Wednesday August 2, 2017

I’m sorry to have to mention this. but there’s only four more months left in 2017, I’m not counting August cause we’re already two days in and if it is like the previous 7 months it will be over in a flash.

Hey… this is the Downieville Classic Bike Races weekend, have fun, enjoy all the festivities, be nice to our visitors, help each other stay cool, buy raffle tickets, eat, drink and be merry. Have fun and be good. Hey… next weekend is the Downieville BrewFest.. save some fun energy for that event.

The Blues Brothers At the Yuba Theatre August 4, 2017 Friday, 8:00 PM  – Rated “R” – The Blues Brothers is sponsored by SANTA CRUZ BICYCLES and presented by the Sierra County Arts Council on the weekend of the Downieville Classic Mountain Bike Race.

 This is important on the Board of Supervisors this week an item for EMCC came up if you have any interest in Emergency Medical Care in Sierra County please listen the item starts at the 50.07 mark on the audio tape. After listening you might contact Supervisor Lee Adams and OES Director Tim Beals about why it is important to reinstate an independent  operating Emergency Medical Care Commission, advisory to the Board of Supervisors,  the events throughout the county involving emergency response and the general health care situation in the past five years  makes this Commission more necessary than ever. All of the comments during the Board meeting makes me understand the necessity to help others understand why the EMCC should be brought back as an independent commission separate from the OAEC to address and maybe get in front of negative situations before it’s too late. Diminishing citizens participation in government is not the answer. They don’t know everything even when they think they do. So let’s offer to step up and help solve problems at the get go.

The Downieville VFD was recently reminded by Sheriff Standley there is a Chain of Command in the DVFD if they want to communicate with the Sheriff’s Office  just as they have a Chain of Command, and they start at the Top with the Fire Chief contacting the Sheriff. Seems like a wieldy process during an emergency. I wonder if there is a Chain of Command the average public citizen needs to follow or are we allowed to speak directly to a lowly worker, you know the ones who do all the work…. Just wondering.

I read the article on Kings Beach multi use  trail renovation which will be open to “mountain bikes, motorbikes, hikers and equestrians” … hmmm what could possibly go wrong? Robert Koehler brings thoughts about fat wars and then Gitmo Tom Hastings reminds us we are not alone when it comes to nuclear options and it isn’t good news, Winslow Myers gives us more time…. hmmm…Gabby wants us to be without fashion, Carrie wants us to be cool, The Mountain Messenger has a side business for THE Don (no not Trump…Russell). The Board of Supervisors is trying to serve us all… and of course Carol went to the movies and visited the Goodyears Bar Schoolhouse Museum.

The great photo this week was taken by David Marshall and reminda us the Lakes Basins is a great place to go find a little cooler spot.