Wednesday April 19, 2017

You’re invited to a Goodbye Potluck April 30th at the Masonic Hall @ 1pm. Lou Foxworthy has sold his house in Goodyears Bar and is moving to Dayton, Nevada and he will be missed. Bring your favorite dish to share and a story or two to tell. Feel free to spread this information and you can RSVP to Joyce at 530-289-3250 or email her at by April 24th. Come and enjoy the Music, Friends, Fun and of course the Food. Hope to see you there.

Gosh, Bill O’Reilly was fired today from Fox News after the many harassment cases brought against him resulted in advertisers fleeing the network. That’s sad, this isn’t about the Fox network doing the right thing to protect women and victims of sexual or any harassment, this demonstrates that the only thing that matters to those in charge is money. No concern has been given to the humanity that was affected by O’Reilly’s deplorable actions, lost jobs, self esteem and unimaginable consequences for the victims of harassment in the workplace. But money talks, and we need to remember this, boycotting products that support this type of behavior appears to be the only thing that works. So lets get to work and let our money talk.

Lots of local news and events to read about, the Board of Supervisors, columnists Mel Gurtov, Tom Hastings, John LaForge and Robert Koehler have information for us. Henry checks in and the Easter Gallery is here, the Weekly Warrior by Niles Bosworth has a plethora of information about what’s going on in Downieville.

The photo this week was taken by Mary Davey showing what April looks like in Sierra City..

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