Gabby and TriPaw 8/9/17

An Update on Claire  –  by Gabby Fringette

You’ll all probably be happy to hear that Claire, my black kelpie who recently lost her left front leg, is doing very well. She was never super bold, and now she’s even more inclined to stay home (and away from the road) so she mostly stays in the immediate yard with my new chickens (I have 20).
She has mastered the stairs, both coming up them and going down, especially if I happen to be eating potato chips on the porch. Alas her efforts are wasted, because it would be smart to keep her from becoming a chunky little lump of dog, which is the direction she was headed anyway. Sorry Claire, I don’t think dogs are supposed to have potatoes anyway.

Her mood has recovered quite a bit, she’s now very happy and energetic, and no less paranoid of strangers. The outlook is good, we think she’ll live out her days as a happy little tri-paw.