Lou & His NDL Fun 6/7/17

Well, I was going to take a break for a few days with these, but, had to share the last couple of days before the memory gets lost.

I did not get my Nevada driver’s license on Friday as planned. Apparently I had the wrong birth certificate. So, I get to go back on the 14th. It wouldn’t have been so bad had she had a little more customer service in her contact with me. I was going to ask her if she was trained in California. But, I thought better not. She would have probably “blacklisted” from the office. Not kidding, she was not nice at all. Anyway.

On to Downieville for the yearly Downieville School musical/comedy/play. Arrived in time for dinner at the Two Rivers Pizza Parlor. (it’s all about the food!) Had a great dinner then off to the play. This years play was titled, WHEN IN ROME. I will not get into the details, but it was “side-busting” funny. I just love how all of the students get involved with this event. I was especially surprised to see two “players” on stage. If you had told me six months ago that Hunter Davey and Arroyo Campbell were in the play, much less main characters I would have said, right. They were superb! Hunter played Brudis, a part made especially to fit him. Great job Hunter! Now, those of you who know Arroyo know that he can be a little shy and once vowed to me personally that he would never be in a play. Well, one should never say never. He played Altilis, the highest senator with a trick up his sleeve. He was flawless! Great job Arroyo! The character, Verbalina (the name speaks for itself) was played by Esmeralda Nevarez. She nailed it! Esmeralda, you were fantastic! I was a bit taken back by Aaron Foster’s amazing talent. He too, can be a bit quiet. He played Messenger, who ran messages for the Princess and Altilis. Aaron, your dance moves were the best! Ramon Nevarea played Minimus (but goes by Mini). Ramon has really improved the last year. He played a perfect part. And then there is Rosendo, Rosendo, Rosendo. Rosendo Marquez seems like he has been acting since he was three years old. He played Gladius, (pronounced Gladis) As expected, he did a perfect job. Not kidding folks, if this young man decided to continue his acting you will be seeing his name on the “big screen”. He tells me this is not what he wants to do as a career. I hope he continues in college and maybe he might change his mind. Great job Rosendo! And as always, all the actors this year did a fantastic job! Eliane Campbell, don’t ever loose that smile. That is one of the things I look forward seeing whenever I come back to Downieville. So, if anyone of you happen to be in Downieville when this annual event takes place…..SEE IT! Of course, none of this would happen if not for Lynn Fillo. She is the Drama/English/Other duties as assigned teacher. She puts 110% into this event every year. Thank you Lynn. Still not too late for the Celtic Thunder Cruise. They are offering incentives! (lol)

So, I drove back to Virginia City after the play. Arrived at 1:30 am and straight to bed. Next morning I decide to take a shorter walk than usual as I figured I had not better over do it. I notice town is humming a little louder and earlier than normal. I learn there is a “running” event taking place this day. Apparently this happens yearly. Some sort of running competition. Well, I know I’ am not going to fit in to this thing so I skirt the main event and avoid the participants. I notice it seems to be a little overcast and the humidity is higher and the temperature is a little higher for this time of morning. I continue. As I round the curve on the north end of “C” street, I meet a runner going in the opposite direction. She stops me and says, “your going the wrong direction”. I assure her that in fact, I’ am not. I explain to her that I’ am allergic to running. She looks at me funny. I explain to her that running make me hurt and I’ am allergic to pain. (if she had seen me the day before, she would have known that). She laughed and continued to run.

Again, I have mentioned before, one could see something different walking different directions each day. This day was no different, I walk down from “C” street and found a yard full of blooming poppies. I had never noticed that before. What a beautiful yard. (photos below). I continue walking home and call it a day.

This morning I start out and notice the “HOSS” family grazing on the lot next to my house. The Hoss family would be Wilbur, Maybelle, and little Flo. I notice Little Flo walk my direction and shake her head at me, as if to say, Good Morning. As she is walking I notice she is favoring her left rear leg. I look and it appears be be swollen. I hope she is okay. Maybe it happened while she was “horse playing”. Stay tuned. I continue with my walk and notice that town is very quiet. A walk up “C” street brings an occasional tourist, but very quiet otherwise. I continue to the lower end of town and notice the “CARTWRITE” family grazing in a lot below St. Mary’s In The Mountains. That would be Daddy Frank, Hermosa Little Herb, along with Henrietta, Patty, Gilmore and Hank and Aunt Gerti. They all seem to be fine and give me a snort as I pass. I decide it’s time to head home and get today’s chores done. Sunday is laundry day.

I know when the day is starting. As I’ am writing this the first blow of the Virginia-Truckee whistle sounds.