Irish Cruise Update 12/14/16

Okay folks,  I know it’s 11 months away, but one has to plan early to get good room. So, here’s the deal: Rooms start at $699 per person and go up to $2500 per person.

Five beautiful nights on the Caribbean sailing with a bunch of crazy Irishmen and want-to-be Irishmen. Eating all the food you want. (Frank Lang, please ignore that last one). Meeting all kinds of wonderful humans.

So, Judy and Pat have already booked. Don’t “Dilly-Dally”, Judy has informed me the ship is smaller than the last two we were on. I assume this will book fairly fast.

Haven’t heard from Mary and John Mann, from Australia, yet. I assume Mary has “Pig-Piled” John in an attempt to talk him into going. Stay tuned.

I have four other Downieville folks who are interested and will probably join us. Don’t miss the fun folks, you won’t regret this cruise!!!

Lou The Entertainment Sheal