Wednesday April 5, 2017

Sorry to say that Pat Whitley  of Loyalton passed last night, she had been in the hospital for an illness. We will miss her, she has been a vibrant political force in Sierra County for many years.

Reminder!! This Friday 4/7 @ 5pm is Calpine Food Pantry. Everyone welcome, hope to see you there!!

The Memorial Luncheon for Tom Schumann is this Saturday, April 8th 1 p.m. at the Downieville Community Hall, Tom’s favorite meal will be served, meatloaf, mashed potatoes, asparagus, if you like you may bring a side dish or dessert but don’t worry about it, just come and celebrate Tom’s life with his favorite meal.

The Sierra County Solid Waste Collection Facilities at Alleghany, Ramshorn, Sierra City, Sattley and the Loyalton Landfill will be closed on Sunday, April 16, 2017.

Okay…Gadzooks and holy moly, I saw Dana Gioia twice on Tuesday, once at the Board of Supervisors and then again at the Yuba Theatre making a presentation to Downieville Schools students. Both times as I listened to him recite poems, talk about his life and other reflections and observations of his 66 years of life I thought about those who were missing this and wishing we could hit replay, drag all our friends and family into his presence to become transfixed by his thoughts about life, humanity and the written word. And it wasn’t just me Don Russell was completely mesmerized too along with everyone else in the room.Listen to his talk at the Supes here at the 2:05 tape mark and see article this issue.

POTUS has donated his first quarter salary of $78,000  to the National Parks Service. He may have a little problem with math as he can’t possibly believe this makes up for the $1.8 billion cut to their budget. Just don’t comprehend his train of thought. “when Sean Spicer opened Monday’s press briefing by presenting a novelty check from Trump to the agency donating his earnings from his first quarter salary to the NPS, the president seemed to be sending mixed messages. It might appear at first glance to have been a magnanimous act—an act of symbolic recognition. But some people were quick to point out that, when weighed against either the funding Trump would strip from the agency or the staggering amount the feds spend on Trump’s travel and security, the $78,000 he was donating is a rather piddly amount.”

Please read this LA Times article. We cannot sit idly by while our world is being destroyed.

And rattlesnake season. The bear has been out and about in Downieville, so watch your trash and close the bin lids tight. Don’t leave food in your car…. back to rattlesnakes, pay attention to where you are walking, it’s been a long winter, the sun is coming out and they will be looking for food, teach your kids not to play with snakes.

The photo this week is by Mary Davey Springtime on the Yuba.

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  1. You should do some research before running your mouth about YOUR PRESIDENT MR TRUMP

    • Gosh, if you can find or can think of something positive to say about the POTUS I’ll be happy to publish it

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