Carol’s Movies 12/21/16

The Hollars – A man returns to his small hometown after learning that his mother has fallen ill and is about to undergo surgery. Director: John Krasinski Writer: James C. Strouse (as Jim Strouse) Stars: Sharlto Copley, Charlie Day, Richard Jenkins

Carol Says: We laughed from beginning to end (there are a few emotional spots, tho). First, the official description on the DVD cover is nothing like the movie. So don’t even bother reading it.

This guy goes home because his mother has a brain tumor and an upcoming operation. While home, you watch the inner actions of the family. Some funny, some emotional situations each person must work through.

The acting is superb. I found, even with the serious issues, an uplifting movie. So there you have it.

Manchester By the Sea – An uncle is forced to take care of his teenage nephew after the boy’s father dies. Director: Kenneth Lonergan Writer: Kenneth Lonergan Stars: Casey Affleck, Michelle Williams, Kyle Chandler |

We just saw “Manchester By The Sea” and I will try not be to too negative. It is not a happy movie at all, and at the end of 2 hrs 17 minutes, I thought: that’s it? Mostly an unhappy movie with unlikeable characters, with very few slightly positive things in it. Again, very few positive things in it for the main character.

It also goes from present to past, present to past, and it was a little hard to keep up with. Some of the scenes are long to make sure we get the idea. Yes, I got the idea.

Lee goes home because his brother died. He has his own demons to deal with. He is named the guardian of his nephew. We are watching Lee’s tortured life and his dealing with it. The positive part is that he finally tries to do the right thing. End of movie. End of review.