Gabby’s Language Lesson 7/19/17

Phrases I Think Should be Used  – by Gabby Fringette

Gabby Fringette

As we all know, I’m pretty quick with words, already ready with a quip or a bit of snark for any situation. I’ve come up with some good lines and there are some I think everyone should use, not just one mouthy teen. So here are my top five phrases I think we should all employ. Please, spread them around in your daily conversations and on social media.

1. Catching the harpy’s breath. Harpies are shrill and bitchy part-woman part-vultures from Greek mythology. They are very judgmental, and like to yell at people. Catching the harpy’s breath would basically mean getting the full brunt of someone’s yelling, insulting, or criticism. Example: ‘she’s going to catch the harpy’s breath if she wears those shoes with that skirt.’
2. Waiting seconds. Basically, waiting seconds feel longer than regular ones. When you have to wait for something, time sure drags on and takes is own, well, sweet time to pass. Example, ‘soon the waiting seconds were about an hour long each. In real time five minutes had passed.’
3. Sourings of imagination. When you imagine something over and over and build it up and reality is a major disappointment. Example: ‘because of the sourings of imagination, the chocolate wasn’t as good as I’d thought it would be.’
4. Friend-in-law. This is basically the close friend of one of your loved ones who you put up with because you are attempting to be a decent person. Example: ‘though they spent time together, it was only because of Sally. They didn’t actually like each other, but Jackie and Steve were friend-in-laws so they tolerated each other.’
5. Mixing like water and olive oil. Water and olive oil don’t mix. It means it’s a terrible match. Example: ‘the teacher had assigned Quinn and Marisol together. The girls mixed like water and olive oil.’

These are just a few of my favorite phrases from my daily conversations and other things I’ve written. At least the ones I could remember. Feel free to use them.