JoJo and T.J. Wed 8/9/17

On Thursday, July 20, Thelma Jordan Epps became Mrs. Thomas James Donovan during a ceremony held at the Masonic Hall in Downieville.
Family and friends gathered to witness as the bride was escorted down the aisle by her mother, Kathleen Epps. Officiating was the bride’s father, Billy.
TJ Donovan is the son of Joanne Malone of Antioch and Josh Donovan of Sacramento.
The couple will continue to reside in Downieville.
Photos by Darcy White Submistted courtesy of the Mountain Messenger

4 thoughts on “JoJo and T.J. Wed 8/9/17

  1. I did indeed get her a gift. Not a re-gift, either. So there :p

    p.s. Don’t see the eclipse stuff I ever so kindly took the time to send to you. Well, no worries, you can use it next week. You’ll want to use something next week. Because I’ll be publishing awesomeness next week on the subject.
    Which reminds me.
    Thank you, Carol Marshall.
    (She likes me more)

  2. You requested this – I sent it to you, with the extra photo and (uncorrected, intentionally?) text.

    I guess I will have to look up the definition of ‘cooperation’.

    • I think I’m missing something here… are you talking about the past… we’ve moved on… waiting for the next tweet…

      • BTW did you know that today is Darcy’s birthday… I got her a present, fairly certain she likes me best now…

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