District Attorney Cases 7/13/16

Sierra County District Attorney  Lawrence R. Allen                                   530.289.3269 530.993.4617                                                        larryallen@sierracounty.ws


Scott Megna (46) Indio. Possession of Methamphetamine and two counts of failure to appear. Three years probation, 60 days jail, fine $3140.

Jesus Lomas (41) Patterson. Driving while his license was suspended. Eighteen months probation, and a fine of $1869.

Tomas Gonzales (19) Loyalton. After a contested preliminary hearing, Gonzales was ordered to stand trial on felony possession of child pornography, and violation of a court order. Gonzales later pled guilty to having sex with a minor, and possession of child pornography. His sentencing is scheduled for July24. He remains in custody in lieu of $50,000 bail.

Romona Romero (19) Loyalton. She was sentenced after pleading guilty to felony withholding and concealing a child to deprive a custodial parent of custody or visitation. She was given 4 years probation, 121 days in jail, and ordered to successfully attend and complete drug court.

Tonya Steward (48) Sierra City. After a contested preliminary hearing, she was ordered to stand trial on two felony counts of resisting arrest with force and violence, attempting to take a peace officer’s firearm, and two counts of battery on a peace officer. She later pled guilty to one count of felony resisting an officer and battery on a peace officer. She will be sentenced on August 12.

Christopher Beresford (50) Grass Valley. Reckless driving, alcohol related. Eighteen months probation, fine $1519, and he must complete an alcohol awareness program.

Andrew Rogers (25) Loyalton. False report of a crime. one year probation, and fine of $1075.Kevin Pagel (35) Loyalton. Disturbing the peace. One year probation, fine $465.

Samuel LaBono (21) Loyalton. LaBonno pled guilty to felony charges on unlawfully communicating with a minor through electronic means for the purpose of committing a sex offense. Sentencing is on August 12.

Brandon Smith (29) Transit. After a contested restitution hearing, he was orderedto pay restitution in the amount of $4514.51 with a 10% collection fee to the County and 10% interest. The money is paid to a Sierra Valley rancher after Smith pled guilty to felony vandalism. He was previously sentenced to 16 months jail.