can have a 1 year sub… let’s see, I can do buy 1 year, get 1 year free. Can be transfered. (They can send the 2nd free year to a friend, enemy, co-worker, inmate, bird lover, fish catcher, etc.) After they pay for their 1st year.”  And then Jill said, ” Could you please remind folks that we would love to hear from them – no charge for letters to the editor.. Must be signed. 200 word count. Deadline for all submissions is Tuesday, noon, unless arrangements have been made with staff for late submission.
email us or call or —> drop in the mailbox so our local post office employees keep their jobs.”  and then I said, “The quiz is what is Don’s birthday (May 15) if you get the right answer you win the prize.  Contact info below the picture.

Editor Don Russell laughs as he realizes the whole world knows when his birthday is....

7/27/16 Editor Don Russell laughs as he realizes the whole world knows when his birthday is…. and someone might get a free subscription….

messenger subcribe 2016Send anything you need published to Milly, the CEO and most important person in the office, at or you may call directly to 530 289-3262 and talk to Don, (and suggest he give a raise to Milly). For a subscription: send in as below or call 530 289-3262 with credit card in hand.. Write to Don Russell at and tell him you subscribed because you read about it on Sierra County Prospect…..

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