Travails With Lou 7/12/17

Thank you everyone who emailed me to make sure I’ am still on this earth. There were technical problems with the computer and my body that had to get resolved. For those who were breathing a sigh of relief not getting the Nevada Updates, Sorry, I’ am back at it.

So, here is what happened:

Friday last, I woke with a back ache. Choosing to do the “Manly” thing, I chose to ignore the pain. As usual, it got worse. Well, I’ll just walk it out and I’ll feel better by the end of the day. Nope. Knowing what the problem was and how easy the fix is, I chose to wait until Monday to email the chiropractor to set up an appointment.

I know, I’ll sit in front of the computer and that should relieve some pain. Click, click, click and the computer goes goofy and “pop-ups” are popping everywhere. Hmmm, this doesn’t seem right. Having the vast computer knowledge I do, I conclude it would be best to have the folks at APPLE assist. I make the call and get transferred three times ending up in a foreign country, I assume. Mr. Brown comes on the phone and asks what the problem is. I explain to him what had happened. I then realized from here things were going down hill. I understood about every thirtieth word. Besides talking real fast, he had such a strong accent it was very difficult to understand what he was telling me. I was able to get what I did wrong, but I want to know how to fix it. Okay, he says, You need to have Malware, a Firewall, and some other electronic component to make sure this doesn’t happen again. Okay? how do I fix this problem I have now. Well, he says I have to buy all of this equipment. How much? When he got to $600 I told him I would travel to the Apple Store and talk with those folks. He assures me it is going to cost double what he quoted me for this stuff. I thank him and hang up.

I get into the motor carriage and head to the Apple Store in Reno. I enter and see about six thousand humans standing around. Okay, maybe not six thousand, maybe closer to seventy five. I’ am greeted by an “Apple Geek” and explain my situation to him. He happily directs me to another “Apple Geek”. I wait about fifteen minutes and finally get to her. I explain to her my situation. She tells me, great, your name and email address. I give it to her. She explains to me that it will be about a five hour wait, or I can make an appointment for tomorrow at 2:50 pm. No, I didn’t wait. I’ll return tomorrow. Fine. Well, that was a wasted trip. Since I’ am here, I had better go to WINCO to get some foodies. Not a wasted trip after all.

The back is not improving so I go home and just decide to relax and see if that helps. Sitting in front of the computer certainly was not making it better. So, sat and watched a couple of old, really old westerns. I think it was called “I shot Jesse James”. Filmed in the 1950’s. Turned out to be a pretty good one I had never seen before. It’s always fun to watch black and white every now and then. Digital black and white is pretty good too! Anyway.

The next day I drive back to the Apple Store for my appointment. I check in and am told to go to the bar and have a seat. But, I don’t drink, I say, I get the stupid look. These people just don’t have a sense of humor. I barely sit down and a young lady calls my name. I jump up and feel the pain. You idiot, I think, you can’t do that with a tweaked back. The young lady asks what the problem is. I tell her my back went out. Again, I get the stupid look. I say, oh, you mean the computer? I get the “Duh” look. I guess I just have to give up the humor. These people just do get it. I explain the problem to her and she says okay, I can show you how to fix this. Great! She does an excellent job explaining how to fix the problem. I guess it was the “stupid look” I had on my face that made her explain it to me in simple terms. Click, click, click she has it fixed. Really? That simple? Yep, she says. Now, I want you to go in and fix it again to make sure you understand how to fix it next time. Next time? She tells me it will probably happen again because there are so many “Infected” sights out there. I thought Apple doesn’t get virus’, I ask. She says they don’t, but they do get infected every now and then. Okay? I’ am not even going to go down that road. It’s fixed. How much, I ask. She tells me nothing. What? are you sure? She assures me she is pretty sure. Can I leave yo a tip. Nope. I thank her and I’ am out the door. Total time in the Apple Store, less than five minutes. I guess this goes without say, I’ am sold on Apple. Back home to rest.

