The California State Fair will be held at Cal Expo in Sacramento on Friday, July 14th through Sunday, July 30th. I am looking for volunteers to staff the exhibit during the fair. The fair hours are Monday-Thursday 11am to 10pm and Friday-Sunday 10am to 10pm. Each volunteer will get a free admission to the fair, as well as a parking pass. I encourage you to get several people together and go for the whole day and take turns staffing. That will give everyone an opportunity to see the other activities and events at the fair. You can also do a half day early or late shift, if that fits better into your schedule. Either way, please let me know as soon as possible if you can help with staffing, as the deadline to submit paperwork to the state fair officials is May 25th. My phone number in Sierra City is 862-1173 and my email address is maryervinlaw@gmail.com.

I want to thank you for your support and dedication in bringing out the best of Sierra County!

Mary Ervin, Counties Exhibit Coordinator
For Sierra County