Weekly Warrior – by Chase Noble 4/5/17

Hi–I am this week’s writer, Chase Noble, and I will be sharing everything that has happened this week and some upcoming events too.
This week in Mrs. Galan’s classroom, the K-2nd graders have started learning about the water cycle. They are also learning about the plant cycle and how the water cycle affects it. They are also starting to read old folktales and learn about their origins.
In Ms. Maire’s class, grades 3rd-5th finished a busy week of wrapping up their lesson on our California missions. Her students have started to practice for state testing. On top all this, the students have been planting their very own garden, and making colorful projects out of ceramic.
On the high school side on Thursday, March 30th, Mr. Corcoran’s Spanish class had a festive party with lots of fun and Venezuela themed food. The yearbook deadline will be on April 7th and the yearbook staff will be enjoying a fun yearbook work party on April 5th.
In Ms. Bolle’s class we are all finishing up our long-term projects, which are due on March 24th after we arrive back from spring break.
As for sports “Golf and Tennis are now in full swing’’ as Mr. Corcoran would say. The teams have been busy with lots of exciting matches and intense practices.
The students who attended the high school Reach For The Future conference on the 23rd-25th in Chico had a fun and exciting time. Reach is a fun leadership conference. Senior Megan Parker commented, “It was a fun memorable experience for my last year.’’ The students also liked taking part in the exciting ropes course and listening to some motivational speakers.
At the CSF/CJSF conference held on March 24th-25th in Chico, the students attended some very fun and educational classes. Eliane Campbell and Esmeralda Nevarez were our nominees for the Marian Huhn Award. Eliane Campbell was one of five proud winners of a cash award! We would like to thank Patty Hall for helping to chaperone for the conference.
On April 10th we are also having an informative Screenagers video and panel discussion presentation at Downieville High School in the drama room, to help adults monitor their children’s technology and how to keep them safe. This leaves us all very excited for Spring Break coming up April 17th-21st. Finally, mark your calendars for the annual Cancer Awareness Walk on May 13th!