Carol’s Movies 8/2/17

Carol Says:  Wonder Woman -My friends and I really wanted to go see a movie……..there was nothing we wanted to see. But, we wanted to go to a movie. So “Wonder Woman” it was. The little girl who played “WW” as a child had such an expressive face. She did a great job. So did the woman playing “WW”. I think if you love comics and follow WW, this would be a wonderful movie. But there was not one thing in the movie that we could figure out how they got from point 1 to point 2, or that made any common sense. That being said, for the type of movie it is, I think people would enjoy it. Not my type of movie but I cannot knock it because it is a movie not for me. The good news is that other people are loving it!

and Despicable Me 3

Carol Says : I saw #1 & #2 and enjoyed them. This was a disappointment. I thought there was too much repetivness and not the humor I found in the past movies. If they come out with a #4 I think I will take a pass.