Footing with Lou 6/28/17

Okay, as most of you know, I don’t drink alcohol or use drugs. So, Don’t think I do after reading this.

Yesterday, I was heading down “D” Street on my way to Dayton to check out the house. In the distance I see what appeared to be a gentleman walking his dog down the street. As I get closer, I notice the “dog” hopping around. Not totally unusual, right? Until I get up to the “dog”. I slow down and look closer. Nope, not a dog. This gentleman is walking his goat! Yep, goat. He has the little goat on a dog harness and leash and is walking his goat. I close my eyes for a second, thinking I need to re-focus. I look again, yep, still a goat! I guess the look on my face triggered the gentleman to react with shaking his head in an affirmative nod and a thumbs up. Confirmed, a goat! Of course, I didn’t have my camera. So, you are going to have to believe me. However, I will be on the lookout this evening for the “man and his goat”. Stay tuned.

Now, let’s rewind to Sunday.

I have decided I need to find this “Pioneer Cemetery” that is along the “Comstock Trail”. I look at the map and conclude it is between marker six and seven. I start early this morning as I want to beat the heat. So I depart at 6am. I arrive at the “unfinished” monument that I shared early on in these journals. I put my “brave hat” on and venture behind the monument which is covered in high grass. I’ am sure there are no snakes here, as it is too early and they must still be sleeping. I get a few steps and realize I ‘am standing on a grave site. I can see it has been sinking through the years and concrete has been placed on top to prevent humans or wildlife from falling into the grave. I look around and see several others in the same condition. I don’t see any headstones or any other markers. I can only assume the markers have either deteriorated, or has been removed by “grave robbers” through the years. I’ am very satisfied I have found the cemetery and just take a few moments to listen to the wildlife and the sounds that come from an old, old cemetery. I feel if I had stayed longer, I could have heard the voices of the some of the pioneers sharing what may have taken place while they were here in life. I’ am certain, if I were to visit this site after sunset, I would have heard those voices. Satisfied, I continue up the trail.

I notice at this time of the morning the rabbit population is abundant. I fell I could walk on rabbits without touching the ground. Truly, they are everywhere. Must be feeding time. Non were interested in conversation so I continued up the trail and around the mountain toward the Silver City Bypass trail. As I’ am near the intersection of the two trails, I look up and see the Hagen Family. I give them a waive and yell hello. They look and shake their heads in an affirmative hello. I see Rocky and Claibourne start jumping around in excitement. I yell hello to them. Mavis and Hermina shake their heads as if to say, “silly boys”. I return home bask in my accomplishment of locating the Pioneer Cemetery.

Monday brings me back to reality having to run errands around the area and doing chores around the homestead.

Yesterday I begin my travel up “E” street and cut up Flower Street. As I head up the trail, I notice the Hoss Family having breakfast in the field between those two streets. I waive and yell hello to them. Wilbur acknowledges me. I haven’t seen them in a week or so, so I ask him where they have been. He tells me they went to Mark Twain for a few days to visit family. Apparently, things are getting pretty dry down there and they needed to see the family before they move to higher ground and greener grass. Mark Twain is near Sutro and Dayton along the Pony Express Trail. I was down there yesterday afternoon and confirmed things are getting dry. I had noticed several Fire Brigades heading toward Stagecoach and a large bellow of smoke rising in that direction. Hopefully no buildings were lost and no one was injured. Anyway, I bid Wilber and family adios and continue on my walk.

Later in the evening, after my encounter with the man and his goat, I travel past the Virginia City High School and notice the fellows are practicing football on the field. Boy, the Virginia City Muckers take football very serious, as it seems a bit early for football practice. Good luck “Muckers”! They seem to have a good amount of young fellows participating on the team this year. Yes, if your wondering if that is their mascot, it is. The school is on “Mucker Street”. So, there you go.

Yesterday, I’ am off to Carson City to get the buckboard serviced at Jiffy Lube. I thought this was going to be an in and out event. Nope, waited three hours. Had grub at Chili’s and the usual, Mango Chili Chicken. Always a good choice. It usually comes with rice and broccoli. Yesterday, they substituted the broccoli for bangers. Oh brother, bangers and Lou don’t mix, but I’ll give it a try. Turns out, the bangers were really good and there was no “banging” last night. I know, too much information. Off to the “Buckboard Wash” to get Betsy cleaned. They spent extra time getting the bugs off the nose, but did an excellent job. All in all, was a good day in “The city”. Betsy came home happy.

Today’s walkabout was pretty quiet. Ran into the Hoss family again and exchanged pleasantries as usual. Little Flo is sure growing and looking quite healthy. Another pleasant day seems to be in store with the weather. I hear the Virginia and Truckee sounding it’s whistle which is signaling the beginning of it’s day. Always a nice sound.