Heading to the Bottom 11/2/16

Tom Hastings

Tom Hastings

Supremes, the Senate and the Dirty Donalds, Segretti to Trump

By Tom H. Hasting

OK, the Republicans said when Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia passed away late last winter, we are not going to do our Constitutional work reviewing any nominations President Obama might make because we think the American people should have a voice in choosing the members of the highest court in the land.

Huh? The American people elected and re-elected Barak Obama. That is called having a voice. That is called voting. That is a democracy. What the Republicans did was entirely bogus, but, as usual, the American people didn’t seem to excited about it, so the Republicans were able to get away with that blatantly unfair move.

Now, unbelievably, Ted Cruz has threatened to block any nomination on an indefinite basis, if in fact Trump is unsuccessful in his groping campaign for the presidency.

This now disqualifies all Senate Republicans. Every single one of them up for election or re-election should be defeated to clear the way for government to actually function again.

Trump says he’ll only accept the election results if he wins.

Ted Cruz says if needed, the GOP will abdicate its Constitutional role in affirming Supreme Court Justices, based on likely losing the White House.

Republicans are simply racing to the bottom and are displaying all the moral fiber of the average junior high bully, completely unable to accept any defeat without having an adolescent hissy fit. Grow up, people!

Since that seems to be the phenomenon we see, it is clear that no Republican should be voted in this year, at least in the Senate and obviously the White House. In my 66 years on this planet, I’ve never seen a US campaign season so despicable, uncivil, boorish, and infantile. Add to it all the Comey move—the FBI tampering with the election? It is the Donald Segretti School of Political Chicanery arcing forward to the Donald Trump Malevolent Machine. These people can’t win a fair fight, so they resort to their bottomless barrel of dirty tricks; we are called to teach them better.

For the good of the nation, defeat every Republican running for US Senate in 2016, so we have some chance for a bit of normalcy and progress in the US.

Tom H. Hastings is Founding Director of PeaceVoice.

Carrie’s Safety Corner 11/2/16

by: Carrie A. Blakley

imagesAround here, there are more firearms than there are people, and with good reason. When you have a 400 pound California Brown Bear trying to corner you in the kitchen while it’s trying to pry its way into your refrigerator, throwing a spoon at it just is not going to do the trick. Then again, unless you happen to keep a rifle in your kitchen’s catch all drawer….well, that’s where knives come in handy. At any rate, firearm safety is extremely important. Probably THE most important thing you need to pay attention to inside your home (other than your living family members – human and animal). While it’s no secret that I am an avid supporter of firearms, I can tell you right now, I am even more avid about firearm safety.

nra-eddie-eagle-teaching-kids-about-gun-safety-apFirst, and foremost, any firearm should be kept in an extremely secure location within the home. The best 3 storage options for both safety and security are: a firearm lock (trigger or cable), a firearm case (preferably one that can be locked), and a firearm safe (also one that has a secure lock on it). Prior to taking your firearm into your home, it should be carefully, and completely, unloaded with the muzzle pointed in a safe direction. NEVER load a sporting firearm in the home. Ever. Just don’t do it. Always make sure your firearms are stored in a secure location, that is completely out of reach, and sight, of children. Locked cabinet, firearm vault, secure case…etc. Store the ammunition in a locked location that is SEPARATE from the firearms, and out of reach/sight of children – at all times! NO exceptions!

111122-f-nt337-001Clean your firearms before placing them in their proper storage location, immediately after you return from a hunting trip, or a day at the firing range. Always recheck firearms carefully, and completely, to be sure they are still unloaded when you remove them from storage. YOU are responsible for making certain the firearms in your home are not casually accessible to anyone – especially curious young people!! For more information about firearm safety in the home, you can stop by the Sierra County Sheriff’s Department, and pick up a VERY informative pamphlet from the National Shooting Sports Foundation. It’s free, and available right in the lobby of the office. If you have more detailed questions, concerns or comments, always talk directly to a law enforcement officer. Always remember to be safe!

I hope everyone had a great Halloween! Have a fantastic, and safe, week everyone!

