Carol’s Movie 11/2/16

Carol Says – 

The Accountant
We saw it today and it was very entertaining. Fast moving, good acting, humor, and for those of you who like “shoot ’em up”, there was a little of that. For those of us who are not “shoot ’em up” fans, it goes by quickly. The thing is, I couldn’t follow a lot of it – not put together well, but I think they want it that way – and at the end it all came together. So, I did like this movie. It is about an accountant that does something that leads to other stuff. No, at the end I didn’t have all my questions answered, but I liked the movie so much I didn’t care. And, I got most of my answers.

With all that, you are wondering if you should see it. Yes, you should.

Wiki says – The Accountant is a 2016 American drama thriller film directed by Gavin O’Connor, written by Bill Dubuque and starring Ben Affleck, Anna Kendrick, J. K. Simmons, Jon Bernthal, Jeffrey Tambor and John Lithgow. The film follows an autistic, small-town certified public accountant who makes his living uncooking the books of dangerous criminal organizations that are experiencing internal embezzlement.