Wednesday July 12, 2017

NOTE: If you are a subscriber and you got more than one notice for this week’s issue, mea culpa, please forgive me, I forgot to check the correct box on some of the articles. And I am fairly certain it is Milly’s fault.

Carol Marshall is on a mission to make sure Downieville knows when the August 21, 2017 Solar Eclipse will reach Downieville. Mark your calendar on 8/21/17 at 0903 when it begins and click here for more

Well before the solar eclipse there will be the Downieville Classic Come to prove yourself, or just come to have fun. August 3rd-6th, 2017  Race or ride the epic cross country to the Sierra Crest and back to town, or take in a double dose with 15 miles of the Downieville Downhill in the All Mountain World Championships. Or just come to enjoy the bike festival for the weekend. Either way, you win.

Then  the Downieville BrewFest SATURDAY, AUGUST 12, 2017  2pm – 6pm where there is fun food and brew, you must be 21 by August 12th  ed pets.  We’d hate for your dog to suffer heat prostration or paw burn on the hot pavement.  Leave your pet at home and be Hands Free.  That way, you can enjoy something to eat in one hand and a glass of beer in the other! And of course,  no children, dogs or elders can be left in cars,  so plan ahead.

Many have asked when the Clampers are coming, well they will be having their annual Tin Cup Doins in Downieville on August 25th & 26th. So wear a red shirt and blend. Lots of folks don’t know what to make of the Clampers today, but Carl Wheat, one of the founders of the revived Order back in the thirties, put it well when he described E Clampus Vitus as “the comic strip on the page of California history”.   Today the Clampers have many charitable endeavors and support Gold Rush history, we welcome our Clampers.

Some really interesting reading is the  HUMBUG HERALD NEWSLETTER SUMMER 2017. and check out the Links above for other sites to get information you might need or want. For Veterans this Rural Health newsletter is a good source to subscribe.

Well, this week has the usual local news and events to mark on your calendar, places to spend your free time and of course the controversial and important news to pay attention to for our own and the country’s safety, stay alert and keep questioning. You know during the Vietnam War the saying was to “question authority”, and that is as important today if not more so, our Executive Branch of the government needs to have oversight and be questioned, pay attention and be ready to say…Hold it… something’s happening here that just isn’t making America great, bad decisions on the environment, healthcare, trade are being made and it just doesn’t make sense. What’s going on?

Don’t miss Gabby’s article on the travails of Claire, she’s going to be okay, but it was scary. Mel Gurtov and Robert Koehler write articles to give us thought and something to do something about, we are not helpless, we elected representatives and we have the right to be heard.

Don’t feed the bears, keep your trash secure, if bears become used to eating at human abodes it doesn’t end well for them, a trash bear is a dead bear and it is our fault.

The spectacular photo of the Great Sierra Valley with Sierra Brooks in the foreground was taken by Scott Schlefstein.

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