District Attorney Cases 7/19/17

Sierra County District Attorney
Lawrence R. Allen
District Attorney / Public Administrator
530.289.3269 530.993.4617


James Merritt (63) Loyalton. Disturbing the peace. Fine $450.

Jacquelyn Shea (61) Truckee. Driving while her license was suspended. Eighteen months probation, fine $1434, and 28 days in jail.

Thomas Stafford (29) Loyalton. Stafford plead to felony resisting arrest and admitted prior residential burglary conviction (a strike). He was given 6 years in prison. Stafford, after a day of “shooting” meth, held off two officers with a knife who were called to the trailer park by residents who were worried about Stafford’s out of control behavior.

Christine Kruck (59) Truckee. Sentencing on a felony driving under the influence conviction. This was a felony as the result of three prior convictions within 10 years. She received 16 months in prison, ordered to rehab, and fined $423.

Jennifer Hood (54) Grass Valley. After a contested preliminary hearing, she was ordered to stand trial on felony embezzlement of public funds. According to the evidence presented at the preliminary hearing, Hood, while in employed as Loyalton city clerk, used her city credit card to obtain cash advances at casinos so she could gamble.

Eric Armstrong (25) Loyalton. Armstrong was convicted of being a prohibited person in possession of a handgun. He was “prohibited” from possession firearms as the result of misdemeanor conviction for domestic violence. Sentencing will be on August 11 where he is expected to be placed on probation and given a six month sentence in jail.

John Cunningham (27) Reno. Possession of a concealed firearm in a vehicle. Fine $650.

Hunter Henson (28) Loyalton. Driving with a blood alcohol level of .08 or above. Three years probation, 2 days jail, fine $1855.

Jorge Soto-Ortiz (30) Truckee. Driving while his license was suspended for a previous conviction of driving under the influence. Four years probation, 10 days jail, and fine of $2214.

Patrick Hall (36) transit. Possession of ammunition by a convicted felon. Sentencing is July 28, where it is expected he will be placed on probation and serve six months in jail.