Monday I decide to travel to Carson City to look at a Landscape place that I pass frequently. It’s called Carson Masonry and Steel Supply. Huge yard and plenty to look at to get ideas. As I’ am pursuing the yard, I look up, toward Reno and notice a huge plume of smoke rising to the sky. I think, geez, something must have exploded and the plume is getting very, very large. I conclude I need/want to travel to Reno to Best Buy to look for some electronic stuff I’ am going to need later. As I get closer to Reno I can see the source of the smoke is actually coming from the I-80 corridor toward Truckee. The smoke is so black and thick and heading north and east. There is no sign of the smoke dissipating after coming out of Best Buy. Well, nothing I can do, so home I go. Watching the 5 pm news I find the fire is actually along I-80 in Sierra County. They have closed I-80 in both directions and the fire is out of control. I noticed when I was in Reno, the wind was blowing especially hard. I’ am thinking this is not going to be a quick extinguishment. Off to bed as I have to leave Old Virginny by 6:30 am to travel to Grass Valley for a previous Dental appointment and a visit to Dr. Darwin Leek’s office for a back alignment. My first appointment is 10am at Dr. Leek’s. I did my calculations for departure time and conclude 6:30 am would be best as the fire could be an issue. As I’ am watching the early morning news, I see that Brian Hickey, the channel 3 traffic guy announces if your traveling from Reno over Donner Summit, you had better leave now as they would probably be closing I-80 at 7am due to spot fires along the freeway. It’s 6:15 am. Knowing I can make that location in less than 45 minutes, I grab my stuff and out the door I fly.

I hit the “I-80/395 interchange at 6:45. Traffic still flowing smoothly. Pass Boomtown, still smooth. Get to the Truckee River and see Nevada Highway Patrol on the shoulder, red/blue lights flashing. I still have five minutes to make it to the border. Traffic still flowing smooth. I get to Gold Ranch and the freeway becomes a parking lot. I notice a heavy flow of traffic heading toward Reno. Hmmmm, I’ am not liking this. I look ahead and can see an army of Nevada Highway Patrol cars, red/blue lights flashing blocking the west bound lanes of I-80. Crap, I have three minutes, what are they thinking, it’s not 7am yet. Well, the smoke starts bellowing up again. So, I assume the winds have kicked up the fire again. Not much I can do except turn around and head over Highway 49 through Downieville. Knowing that is going to add an hour to this trip and, looking at the clock, I’ am sure I won’t be able to make my 10 am with Dr.Leek. But, being the sporting fellow I’ am, I’ll give it a try. I get back to Reno just in time for the morning commute traffic at the interchange. I squeeze through the slow pokes wanting to travel south. I hit 395 at 7:30 am. Knowing it takes two hours to get to Downieville and another hour to Grass Valley, my calculations were adding up to 10:30 am at best.

The inflow of traffic to Reno was backed up to Red Rock. The northbound traffic was non existent. Great! Being the law abiding former law enforcement officer that I ‘am I set the cruise control at just 5 mph over the limit. Smooth sailing to Highway 70. Between 395 and Chilcoot I come upon Ma and Pa Kettle going 50 mph. Are you kidding me? I persuade them to let me by and I’ am off and running. Between Vinton and Dowieville I don’t see one car on the road. I pull into Downieville at 9am. Knowing I would not make it to Dr.Leeks without wetting my pants, I decide to stop at the public facilities. I hit the road at 9:01 am. Again, no cars until I get to Convict Flat. What is this? I caught up to Jan Hamilton and Logan Kenner heading south. Now, I know I have been traveling along at a good clip, but, no one catches up to Jan. She must have known I was in a hurry. She politely pulls over to let me by. She waives, with all her fingers, I waive and I’ am off and running again. Now, having traveled this road a fair amount of times in 33 years, you always catch up to cars along the way. Not kidding, I didn’t catch up to another until Peterson’s Corner, near North San Juan. Knowing they have been doing construction on the South Fork Yuba area, I knew I would be delayed there. Sure enough, I get to the traffic control at 9:30. About a fifteen minute wait. You know? I might be able to make this. I pull into Dr. Leek’s office at 10:05 am. No, I didn’t drive like a stupid idiot. But I know this road and that helps.

I’ am greeted by Kathy Silva with a “LOOOOUUUUU”. Dr. Leek hears this and steps out to tell me hello. I takes me directly to the massage machine. That thing is better than riding a wild horse. It loosens up the back so Dr. can adjust the back easier. It’s a fun machine to ride! I’ am on that for about thirty minutes when he comes flying into the room to get me realizing I have a 11 am dental appointment. He moves other patients around so I can get on my way. Dr. Leek has always been good this way if necessary. He makes the first adjustment and I feel immediate relief in my lower back. That did the trick. He makes a second adjustment and I can walk and stand straight again. He is a miracle worker. Thank you Dr. Leek! I pay and am out of the office at 10:50 am.

