Lou Teaches Stucco 6/14/17

Yesterday’s trip to Dayton to check the mail finds a neighborhood full of construction workers. Looked like a bunch of bee’s flying around. Of course, this is good news as progress is being made. However, I don’t see anyone at my house doing anything. I do learn however, the technique on which finish stucco is applied to a house. I guess living in the woods so long has hampered by knowledge of “applying stucco”. I always assumed that the finish coat was applied and after it dries, the painters apply the paint.


Apparently, the “Stucco Troops” mix the color of the house right into the stucco and apply it from there. Makes sense, saves labor time and wages. There are about ten humans applying this mixture into the house. I didn’t stay the entire time they were applying stucco, but, my guess is they get the entire house done in less than half a day.

Although there was a lot of work going on, I didn’t see anything going on at 99 Willamette Way. Mild disappointment, but nothing to lose any sleep over. I spend the rest of the day at home (Virginia City) bored out of my gourd. Thank goodness the ball game came on at 4:30 pm taking the rest of my evening out of bored mode. Yes, the Giants won. Tonights game, the opposite. Anyway, off to bed.

Today I needed to return to Downieville to tie up some loose ends. Specifically to visit the Postmaster in Goodyears Bar to check my mail and to close out Box 22. Yet, another emotional moment. I know, Really? It’s been a good Post Office Box, what can I say? From there to Donna and Clint Hayes’ place to drop off a couple of things Donna has been wanting to steal from me since I sold the house. (Check your front door). They were not home, left them on the front steps. As I was leaving the neighborhood, I ran into young John Ponta. Had a great visit. Time running short, so I couldn’t stop at 522 Old Toll Bridge Rd to visit the new owners, Lori and Paul. Sorry guys, next trip. I had an 11:30am appointment at the Downieville Day Spa to have the locks lopped.

I arrive at the Day Spa and was greeted by awesome “Haircut Kathy” Fisher and “Klip’m Kristy” Folsom. Also sitting in the waiting chair is young John Funk (91 years old). John was my boss at the Golden Rays Transportation. No, he doesn’t know what retirement is either. John holds the record for being flown out of the canyon by medical helicopter. Six times in the last twelve months. John has a pacemaker and it seems to work well……he is still with us and sharp as a tack. The man is amazing, he walks to town, about a mile one-way, every morning to have coffee with “the guys” at Downieville Grocery. I guess the caffeine gets him home. Anyway, John and I started at the Golden Rays at the same time and become wonderful friends. Without a doubt, one of the nicest fellows you will ever meet. Wow! got sidetracked with that one. Kathy does a perfect job on the hair, as always and we are done. My stomach tells me it’s lunch time. I ask John to join me. He jumps up and is ready to go.

Off to the Two Rivers Cafe/Pizza parlor to dine. We both have the chicken salad. Folks, when in Downieville, you must stop by this place to try this salad. It is amazing! Head Chef, Solomon prepares this to perfection and adds an amazing balsamic dressing to make it one of the best I have ever had. Feel free to drop my name and share this review with him. Great food on the menu if your not into salads. Anyway.

I’ am wearing my “I’ am Not Insane, My Mother Had Me Tested” shirt which got the attention of several high school students having lunch also. They laughed and gave their approval of this fine article of clothing. After lunch I sit on the “DP” bench and visit with Sam White. Sam is one of the folks going on the Celtic Thunder Cruise. We catch up and it’s time for me to continue on my journey. I stop at the Courthouse to take care of the some paperwork dealing with my medical insurance. Off to stop in on Joyce White. It seems she has a house full of visitor’s, so I continue on. Stop by Mrs. Clemo’s to drop off a couple of plastic bags. She collects plastic bags, ask her. She is not home, so I leave them at her door step. On to the Marcantonio estate to drop of a DVD series of Italy. Vi and Mary not home. I leave it on their doorstep. Time to hit the road. I’ am about half way home and realize it is supposed to rain Thursday night and Friday. Geez, what was I thinking? Should have left the DVD under shelter. Well, hopefully my friend Jan Hamilton reads this before it rains and maybe, she might stop by the estate before it rains and put it indoors. If not, I’ll call her.

Need to stop at WINCO on the way home and get a few groceries. Done. I’ am starving…it’s 5 pm. The closest “fine eatery” on the way is Carl’s Jr. Stop and enjoy a healthy charbroiled chicken sandwich. Onward to Virginia City. Realize when I get home, I should go check the mail. The mailbox “cluster” is right across the street from the new house. I pull in and am shocked at what I see. The finish coat of stucco is on, the garage doors have been installed. My goodness, what a pleasant surprise! The “worker bee’s” are just packing up to leave for the night. I think, hmm, if I stall for a few minutes, maybe I can sneak inside the house. I begin reading my mail until they leave. I pull up to the house and get out. Sure hope the house is not locked. front door and Shazam! Unlocked! I walk in to find, much to my amazement, the texture has been applied, all of the interior doors installed, all of the trim applied, all of the baseboard applied! Wow! less than 24 hours and all of this done! Wow! I walk throughout the house and the garage and find the floors clean. Hmmm, what could be next? Well, being the well trained police officer, I thought, let’s take a look at the house next door and across the street and see what comes next. Those two house were started about the same time as mine. I walk in to find all of the cabinets installed and all of the tile installed on the floors, the walls painted. You do the math, I can see cabinets, tile and walls painted very, very soon. I’ am a very happy camper!

I return home to Virginia City feeling very hopeful that maybe the ol house might get done sooner. Stay tuned.