Carrie’s Jar Corner 8/30/17

by: Carrie A. Blakley

Some people collect figurines. Others collect antiques. Me? Jars, and plant containers….and enough books to constitute a mini-library. Odd, I know. However, there is a method to my madness, especially when it comes to the jars. While the reasons behind the collections of books, and plant containers, are obvious, the reasoning behind the jar collection may be a bit, well…not so obvious. One could reason that I save jars to put smaller items in, save left overs and/or keep for use as mini-starter containers for seeds. While all those reasons are true, let’s face facts…any plastic container would suffice just as well for those uses. So, why jars? Because jars are made from glass.

Yes, glass can break. Yes, the lids can get old, and a bit too warped to use Yes, sometimes the lids are missing all together, and I have to make do with replacement lids, and/or corks. The benefits, however, far out-weigh the pitfalls. First, and foremost, I don’t have to worry about out-dated plastic leeching into the contents of the jar. Second, glass can be sterilized easily. A few other benefits? Glass jars are formed through heat. This means that they are capable of handling higher temperatures than plastic, before the crack, break or become unusable. Glass can also handle far colder temperatures than many plastics can. The lids are usually air tight, which makes it nearly worry-free in regard to the contents becoming damaged through seepage. In other words….the cherries I’ve saved in a glass jar, can be kept right next to the pickled peppers in my fridge, and my cherries won’t end up smelling like pickled peppers, and my pickled peppers won’t end up smelling like cherries.

Finally, they don’t have to be replaced umpteen times, and therefore are less likely to end up in a landfill somewhere, clogging up the already enormous pile of rubbish us humans create. While I understand that it is almost impossible to save every glass container that enters your home, it’s a heck of a better storage solution than plastic. Need larger spice jars? Make them out of old beer bottles. Bonus points for the fact that the colored glass bottles will help preserve your herbs, and spices, far longer than the clear glass containers. So, have a great week, start utilizing those glass jars….and if you run out of drinking glasses, start using pickle jars, mason jars and cheese spread jars. They’re perfect drinking glass sizes, for almost anything. Enjoy your week!