Loyalton 2017 Scholarships 6/7/17


The Class of 2017 were awarded $291,379 in scholarships Friday, June 2 at the Senior Banquet, held at the Catholic Church social hall. Loyalton High School is so very grateful to everyone who has supported our students over the years and far into their very bright futures!

The scholarships from local and regional organizations totaled $37,699, and were as follows:

• Kenneth Alexander Memorial Scholarship, $500, Rachel Peterman
• John C. Bechen III Memorial Scholarships, $3,000 each, Rachel Peterman & Tristan Studer
• Booster Club Scholarships, $700, Bailie Coonrod; $600, Sequoia Church Bergstrom; $200, Rachel Peterman
• California High School Rodeo Association D3, $500, Quentin Anseth
• Calpine Elks Vocational/Larry Holt Memorial Scholarship, $500, Hannah McGuire
• Calpine Improvement Association, $2,000, Tristan Studer
• Clayton Floyed Neer 4-H Memorial, $200 each, Bailie Coonrod and Sage Sayers
• Dick Hempstand Scholarship, $250, Quentin Anseth
• Dick Wiggins Memorial Scholarship (Loyalton Rotary), $1,000 Tristan Studer
• E Clampus Vitus/James J. Sinnott-Norm Nielsen Scholarship, $1,849, Rachel Peterman
• Graeagle Lions Club Scholarship, $500, Kylie McGee
• Great Basin Federal Credit Union, $1,000, Sequoia Church Bergstrom
• Liberty Utilities Scholarship, $500, Sequoia Church Bergstrom
• Loyalton Sports Club, $800 each, Sequoia Church Bergstrom, Bailie Coonrod, Grace Meschery-McCormack, Kylie McGee, Rachel Peterman
• Joan Morgan Memorial Scholarship, $500, Kylie McGee
• Plumas Association of Realtors, $500, Bailie Coonrod
• Plumas-Sierra Cattlewomen, $1,000 each, Quentin Anseth and Bailie Coonrod
• Plumas-Sierra Telecommunications, $1,000, Bailie Coonrod
• Rotary Club of Loyalton: $500, Sequoia Church Bergstrom, $500, Grace Meschery-McCormack, $1000, Sage Sayers
• William Rouse Memorial, $1000 each, Grace Meschery-McCormack and Kylie McGee
• Joe Runge Memorial Scholarship, $100, Kylie McGee, Grace Meschery-McCormack, Rachel Peterman
• Sierra County Employees Association, $250, Sequoia Church Bergstrom
• Sierra-Plumas Teachers Association, $500, Grace Meschery-McCormack and Rachel Peterman
• Sierra Valley 4-H Club, $500, Bailie Coonrod
• Sierra Valley Gun Club, $500, Louise Lysen
• Treasure Mountain 4-H, $400, Sequoia Bergstrom, $200, Bailie Coonrod, $250, Louise Lysen
• Emily Wilbanks Memorial Scholarship, $1,000, Rachel Peterman
• Jim York Memorial, $500, Quentin Anseth

Scholarships on the state level were also awarded:
• California-Hawaii Elks District, $800, Rachel Peterman
• The Rustic Livestock and Range Management Scholarship, $2,500 renewable, Quentin Anseth

Scholarships on the college-level were also awarded:
• College of Southern Idaho, Rodeo Scholarship, $34,080 over four years to Quentin Anseth.
• Cornish School of the Arts. Seattle, WA $44,000 over four years to Nicholas Mann
• Dominican University of California. San Rafael, CA. Trustee Scholarship, $96,000 over four years & Athletic Scholarhip, $80,000 over four years to Rachel Peterman.

The seniors have announced their post-graduation plans: Quentin Anseth, College of Southern Idaho; Edgar Baeza, Grand Canyon University; Sequoia Church Bergstrom, Humbolt State; Bailie Coonrod, University of Nevada, Reno; Erika Edwards, Butte College; Nathan Hughes, United States Army; Louise Lyson, University of Montana Western; Nicholas Mann, Cornish College of the Arts; Valeria Martinez, Ventura Community College; Kylie McGee, Butte College; Hannah McGuire, CSU Channel Islands; Grace Meschery-McCormack, Rotary Youth Exchange to France and Occidental College (2018); James Morrison, Butte College; Matthew Nolasco, Enter Workforce & Butte College; Rachel Peterman, Domincan University of California, Olivia Quinn, CSU Chico; Cristian Rivas, American River College; Ashley Ryan, Dallas, Dallas to study photography/graphic design; Sage Sayers, CSU Chico; Tristan Studer, CA Polytechnic State, San Luis Obispo; Gavin Whitley, Enter Workforce & Feather River College; Nicholas Wolf, University of North Dakota.