Lou is Back (online anyway) 5/24/17

Okay Folks,  After 10 days without internet, I’m back on-line. DISHNETWORK is no longer my friend. Long and expensive story. Non-the-less, I’ am back and ready to share this crazy move. Can you say STRESS? Not to worry, it’s over until August. Oh boy, get to do it again! It will be done differently in August. Anyway.

I’ am now a resident of Nevada, officially! As promised, I told most of you that I would be sharing my new address(s) once I get here. Address(s), you ask? Yep. Here is how it is going to work. I’ am renting an apartment in Virginia City from friends Pam and Russ Brandon. Pam is originally from Downieville back when gold was discovered. (sorry Pam, it’s your turn now). So, Pam offered one of their rentals to me while the house in Dayton is being built. It’s on a quiet street on the south end of town. The only traffic is a occiasional car and herds of wild horses. Oh, and once in awhile a deer. In fact, on Saturday it was so nice outside, I brought my chair out in the front yard. As I was sitting there, Wilbur, Maybelle, Aunt Hilda and little Flo came up the street grazing on the green grass near the front yard. I took some photo’s of the brood as they ate breakfast. Little Flo, I’ am sure, is just a young’n as she is still wobbly on her feet.

So, just thought I would share some thoughts of Virginia City as you all uggg. Similar to Downieville, but a little smaller. As some of you know, I walk in the morning fairly early. As I walk around town there is a quiet hum as the business’ are getting ready to open up. I waive as some folks are leaving for work in other towns. I’ am sure they are friendly folk as they waive with all their fingers. The birds are are scurrying getting themselves fed and the occasional herd of horses grazing about not worrying about this crazy human walking about. Every few houses, I’ am greeted by a bark from a dog and a wagging tail. They seem to be happy as I can see they are smiling as I walk past. The town is very quiet until the top of the hour when the bells toll from St. Mary’s In The Mountian Catholic church indicating the time. What a beautiful sound. It really does take you back to that time.

I have found that the 6000 foot elevation makes a huge difference while I walk. Especially walking UP the street/hill. I got a phone call the other day as I walked up the hill near Pam and Russ’ place. The caller wanted to know if I needed 9-1-1 as I was huffing and puffing unable to talk. Obviously I made it, but I need to pace myself.

I really enjoy taking a close look at the old Victorians as I walk past. It’s funny how different the places look walking in each direction. When you all come to visit, I would recommend doing a slow walk around town to enjoy the sights. Like Downieville, there is so much history preserved here. I’ am sure I haven’t even seen half of it. Again, come spend some time, maybe a day or two and really take in the sights. The Fourth Ward School has been preserved and is worth viewing. As are many of the old homes/mansions of the day. Maybe sometime before August, we can organize a overnight trip for all of you to come a take a tour of the area. I’ am sure Pam might be willing to act as tour guide. (sorry Pam, don’t raise the rent) Just keep in mind, Monday’s are not good as Pam has to get her order in for the Hardware store. Don’t you just love how I wrangled Pam into this one? She will probably evicted me. So, you all let me know and I will see what we can do to pull this off.

Speaking of things to do, You all should mark your calendar’s for Saturday, September 30th. I plan on having a Celtic Thunder/Housewarming party that day. Might be fun to plan on spending the night (not at my place) and making a weekend of Celtic Thunder’s new CD/DVD and maybe touring Carson City or Virginia City, or whatever. I will send out more details as September approaches. Stay Tuned!

Speaking of Celtic Thunder. There is still room on the ship/cruise/boat in November. www.celticthundercruise.com

So, the brain is beginning to slip a little. Therefore, it is time to quit Blah, Blah, Blahing and take a break. You have the important stuff. It’s up to you now. I want to hear from you’all.

I’m so happy I have internet again!!!!!!

Mrs. Clemo, can you make sure Mrs. Seley gets a copy of this email? Or she’ll have a cow.

Ms. White and Mr. Funk, we need to talk about your days. Let me know.

Jim Johnston, keep buying those scratchers. We don’t want Cassie going out of business.

And Niles Bosworth, be nice to your mother. She brought you into this world, she can take you out.Just say’n.

Kyle, Niles, Sara and Barbara, thank you for your amazing help moving. Your all awesome!

Everyone that was at my “little” party in April, Thank you all!

Darcy, Joyce and Granny, Your the best! Thanks for all that work! Amazing!

Okay enough. Will see you all very soon.

“Horse Dodger Lou”