Sheriff’s Public Log 11/2/16


Sierra County Sheriff’s Office Public Information Log


  • 0356 – Audible alarm sounding in Loyalton
  • 1336 – Overly aggressive gentleman at Ridge Road Scales
  • 1506 – 9-1-1 request for ambulance in Loyalton
  • 1531 – Strange phone call received in Calpine
  • 1711 – Agency assist for probation search in Loyalton
  • 1922 – Report of possible burglary in progress in Loyalton
  • 1943 – Possible sighting of subject involved in kidnapping in Pike City
  • 2013 – Report of small slide on Depot Hill


  • 0520 – Alarm sounding in Downieville
  • 0652 – 9-1-1 request for ambulance in Loyalton
  • 1413 – Subjects fighting possible weapons in Goodyears Bar
  • 1447 – 9-1-1 Request for ambulance in Calpine
  • 1535 – Arrest on out of county warrant in Downieville
  • 1814 – Suspicious activity reported in residence in Downieville


  • 0802 – USFS burning hand piles in several locations wester Sierra Co
  • 0812 – USFS burning piles in Plum Valley
  • 0902 – Report of dog bite in Calpine
  • 1050 – Possible burglary in Downieville
  • 1459 – Agency assist for welfare check in Sierra Brooks


  • 0914 – Report of harassment in Loyalton
  • 1123 – Ambulance needed in Loyalton
  • 1251 – Stranded motorist in Dog Valley
  • 2124 – Static called 9-1-1 from Sierra City


  • 0946 – Report of computer being hacked in Loyalton
  • 1151 – Phone reported lost in Loyalton
  • 1225 – Hang up called 9-1-1 from Clark Station
  • 1400 – Subject arrested on local warrant at Placer Co Jail
  • 2333 – Ambulance requested in Loyalton


  • 0332 – Continuous car horn honking in Downieville


  •  0839 – USFS control burning in Sardine Valley
  • 0842 – Hang up calls 9-1-1 from Green Acres
  • 1008 – Injured fawn on Jackson Meadow Rd
  • 1209 – Another 9-1-1 hang up from Green Acres
  • 1502 – Report of overdue party from Gold Lake Rd area
  • 1613 – Multiple vehicle accident at Sagehen Summit
  • 1752 – Vehicle blocking Hwy 89 near Truckee
  • 1945 – Solo cow in the roadway near Loyalton
  • 1957 – Static calls 9-1-1 from Green Acres
  • 2052 – Cow in the roadway with a car that might have hit it near Loyalton

Halloween Scenes 11/2/16

Mountain Messenger (nothing got nothing) 10/26/16

Well I got nothing, but I am sure the Mess has lots to say this week… Milly won’t let Jill share anything with me and Irma has quit because Ralph got mad about the amount of time she was spending with Randy. Anyhow life is good at the Mountain Messenger, lots of people feel that Jill definitely has become an elitist after assuming the role of being the ruler of all things in ink. She use to be friendly and outgoing and fun to take a break with, but now she is all just work work work… and it is tiresome to say the least, not for her of course she loves it, but those of us who don’t have to work are getting bored because boring people get bored. That’s all I got.

This is not Irma, no one is sure if it is Milly or Jill they both have black hair... notice how one is not allowed to look into her eyes.

10/26/16 This is not Irma, no one is sure if it is Milly or Jill they both have black hair… notice how one is not allowed to look into her eyes.

messenger-subcribe-2016Send anything you need published to Milly, the CEO and most important person in the office, at yesdearyousuck@yahoo.com or you may call directly to 530 289-3262 and talk to Don, (and suggest he give a raise to Jill, Milly’s secretary). For a subscription: send in as below or call 530 289-3262 with credit card in hand.. Write to Don Russell at mtnmess@cwo.com and tell him you subscribed because you read about it on Sierra County Prospect…..

Wednesday October 26, 2016

Well, I just returned from a road trip with my son Mark to visit my grandson, Mark’s nephew, Aidan in Boulder, Colorado. A fun trip visiting several important landmarks, the gravesite of Thornburg the Dog and Giant Head of Lincoln in Wyoming. In Boulder we also made a homage trip to Casita Bonita, which anyone who is a SouthPark fan will recognize, I’m not but Mark and Aidan were on a mission to go there… it was fun… don’t miss it if you have a chance. Of course the real highlight was seeing my grandson Aidan, now in his 4th year at University of Colorado.

