DVL Museum Town 7/12/17

Some years ago Len Kinzler made a replica of old Downieville. This replica was placed in the Sierra County exhibit at the California State Fair. After that it was in Len’s museum where it was exhibited for a number of years. Marian Kinzler donated the exhibit to the Downieville Museum. The “town” needed a bit of repair and cleaning. Enter Debbie and Mark Panelli. Over the past month (or so) they have worked tirelessly to made the old Downieville beautiful! We hope everyone will come to the museum and see this beautiful piece of work, along with other wonderful exhibits.

One thought on “DVL Museum Town 7/12/17

  1. It was truly my pleasure to update, repair, clean and revitalize the talented Mr. Kinzler’s work of art. I met him many years ago as a new property owner in this beautiful town, filled with history and charm. He inspired me by his stories, his vision, his talent. I am grateful I had the time and energy to keep his spirit alive in this gift his lovely wife donated to the Downieville Museum. I feel it has more to offer, in that it needs some signage, names of land owners and stories to support this historic time in this famous town. I welcome information to complete the piece of ‘art history’ he was unable fully accomplish in his life. In his honor, I will keep this model clean and repaired. Thank you Mr. Kinzler for your guiding spirt, as I touched each piece and ventured into a art medium I had never encountered. Today Mrs. Kinzler saw it for the first time, with her daughter Jan and my husband Mark. It was a very special moment for us all. This is my gift to your family, to our town, our visitors and our history. Thank you for your vision………..

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