Food With Lou 9/4/16

Grizzley Food With Lou 9/7/16
Okay folks, it’s time to fire up the appetite!

Last month I was kidnapped by two crazy women on my birthday and taken out to dinner. These suspects, who always wish to remain anonymous, but for story telling purposes, we’ll call them Gail and Barbara, made me drive them to downtown Blairsden, California. I was directed to drive into the parking lot of the Grizzly Grill. Yes, the famous Grizzly Grill where the motto is: “What Happens Here, Gets All Over Town”.

Of course, the folks there were expecting us and we were seated near the kitchen. Our server was very prompt and explained the special of the day. Gail ordered the shrimp scampi, Barb ordered the pot roast and I ordered the rib eye steak. (It was my birthday, deal with it). Salad came, was delicious. Main meal came, Gail said it was the best shrimp scampi ever. She seemed to think she was served more shrimp than usual. Must have been the three Long-Island Iced tea’s. Barb said her pot roast was very tender and was filled with amazing flavor. It’s amazing what one thinks of the food when they have had four gin and tonic’s. I, of course, was the DD, so all I got was regular ice tea. Anyway, the meal really was exceptional!

With that being said, I think its time for everyone to experience the wonderful food at the Grizzly Grill. Here is the “low-down”, Friday, September 9th. Will leave Downieville at 4:00pm for a 5:30pm dinner reservation. They serve Prime Rib on Friday. So, you know what I’m having. You must let me know if you are going before Wednesday, September 7th.

Now, it takes us about an hour to get there from Downieville. So, those of you who live in Reno (Kathy and Bob Matulich), it too, will take only an hour to get there. So, no lame stories. To view the menu, or get the address, you can go to Grizzley Grill Restaurant– 530-836-1300 to get that information. Remember, let me know before Wednesday the 7th and if you want to ride on the van(s). See you, Lou the Foodie