District Attorney Cases 11/2/16

Sierra County District Attorney
Lawrence R. Allen

530.289.3269 530.993.4617


Byron Caudle (57) Loyalton. Violation of a Court Order by not paying his fines. Five days jail.

Kayla Guiterrez (24) Oakland. Driving while suspended, and failure to appear. She was placed on 18 months probation, ordered to pay fines of $1943, and she served 19 days in jail.

Sharon Tanguay (38) Portola. Reckless driving, alcohol related. She was placed on 18 months probation, ordered to pay a fine of $1519, and attend alcohol awareness classes.

James Money (34) Reno. Money was sentenced for violation of his probation after a conviction of auto theft. He failed to report to probation, and otherwise comply with the terms of his probation. He was given three years in prison.

Mark Black (46) Loyalton. After a contested preliminary hearing, Black was ordered to stand trial for presenting false documents to a court for deceitful purposes.

Brulio Nevarez (44) Sierra City. Guilty of drunk in public. Eighteen months probation, two days jail, and ordered to completed AA programs.

Caitlin Peters (28) Pike. Unlawful campfire. Fine $545.

Ronald Severin (37) Loyalton. Severin pled guilty to maintaining a place for selling and giving away controlled substances. He was placed on 18 months probation, served 2 days jail, and fined $1075.

Jose Lopez Palomera (21) transit, and Luis Miguel-Ramos (22) transit. Palomera and Miguel-Ramos were sentenced after guilty pleas to possession for sale of marijuana, and diversion of a stream. They were sentenced to three years in prison, which was suspended and they were places on five years probation, with jail of 164 days, and fines of $3430 each. Both were turned over to Immigration Services for return to Mexico. Should they re-enter the United States, they can be charges with separate (new) felonies, and the balance of the three year sentence will automatically be imposed.

Efrain Diaz Valencia (34) transit and Gabriel Sanchez – Radillo (36) transit were sentenced for possession for sale of marijuana and possession of toxic chemicals at a marijuana grow site. Valencia and Shachez-Radillo were given the same sentence as Palomera and Miguel-Ramos, and were likewise turned over to immigration for deportation.