Money and Energy-Saving 6/14/17

Energy Working Group Promotes Money and Energy-Saving Strategies

Sierra County, CA. – Are leaky windows making your house wet, moldy, or drafty? Are high energy costs depleting your vacation funds? Or perhaps you experienced a multitude of power outages during the month of “Janu-buried” and have simply lost all faith in the grid?
Whatever your case may be, the Sierra County Energy Working Group (the Working Group), convened by Sierra Business Council (SBC) and composed of engaged community members, local government staff, and local business representatives, is working on solutions to help average folks use energy more effectively and save money while doing so. Whether it’s vetting solutions for renewable energy in canyon spaces or open places, replacing streetlights with *functioning* and highly cost-effective LED lights, or simply getting the word out about all the home energy programs available to residents and non-residents alike, the Working Group has got you covered.
The Working Group meets every other month to vet solutions that will improve the lives of people who work, live and play in Sierra County through on the ground volunteer work and outreach. The group was formed as part of SBC’s commitment to helping the County implement its recently adopted Energy Action Plan which has the potential to save the County and its residents money and energy—while also promoting energy independence and reliability through local renewable energy. If you’d like to get involved, email Nikki Caravelli from Sierra Business Council at
One of the Working Group’s current projects is broadcasting local energy programs that are now publicly available on the Sierra County website. All of the programs available to Sierra County residents and non-residents were compiled by SBC in order to connect people with the many savings and assistance opportunities available. Available programs include job training resources, home weatherization, low income assistance, solar financing, and many more.
Most of these programs are underutilized and few people are receiving the energy and cost savings offered. “I’d really like to help get the word out about our programs. Not enough people are taking advantage of these opportunities in our service area,” says Corby Erwin, a Working Group member and Member Services Director at PSREC.
The Sierra County Energy Working Group encourages all to check out these resources to see if they are a good fit for you, your home, your business, or any other entity. They also offer the following “Top 10 Quick and Easy Ways to Improve Energy Efficiency” to get you started on the journey towards better, more affordable energy. Tips on day-to-day energy savings and all of the compiled local resources are now available on the front page of the Sierra County website, or at the following shortcut link: Go on, find out how much you can save on your energy bill today!

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