Meanwhile, while I was in Boulder I got a text message on my phone about an Amber Alert in California for a mother who had taken her 7 month baby from the grandmother who had legal custody of them. It was on the news for our 5 day trip, on the 6th day as I drove up the street to my house there were a plethora of law enforcement and emergency vehicles all over the street in front which of course made me think something bad happened i in my home. It was the missing baby and mother, there had been a high speed chase up Hwy 49 into Downieville and CHP found the abandoned vehicle on a dead end road up the hill and had initiated a search for the missing mother and baby which had been going on for several hours, via helicopter, tracking dogs, ground search and several agencies, including Grass Valley CGP, Placer County Search Teams, Sierra County Sheriff, Sierra City VFD, Sierra County SAR, Solano County Sheriff and Downieville Volunteer Fire Department and Downieville Ambulance. Downieville Community Hall across the street from my house was the staging area. At around 3 p.m. Downieville resident Nicole Kaiser spotted the woman in front of the grocery store, evidently the woman had made it into downtown Downieville (a whole two block area) and had been wandering around a couple of hours, talked to several people but no one realized this was who everyone was searching for, in fact she had talked to a local who told her, “this is a bad time to be visiting with all the confusion from law enforcement searching for the mother and baby.” Thankfully, Nicole Kaiser watched the woman and realized it was the mother and she had the 7 month old baby concealed in a kind of duffel baby. Nicole waved down a CHP vehicle and pointed her out to the officer who at first was skeptical but Nicole told him it was her, raising her voice and yelling “that’s her, that’s her”, the woman began to run and Nicole ran after her attempting to get other law enforcement and searchers in the area’s attention, the whole town turned and ran towards Nicole and the mother was stopped, the baby was rescued and taken to the medical station, fortunately the baby was in good shape and appeared to be healthy, eventually the baby and mother were taken to Sierra Nevada Hospital in Grass Vally to be checked out and the mother booked into Wayne Brown Correctional Facility in Nevada City. Everyone in Downieville breathed a sigh of relief for the happy ending of a safe baby and hopes the mother will get the help she needs to become the mother Henry deserves. Nicole is the true hero in this story her realizing the situation and taking the action necessary to ensure the safety of the baby is heroic. Thank you Nicole!

We have Dianne’s Pondering, Carols Movie, Cats, Others, Sheriff Log and great articles by Tom Hastings, Mel Gurtov, Winslow Myers and Robert Koehler be sure to read and be filled with interesting knowledge.

The photo this week is of the Sierra Valley taken by Michelle Anderson, she gives credit to Don Yegge for editing work. What strikes me about his photo with the sun shining through the dark clouds it is  the epitome of  the relief and joy of law enforcement, searchers, EMS and all the volunteers in the rescue of Baby Henry in Downieville yesterday and finding him in good shape and okay.

Candle Light Doins in Downieville 10/26/16

Dear Editor.
The Noble Grand Humbug Phil Smith has sounded the Hewgag for the Candle Light Doins, November 12, 2016. Held at the Downieville Community Hall – starting at 4:30pm
This is a gentleman’s initiation for those 50+ who want to join ECV. Exceptions to the age will be evaluated on a case by case basis. A history lesson, Big/Little Slippery and a luscious dinner are Included in the admission rub. Prospective members $55 – Red Shirts $40 at the door

Thank you,  Brian Gardei
Downie Chapter 1849


Anyone know Danny Lynn Miller? 10/26/16

Sir, My name is Ralph Miller and my late uncle was an ECV Clamper from Camptonville CA,. I think it was Clamper Post 1849. His name was Danny Lynn Miller (“Danny Lynn”) and he died in 2002 in his 50s. I was wondering if anyone knew him or could send me any pictures of him. I am trying to find out more about him and the family. I am told that there is a shrine dedicated to him in the Brass Rail Market and Tavern in North San Juan, but I have been unable to get a copy of his picture on the shrine. I do know that he died at that bar. Do you know anybody who knew him or has pictures of him? I greatly appreciate your time sir.

Ralph Miller – ralph.miller1141@outlook.com

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