Be Encouraged by Angela 3/22/17

As kids enjoy their Spring Break, I’m following suit; taking a break from this column to chillax. Make the most of this opportunity by purchasing ad space. Please keep Don busy bringing news to light in his brilliant manner worthy of California’s Oldest Weekly paper.

Till the next time sincere encouragement can be mustered up, here’s a variety of thoughts. If you’re a professed PEEPS hater, pass them here. Don’t understand disdain for PEEPS, that’s ok. Also, don’t take for granted everyone understands why those in the faith celebrate the Easter holiday. It is more than Cadbury Eggs and PEEPS.

Our Lord Jesus, who was without sin, was beaten and crucified. He rose back to life and walked out of the tomb on the third day. Now He sits at the right hand of the Father, instructing all the “Bob the Builders” with blue prints of our eternal dwelling place. My request is in for one kick ass tree house – Swiss Family Robinson style. My daughter has placed her bid in for a mansion with some sort of free flowing soda fountain system. To each their own.

If you trust Jesus with your heart and soul, you are guaranteed to walk heaven’s golden streets, where everyone knows your name (Cheers!). I’m so ready to go and ya’ll don’t want to miss the party. Wine lovers will be delighted, (course I’ll be reclining by the Newcastle Brown Ale and whisky fountain, and coffee will no longer be a necessity to function) and there will be lots of music and dancing (guessing not up and down a pole Vegas style, but whatever. And if you think the music will suck…you’re wrong). No more dirty diapers to change. No more dog crap to pick up. Many pros. Dogma will be long gone.

Honestly, circles still make coming to Jesus a royal pain in the arse. He’s not complicated. Only Ten Commandments were given and yet the establishment in His day found a way to make 1,000 rules out of those ten. Wars fought and people burned at the stake all in the name of Christ. Never His intention.

Speaking of wars…war does change people. Feels like I’ve been in a war for three years now- hence the needed break. Not the same gal I was before I moved to the mountains, and that’s okay. God knew all of this beforehand. Maybe you’ve had a season where it was all you could do just to get through your day and not let hate build up where love should reign.

When dealing with people that do their best at being their worst, and dealing with said people over the long term, even the nicest soul reaches a snapping point. The good news is, those that love God will win every time. He promises any season of insane disappointment and turmoil will be turned around in our favor. It takes WORK to love those barely tolerable, not to mention the mean, vindictive and abusive creature.

Loving those who like us, those who LOVE us…well, shucks…that’s easy. Try loving the haters. It is a balancing act: loving and forgiving while not being a doormat. Jesus never asked people to be doormats. But He does ask that we push through resentment and bitterness so we can shine bright. God goes before us. Where He guides, He provides.

Two of the brightest stars under the Sierra County skies put in my path are Downieville’s Cassie Koch and Sierra City’s Brandt Larson. God has used these two more than they will ever know to restore my soul in the most needed times. Whose soul can you help restore and heal through kindness this week? In closing, what legacy will you leave behind? Regardless of how many friends you have on social media, if the 2-20 people that actually live and work with you all hours of the day suffer for it, that’s your legacy.

If you are in a position to impact someone’s life by your title, position, job, talents, whatever- sow seeds of goodness not destruction. Everyone is dealing with enough of their own demons, issues, challenges and heartaches without needing further abuse heaped upon them. Abuse is a sad affair and takes many forms. What we do now, stands for all eternity.

My prayer is to hear “Well done, good and faithful servant. You kept angels employed, you were one hell of a fighter, had a great heart for others, but that mouth…my lands. Even still, well done!” May you also hear “Well done” when you stand before Him. Rest if you need to. If your break is up, get back on your horse and ride into the sunset.

Happy spring and summer! May you encounter Jesus for who He actually is, in a personal way and soon! God is good! Always!

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  1. thank you for the inspiration and kind words, you are a saint sweet woman……….

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