Wednesday March 15, 2017

Mar 15, 2017 – NBC Newa

Federal judge blocks revised Trump travel order, restraining order applies nationwide
The revised executive order was set to go into effect just after midnight. The judge in Hawaii said the plaintiffs demonstrated a ‘strong likelihood’ of success on the merits. The order would have restricted entry to the U.S. from six predominantly Muslim nations and put on hold admission of refugees.

Do you have a warped sense of humor… or maybe look at things and not see them the same way as someone who is “normal” might… well then you might just enjoy the writings by Greg Levin, he has three published books and writes a blog which often makes me laugh out loud (LOL) Anyhow if you are looking for something to do check his website and buy a book.

The Cowboy Poetry event is this weekend in Vinton (see story) lots of local news, Be Encouraged, District Attorney Cases, Cats, Phil’s Photos. Columns by David Cortright, Kevin Martin, Robert Koehler and Mel Gurtov.

Today March 15th was Tom’s 80th birthday, thinking about him most of the day, his twin sister Jo called, after I finished talking to her I found myself wondering how old she was… and I realized that was a very senior moment for me. We miss Tom, we is everyone, his family, his friends, his cats, his town, his big sister, his twin and me.

The photo this week is by Dave Keyes Photograpy Tom loved going to Sardine Lake Resort for beauty, peace, quiet hikes and great dinners.

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  1. It never is easy to lose a beloved friend. My sympathies are with everyone who loved Tom, and I continue to pray for all of you.

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