Mountain Messenger (dirty tricks) 4/19/17

The Mountain Messenger is getting loony in it’s elder age…. there was a knock on my door and two young ladies were there suggesting that I go have lunch with them at Coyoteville. One of the young ladies was the daughter of Milly, I believe her name is Melody and the other was the daughter of Jerri, someone who works collecting taxes, and I believe her daughter’s name is Alice. They told me Milly would buy my lunch. This seemed very suspicious to me, as Milly knows that Wednesday is deadline day for the Prospect so that I publish in the evening and they publish in the morning, it seemed as though she wanted to throw a fly in my ointment. Well it certainly wasn’t Alice or Melody’s fault and I thanked them for the invitation and then loaned them my vehicle so they could drive to lunch as obviously their own Mother’s were unwilling to go to that length. They had a good lunch and my car was returned in one piece. So be careful about lunch invites from Milly.

4/19/17 Patrick at Coyoteville offers some ice tea to Alice and Melody. Patrick loves vegetables.

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