Lou’s Family Friends 7/19/17

Well, Look who I bumped into this morning! I was walking past the Fourth Ward School House and bumped into Wilbur, Maybelle, Little Flo and someone I have never met. I introduced myself to her. She told me her name is Matilda. She continued to tell me she is Maybelle’s second cousin, once removed. She tells me she lives just below Silver City and is here visiting Maybelle and family.

I asked Wilbur and Maybelle where they have been, I haven’t seen them for a couple of weeks. The told me they have been spending time with family and friends in Sutro and decided to come home by way of Silver City. Along the way, they came upon Matilda and invited her to spend some time with them in Old Virginny. She told them she needed some time away from the flatlands and a visit to their place would be nice. They were happy to see Matilda as they don’t get to see and visit with her very often.

I told Wilbur and Maybelle that Little Flo is sure growing up fast. I followed up by asking why they were hanging out at the Fourth Ward School House. They told me they talked about it and decided they wanted Little Flo to attend school to learn a little about the Comstock and surrounding areas. I told them that actually, the Fourth Ward School is now a museum but has a lot of history inside. I told them that they would probably want to send Little Flo to the Elementary school a couple of blocks away. They said they know that but want Little Flo to start at the Fourth Ward School to get some 1800’s history of the area before they send her to learn the “basics”. I asked Little Flo what she thought of all of this. She told me she is very excited to be starting school and learn some new things. She leaned in and whispered in my ear, really, I want to get away from Mom and Dad a little as they tend to argue some. Although, she said, it hasn’t been too bad since Cousin Matilda has been with them. She told me she is hoping other ponies will be attending school too as she would like to meet some new friends. She gave me a nudge and told me she missed seeing me on my walks and is glad they are back home. I told her I missed them too.

I continued my walk about town about two feet off the ground as I’ am so happy to see that family again. They are the friendliest of all the broods in the area.