Arrive at Dr. Accettura’s office at 10:59 am. Amy, the receptionist, greets me with a great smile and a hello. Dr A is running a little late, she tells me, great, I tell her, so am I. Dr A comes out to greet me, she always does that. Now, so you can get a picture of Dr. A, she stands at four foot nothing. She began her dental career working at Atascadero Mental Hospital on the Central Coast. She may be small, but she is tough. But, has a great heart along with being a really awesome dentist. So, todays procedure is a crown for a cracked tooth and replacing a bad filling. I’ am greeting by her assist who is fairly new. Her name is Ginger. Ginger is not that much taller than Dr. A. I guess no height requirements in the dental field. Dr. A shoots the Novocain in the appropriate spot and some numbness starts taking place. Ginger sits down to get me prepped. Bib, check, sunglasses, check, gause, check. She asks, Are you related to Jeff? I explain how we think the connection is. She asks because her family owns a ranch in Paso Robles and they would sell ranch goods to a Foxworthy family in Roseville, California. The procedure is now under way. Dr. A asks Ginger if she has shared with me who she is related to. Ginger says no and after some prodding from Dr. A, Ginger tells me not to judge her. Okay I say. Her cousin is O.J. Simpson. I conclude that since I’ am in the position on this chair that I’ am, It would be inappropriate to ask her if she had any knives on her. So, I didn’t say anything. I told her that he is kind of, my neighbor. She says really? Yep, he is living in the Northern Nevada Correctional Facility in Lovelock, Nevada. Yep, just down the road from here. Nothing else was mentioned. The procedure continues without a hitch……until the end. Dr. A puts the crown in place with the cement. She cleans around the base of the tooth to get the cement off. She notices a small amount still left on the back side of the tooth. She gets some floss in there attempting to free the cement. It won’t come out. She pulls and pulls. The floss gets caught between the teeth and can’t get it out. She gets the drill and tries to drill it out. Nope, she breaks the floss leaving a piece with the cement. She has Ginger get the “blah, blah” tool which looks like a hacksaw. She tries to get in to get the cement and floss. It’s just not working. She gets another piece of floss and puts it in there nd gets it stuck. She pulls and pulls. Nope its stuck. She has Ginger help her pull. Not coming. Dr. A stands on my chair to get leverage. Nothing, Ginger gets on the chair with her and pulls, nothing. The floss is pulling on the side of my mouth. I now know what a fish goes through when being caught and the string pulling on the side of its mouth. Both still pulling on the floss. Dr. A tells Ginger to get another “blah, blah” tool. She does. Dr. A gets it in there with the tool and finally manages to free the floss and the cement. Whew! Thought I was going home with dental tools and floss hanging out of my mouth. Dr. A does some fine tuning on the crown and shazaam, I have a new tooth. Three and one half hours later, I leave.

Oh no, this day isn’t over. I have a 5:30 pm appointment at the Downieville Day Spa with Kathy for a haircut. After that, Dinner with some of the folks from the Senior Center. I arrive in Downieville at about 3:30 pm and of course bump into several of my friends. Have a nice visit with Katrina and Niles Bosworth. Katrina is in the process of getting her teaching credentials and will be teaching at Downieville School next school year. I think she will do a dandy job. Niles is going into his senior year at Downieville School. They share he will be taking his SAT’s in October. Niles loves basketball and has been attending basketball camps this summer. I think Niles should attend comedy school. He’s a pretty funny fellow. Always nice visiting the Bosworth’s. Ran into Ramon Naverez. He graduated from high school this year and will be attending college in the fall. What a polite young man he is.

Off to Kathy’s for haircut. Karen is getting her hair dine before me. Karen is the one responsible for me traveling to Ireland. She is a great travel partner. Kathy does her deed on my hair and I’ am off to the Pizza parlor for dinner.

Carol Marshall had organized a group of folks to meet there. Carol and Dave are there along with Barbara Seley and Gail Clemo……oops, I mean Gladys and Hortense. Marian and Jan, Joyce White and Loryce, Vi and Mary and Sam. Had a great dinner. Joyce presented me with a RESOLUTION OF APPRECIATION from The Golden Rays Senior Citizens of Sierra County. It was signed by members of the Golden Rays. I told them that I’ am going to come back every month if they keep giving these to me. Joyce presented me with a beautiful photo album of the going away party they had for me earlier. What nice folks. I know these friendships will continue through the years. All I have to do is organize a dinner or trip and they will be there.

Anyway, it was nice to see Solomon at the Pizza parlor. He really is a great cook. We all retired to the “bench” to visit some more before it was time for me to head back to Old Virginny. Sure was a long day getting home at midnight. But, always worth it.

So, this is what happens when you don’t hear from me in five days. Stay tuned.