Weekly Warrior by Rosendo Marquez 9/6/17

Welcome Back to DHS news!!! The 2017/18 school year has kicked off and we
are all very excited to make it an awesome year.
To start off we have new faces teaching this year at DHS. On the elementary side
TeresaTaylor is the new Special Education teacher and lead teacher of the school.
Katrina Bosworth, who has been working at the school as a teacher aide, is taking
a bigger role as the new K-3 teacher. Joshua Bolli is the new high school history,
journalism, Spanish and PE teacher. We are excited to have them and they seem very
happy to be here. In the K-3rd classes Mrs. Bosworth announced some new things in the room like tables and chairs and a magnetic board. They have discovered the website gonoodle.com which the kids have a lot of fun learning on. Mrs. Bosworth also commented that everyone is having fun and that they are ready for this school year.
In the 4th-6th classes they are making paper mache globes as they review about
how to make 3D objects. The classes will also be doing a scavenger hunt.
Ms Maire and her classes are all happy to be back! Mr. Bolli said he and his classes have had “a great start to the year and I am excited to be at this school and happy at how enthusiastic the students here are.”
Mr. and Mrs. Fillo are taking 10th-12th  grade students on the yearly Ashland trip on September 8-10, thanks once again to a generous SSF (Sierra Schools Foundation) grant. The Ashland trip is always a very fun fieldtrip that the students are always excited to go on. This year the group will be watching Julius Caesar and The Odyssey. Mrs. Fillo’s drama class will be joining community actors to do a community theatre event on October 20th
in the school cafeteria. The evening of mystery and intrigue will also include delicious and diabolical desserts. The students will be performing dialogues and monologues.
Other announcements: Wednesdays are now short days; students are released at 1:30 to allow teachers and staff to enjoy collaboration and planning time.
Back to School Night will be September 19th. Student Council will be holding a dinner that night, which will be Taco Tuesday, priced at $10 for a large meal or $7 for a smaller one. The School Book Fair will be October18-22. Thanks for reading! Until next time.