Lou & Rosey the Stallion 7/26/17

I was awakened at 3am this morning with the sound of thunder (not Celtic) and lighting flashes. It seemed pretty close so I got up to make sure the house was not falling. A short time later it began to rain. It rained so hard I thought the roof was going to fall in on me. It rained hard for about ten minutes and stopped. When I got up at 6:15 am it was cloudy and is typically the case, the air smelled so fresh and clear. I wouldn’t mind if it did this everyday. For some reason, it clears the mind and puts one in such a positive feeling. Nice way to start the day.

I began my walk up “E” Street and on to “C” Street. I noticed a brood of horses I have never seen before standing near the Fourth Ward School House. I walked up to them and asked one of them where they were from. The stallion stepped forward and introduced himself as Rosey. I introduced myself and asked, with respect, Rosey? He explained to me his family comes from the Johnny Cash family and his father was named Sue and was born about the same time as the hit country song, “A Boy Named Sue” came out. So, his parents decided to name him Rosey so his father wouldn’t be the only one with the humiliating name.

He introduced me to his family, his lady, Delta and thieir four kids, Newt, Nolan, Nellie and Newly. His brother, Hazel and his lady, Isabell and their four kids, Vinton, Carmichael, Rory and Emily. They all shook their heads in a “hello” gesture. Everyone, meet the Olek family.

I asked again where they were from. Rosey told me they live near Fort Churchill near the Carson River. I told them that I was having a house built near there. I told them they would have to come by and visit. He told me they would. I asked them not to eat the flowers though. He laughed. I asked him why they were in Old Virginny. He told me they have some friends that live in the area and they told the Olek’s that they were going to send their kid, Little Flo to school here. I told him I know that family! He told me they all have been friends for a long time. So, he said, they have decided to send their kids to school with Little Flo. I explained to him that school doesn’t start for a month or so. He assured me he knew that but just wanted to make sure the kids become familiar with the area and the other ponies. I bid a farewell to the Olek’s and continue my walk.

I walked around town today as I have to leave town for a couple of days, so the walk has to be shorter. I’ am heading to Redding to see my brother who fell off his horse and sustained a broken wrist, stitches and other cuts and bruises. (Sounds better than being run over I suppose) Anyway, checking in on brother and my nephew and his family. On my way home, I will stop over in Downieville for lunch and then back to Old Virginny.

Great meeting the Olek’s! Another nice family in town.