Weekly Warrior by: Austin Foster, Eliane Campbell & Robert Baker

Weekly Warrior
by: Austin Foster, Eliane Campbell & Robert Baker
Welcome everyone to the another Weekly Warrior article! This school year is at its end and everyone is very excited for summer vacation!
Mrs. Galan’s K-2 class got to play their didgeridoos. The first and second graders made flubber in science. They visited the Science Discovery Museum on June 6 in Reno. The students enjoyed Lunch Bunch all week, an activity where each day different students got to have lunch with the teacher and receive special treats.
Ms. Maire’s 3-5th class finished their Navajo weavings and their poems. They completed their study of Native Americans with well-researched power point presentations and intricate dioramas. They enjoyed doing music this year and had a fun water balloon fight to finish off this school year!
Mrs. Fillo’s drama class did a splendid job this year in the annual spring play held at the Yuba Theatre on June 2/3. This year’s production was named “When in Rome” and the performers did a tremendous job acting. Mr. Jenkins from last year’s play even made a cameo appearance during one of the dance sequences, adding to the general hilarity of the play. The audience enjoyed the slapstick humor and catchy tunes and many Friday night attendees returned on Saturday to see the play a second time. Many, many thanks to SCAC and SSF for grant help with the production and also to Downieville Market and Three Forks Pizza for providing dinner to the cast and crew on dress rehearsal night. Mrs. Fillo commented that once again the “School” Musical was truly a community effort!!
We held Student Council elections on Tuesday, June 6. The results were Rosendo Marquez for President; Kaylon Hall for Vice-President; Makalia Rollins for Secretary; and Robert Baker for Treasurer for the 2017/18 school year.
June 6/7th, the 7th-9th graders went camping at Rocky Rest with Mr. Fillo and Ms. Bolle. We got to explore trails and have lots of fun!
Due to poor weather on June 8, instead of the normal tradition of going to Collin’s Lake we enjoyed a barbeque and big basketball tournament. First there was a free throw competition that Niles Bosworth won. Next we had a 3-point competition with Ramon Nevarez winning 1st place. A 1on1 tournament followed with both a junior high school competition and high school competition. Austin Foster won 1st place in the Junior High bracket, while Niles Bosworth won the high school bracket.
Friday, June 9 was a minimum day and we cleaned out all of our stuff from the school. We signed yearbooks and said our final goodbyes to Mr. Corcoran, who will be teaching at LHS next year, with ice cream and brownies. Students also expressed how much of an impact Mr. Corcoran has had on their lives and that he will be greatly missed!
Senior Graduation was on Saturday, June 10, with Megan Parker and Ramon Nevarez at Herrington’s Resort. There were many great speeches given and some wonderful scholarships presented. After the graduation we headed to the community hall for some great food at a potluck. We wish our two senior lots of luck in college and we will miss them greatly.
Yearbooks are still on sale for 40$ and you can buy them from Mr. Corcoran.
Ms. Bolle received a grant from Sierra Schools Foundation for a 3D printer for a new class next school year! We also received a new video camera to film all of our great basketball games and more.
That’s all for this Weekly Warrior. Have a great summer vacation and we’ll see you next time!